Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Monday, May 25, 2009


Wifebeater dress child
Wifebeater ball
Cart bike ball dog
Man tattoo wife meat grill
Sound bar wife
Music sound smoke sound
Sundress loafer frizz wave
Shout partition mistress pardon salsa
Ball moto bike doll cry
kid ball dog ball kid bog
Ball kiddie ball kiddie
Body body
Body body
Wifebeater gym dress
Wifebeater guess
Child ice cream music
Icebox body
Beer beer
Beer mixer
Beer clear
Music sound ball
Ball sound dog
Dog dog sound dog
Music music muuu muUu
Eyed mistress
Mum mum drop kid dog
Spill pardon spill partition shout
Salsa meringue salsa meringue
Ball moto moto ball gass frizz

Thursday, May 21, 2009



I saw a guy gesturing wildly
From the chairlift I was choosing to ski
I was choosing to ignore his rampage
In the skies.

He was shouting a message about his appendix
I wanted really badly to see it explode in the sky
Like a bunch of fireworks
With food stuffed in them.

I would soon forget his gestures.
It’s so easy to forget what you saw
A stuffed puppy opened up
To reveal more stuffed puppies inside

Sunday, May 17, 2009

History Makes People Bad People Everywhere (2)

History has made bad people everywhere
Without anyone controlling it.
They beefed control up
And security remains light
Even though what you see is when a vision
Gets out-of-hand

The bad people are escaping
And we turn our eyes to see them run
Great fun can sometimes be had
Watching bad people escape
When these use unusual ways to do it.

Another source of my newfound desire
To implant significant changes in artificial areas
Is that good people are turned down often by bad people
As if the bad know the good are doomed
And aren’t equipped for the job.

Bad good people are also feverish
To get a hold of bad bad people
Who do impressions of the bad good
For sake of laughs for the sake of ska

An aspect of ska has changed
And these bad people are there witnessing
The new dances and recordings that pass for this format
The bad idea police are around, too.

Some more history lessons for you:
In the garden of bad and good, people are grown.
These growth spots are called “historical”
They frequently are given signs
Near entrances where high visitor numbers register.
Registers know they are doomed
But manage to eek a living out
Forming proceeds, or what we call donor-a-thons
Comprised of seriously committed bad people
And the individuals made up numbers.

Here is how history turns a profit
And gets the regular joes shouting
This guy reinforced that guy’s desire
Or enforced the rules and security that guy thought bad
And these two guys shout in magic code
Using dates and facts that bad people manipulate
So that the argument is based on zip but bad research.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Alfredo and Animals

Alfredo notices the shimmering lakes, where there are sometimes golf players. One hunched over and pulled out an automatic weapon. The game was over. He notices that he steps out of the condo and wipes off a cigarette, lights it and immediately the air conditioner kicks on. Eighty degrees in the shade is a no can-do. Certainly you must know that Alfredo doesn’t yet like suburbs. He says "depressing" and "lacks originality" when we solicit reasons. Nothing in a suburb is out of the ordinary, Alfredo adds. My ordinary thinking cannot contain suburb. Even the salsa music is boring and detached, as if the band is being followed by debtors owed a lot of money and the drummer just did something bad to one of his own body parts. The car slowly passes Alfredo sucking down a cigarette barefoot.

Saturday, May 09, 2009

I open the can and feed your face with garbanzos because you are ignorant of their power

I am going to shotgun a can of garbanzos open
And then pour these little peas into our mouths
Then you can say we ate with violence
And the tantrum revels in itself
In my nation of movement red face
With a shotgun and redfaced
Because the garbanzos are interfering with your Shabba Ranks-
Induced song fest
You make me eat when others can’t

(eat me)
You hold the shotgun and make me eat now.
We are violent together at dinner.
Dinner should be the point we meet to discuss gun politics.
The politics of holding a gun while having a spoonful of something goooood.
And how you enjoy it so much more with a gun to your head.
It’s the last day of eating with that shotgun
Because it is rented and should be returned
Since the rightful owner asked
And swore nicely to not reduce our garbanzo portions
Loading the garbanzos into the barrel and feeding you in an unforgettable way.
Your fingers are entering the can where the garbanzos exist
Having bright ideas about garbanzo purposes
Put to good use rubbed on your face as a giant mask
Overlooking your important flaws
So you get to be in a magazine
You get to be the garbanzo fan of shotguns
For a moment while I then mix the garbanzos into my face
In a way that suggests another culture’s mask
Honoring all traditions but accepting of the new garbanzo variety
So that we’re garbanzo wearer South Caribbean (Caribe Warrior) #1
And Iroquois High Priest in the Middle of a Commerce Problem with French Canadians

Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Force the car industry to rebuild the rails.

Force the car industry to rebuild the rails. First let's drink to industry, the backbone in practical collision. I had the idea, stimulating first the economy

Since many urban and domestic railways and beds were destroyed by those vying for roads, the institution of the seatbelt returning to demands within seventies public dialogue tapes, during the last century

Why not stimulate, we’d be losing out, car companies and those bankrupt agencies, by conscripting (a forced contractual) to rebuild the face of national travel

And other integral trails of public ambulance. I say they owe us, the bums. Two hits in as many innings, why buy seats? Highly powerful officials could

Lay the foundation, manufacturing this would recreate jobs and industry, create playable and laugh heavy contexts; steel would be needed again, plus cars for the rails and consumer demand travel via rail over large swatches of what I'm holding my hand over magically appearing: land. Of course they would be hiring

Towns wouldn't be bystanders in the kitchen while the batter of their own destruction is dicey; they would have donors before, to assure the fixation with conductors

And beneficiaries would plummet from the stones and trees instead of from the windows and buildings.

Rebuilding the rails would open up new historical bounty. We could foray into unknown areas of public life. Travel would become brilliant. A cheap nation on the verge of traveling to all corners with the trains always. Clean and safe environmentally friends. And a manufacturing center so goal-oriented. Objects made in America feed America. These produce are within our breadbasket. And they feed a very American urge to construct your own objects you plan to use.

Monday, May 04, 2009

Such Heartfelt and Really Pressing Swine Problems

I reordered the correct serial number
Amount, quality, stock

But for some reason
The giant swine tongue arrived instead

Coats all sizes in mud packs and swill
Uncomfortable licking

Jumps into action
In activation mode

To renew your outdated
I’m swamped with work

So I sawed off bosses
Into a swine garage

Where playthings are terrified in their places
Touch puts the right on

Covering their petite ingénue requirement cost
A gigantic rubber sum

Angry teen swine yelling
For angry teen swine to call.

Jump to showing swine in contact with press division
Bejeweled shows held in captivity by swine

Your licking disconvenience
Heard within headphones of the amount,

Quality, stock but some weird reason
Took our attention.

A large barnacle