Thursday, July 01, 2010

TOEFL Essay - We should be judged by our dress

Q. Agree or disagree: We should be judged by external appearances (dress).

I agree that we should judge and be judged based on external appearances. My reasons are complicated, but briefly: we intend and act easily and predictably by our dress.

Our intentions adhere to how we appear. If I appear to waver or doubt, my doubtfulness is implied and I'm thereafter doubted. This certainly isn't factual, but I nonetheless expect to be judged as hesitant. I prefer to be treated this way, since our faces are realistic masks without keys that we use to signal. Regardless of how we feel deep down in our entirety, if our face dictates otherwise, from the depths of our hearts may not count. For example, politicians care to express the right facial and body language. One wrong snore/sneer and the election celebration is over. Honestly, how we possibly measure behavior without the look it belongs to is beyond me.

Our actions, what we do after intention's apparition, are also determined by how we appear to others. We impress or depress them. We will and should be judged by how we look because looks indicate stance, position, bearing, and action. We see where we're going by our clothing and whether we're appropriate. In general, we dress a certain way or create a certain look when we take part in distinct activities. If we appear to be playing ball, chances are we are. We would not want police officers to assume criminality when we're clearly playing at a team sport. Arms flailed during a drowning doesn't receive bad judgment, it's rather expected. A calm bather in passive release sinking to the bottom would, in our judgment, be assigned a set of behavioral epithets. These are just some examples of how dress and appearances indicate action, largely tolerated through uniform. We should therefore judge actions based on personal appearances.

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