Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Beginner Level 2: 365th Angela Lansbury Squadron

tough stuff air pump should bring up the slack
when slacks are wroth –highly incensed— and brung
we eat gratuitous. Pump up the boardroom,
Training eagle eye CEO
In giving a more-than-generous evil eye, the room freezes
Teleprompter language of the red light green
the reptile eyes bore and serve one master. She knows food and tough stuff
over 4 Simon Says Masters
column the Branch (Public Library) brunch
formed of manmeat, and thunder designer wear
it is a dark eye stuck
on shuffle in a translator
whose one hand holds
We’re on land near accident bingo
before we are champions we
bah over the speaker
flung someone’s thigh in a flash (received bits of partial update)
of tubing, a structure’s age reveals
tonguing can alter behavior into “touch”

correct correct [Poets, very innovative, are peace-
loving, without
even a British accent, schizophrenics!]

whereabouts more succinctly
Anglican and inhabiting a land of better spelling
Sanchez objects to unfettered use of his name
his soul’s shoulder turned into broth with camera
and repentant salamander.
“No touch stuff here,” agents wonder aloud
they mean tough business. “It’s better with numerous shades,”
lamest premise for diversity
after the former shits beads.

There was one man behind the (Wheel of) that salamander

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Lactation Pridefest

I f-und o-t la-tation cons-ltation mid-gin
Thank G-D I do-’t comm-te an!more
Im-gine me, Re-ated to Zi-n
Helloo-ooo Satin. Santa-a. Satana C-uz.
Bandid-s. Me-ican-s, bo-n and r-ised, Than-s G-D
Be-ore we -at, lab-l. Tel Aviv not frie-dly to com-uters
Teshuvah proc-ss
I a-one sur- mo-my blogs
Foost Anal-zer.
Do they have chin salsa in China phonebooks?

My n-ght gua-d ca-sed me to pi-s mys-lf.
And exp-rience what I l-ng ag- experi-nced.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Things I thought while viewing Defiance, Ohio's YouTube video on Tao Lin's blog


Where are all your parents
Won’t this guy shut up
Where are all your parents
The bassist has fake hair
Why are they shirtless
That picture brought in a new era
Who’s doing cello

That polo should come in funner size
These people neglect the sun.
How much is the manufacturer’s cut in gum manufacturing?
How long can wholesale hold on
Is Stallone a brainy word?

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

One of the reasons to take drugs is the election

Voucher vs. radio city
Cop vs. construction
Constitution votes caramelo
Victim vs. stool.
Fashion world vs. Di
The clap vs. humanitarian relief efforts
Crossfire vs. wedgie
Fathers vs. Hitler
Baby vs. Stalin
Osama vs. Mothers
Pilgrim vs. Abdominal workout
Vs. International incident vs. silly string
Jesuit vs. Claymation
Jesus vs. Squadcar
Ubermensch vs. weather change
Speed vs. election
Flagellum vs. Lit world
Bifida vs. photo booth vs. strawberry kwik
Weather vane vs. potato crop
Camp counselor vs. abortion
Division vs. night crawlers
Cellphone vs. fingerfuck
Candidate vs. topsoil.
Tzotzil vs. Gibbon
Blackgirl whitegirl vs. linksys
James Joyce vs. panty liner
Drawbridge vs. cling wrap
Vs. cellar door
Brazil wax vs. third person
Ethic vs. hungry hippos
Kickboxing vs. vegan sampler
Rubber vs. refugee
Poem vs. scrotum
Spinal tap vs. Seventy-seven virgins
Water boarding vs. Aaron Spelling
Victoria Ocampo vs. coerced confession
Ironclad vs. vellum
T.G.I. Friday’s vs. Cruise missile
Assigned reading vs. leadership seminar
Vs. diminishing swampland
Really wet napkins vs. school bathrooms
Cruise missile vs. dummy elephant
Hand towel vs. ass coach.

Monday, October 22, 2007

Olvidese la traduccion.


no soy parte de tu grupillo de amigos supremo
no soy ganso, ni participiante de mensa
no te soborno
no te gusto mirandome los tenis? Como decis?
que me falto la interrogacion? Tu estupida cara de
no preguntas, please.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

The Wickedest Journey Pictured or Alive

The future is Charles Bronson a
Lame duck Dredd of the future dads, Charles Bronson babushka
Chuck bright future, Chuck light
Chuck tools the installation of the future
Of missile defense shields for his above ground
And doesn’t mind glasses
If you've got a death wish, I've got a remedy in
new sneakers.
You stole my gloomy onion
It's just a cold.

The future finds faith is Charles Bronson not for sale
No offers in lead roles too masculino fenomeno
No money Chuck buys daggers and brushes
He’s cooking and screams that we’re not pitching
Eliminates tax levees and rivalry too. Rivalry I'm gonna kick
you cordon bleu. This Michael J. Fox quality check for temps
Bronson must hear the unbearable – he will return a mound
his mount fortress lacks basic abscess

Charles is left to feed without TV.
Holds up his duty to dried fruit
I'm going to poise here tills you photograph me
Hours making sense of rainy book signings
Crowd closer to his umbrella the fabric of beginner families
Echolocating. My gym access is denied, but Charles
because he plays an Arborvitae
Showed us the fire of understanding nurture and sex
Ruins everything when he lifts up weights
Without snap on dress for denurturing mother the plow,
Ticklish Santa Inmate #1 attempts mating with Chuck space is won
I'm wondering if I'm too manly for the moon
Locking eyes with the bull
Lights are put out
Ways to get a drunk home
Fear moves the great ocean
a Large Virginia Persimmon. Find your nightie in the wash marked
Recent Chemical Spraying and chuckling [how surprisingly no god spells]: Great teams are born, no uppers
Which might please Champions, but we bottom
Dormers mouth off to Claus Bronson
About restructuring the manager doll Chuck punches
And Can We Sew You Mitts
As Charles separates from the remaining fuselage
Reaching full growth in the future, a boom box of homeschooled plays
On graduation day, tasseled Charlie “En el Futuro, tu caca Frigidaire”
Yo tomo
Ella toma
Nosotros tomamos
Ellos toman My stop bargaining powder
Calling for cummerbunds
Charles waits until I undress and the doorbell rings
Firing only when you see Charles’s eyes’ golfer
Chewing, sticking it under the table
Hiding the keycard
Big Chucks’ signature

We cannot stipend poor penmanship
We cannot stipend love chancellor
Forget your carnal stipend and grant

His telepathy spreads your vote evenly
Like swans birthing canals
Reptiles have sight Charles
And guidance control, so many Bronson foretells five suns.
Feed him tea
Belly swells to Ubu Bronson midwife. Crib reveals cheery Charles’ design knack
He’s on more weapons the rest he
keeps the weaponized Arkansans
The stockpiled Kansans
Suspicious looking is suspicious just insert
Charles understand
Introduce maniacal future needs meet subsistence
Especial for the beard in explorer must stay
Manly manly you are Aztecs worship
Your balls Voltron

More products are going hyper green.
Play on, clear jungle gym
Play on, kids know your structural limit
Play near not on your structural limit play on Charles
Bronson, shot dead my

If I can’t
Only pry his eyes off the television
No, they tell me it’s terminal.
Charles the blonde pretty bang up
Shoot Charles grabs falafel and means loofa
Means loofa and grabs hostage
Means hostage and grabs underage bar
Grabs underage bar and means acting career
Grabs underage career and means photogenic
Grabs photographer and means bar career
Grabs gag order
Charles knows shit sticks to good people
He’s good people, and this proves
That God is war sticks.

6 million people with spears
Charles please provide proof of who you are (please prove who you are)
Starting tomorrow, we cannot warrant your
Tendencies will be met with warm ensconce.
We have paid greeters to meet them, welcome
Them w/ loofahs filling this newest space, that way vulnerability
Broadens guests' mind to purchase untouchable bristles

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Showtime at the Zoo, a list

The giraffe are patented.
Lyon is the hardest of all working cities.
To make sound, rub the shortest length of grass between
Most boat approaches travel
You can learn names.
Logging has vested stake in voting trends
Steams in a place to combine hearts
Sounding takes place when straws are inserted into the penis near climax
Held for seconds, then we turn to breathe.
Laundry complete.
Winners please all over the world, because donut chains feed us
How is the broadcast hoping for a better audience?
Monkeys known spending. In fact, their relations are recorded and taken interest of

Intrigue mellows in standard
Aeration is standard when shown buttocks. Can I show my buttocks dinner habit?
If I find that shake, I’ll shoot plenty documentaries.
Still becomes memoir.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Ran sum

petite size horsey
it's good to be a trucker
lying still on film


somersaults hurt you
about this fragrance mission
tonight's pasta night

al dentista...

So, after getting a deal going to NYU's School of Dentistry, I sit in a chair not unlike Karl Rove's World Lowrider Chair.
There is no more 'th' in 24th --that's "corner of 1 Ave and East 24 to you, meesta" -- according to the new AP style guide. I was unprepared however, to hear my mouth's diagnosis: that I would need to return for 39 more visits.

I'm going to keep a record of it here

Monday, October 08, 2007

Bad Feelings are surrounding (revised...still working)

Bad feelings locate in several toads
Very lucky to witness sierra mistiness
Scatter salsa socks and blue corn taste
Usually represents a bad spirit, or
Upcoming tantrum.
I used to try playing drums. So the heart feels.
Went from skunk to real hunk. Predators
Cannot talk or seldom frivolously.
Speech collects in the divot, like lighter fluid
Can work our way up through foggiest doorman
In Halloween costumes we immolate Batman
My suit is breathable, but the take on fragile boys
Matches their dialogue, not their dialog’s underpants
Where real bad spirits are.
They find a location and seed where bad feelings
Sometimes I grab to stab my manhoods eatery.
Make it flushable bad feeling surround

Good Feelings

Like the inside of a penis the infrastructure of the developing world feels.

Thursday, October 04, 2007


“We also withhold various stalks,” he said, pulling the operating mask down over his mouth, to keep sawdust off his teeth.
“Stalk this,” I added.
He again pulled the mask farther down around his neck, grabbed my hand, and placing it in flat and flush tapping against his mouth, he made the woo woo woo woo of a war whoop.
“See? The people want it,” he smiled. “People aren’t dumb, you know, and they know the expression that makes them free.” He grabs the saw, talking to it, cooing and sticking his thumb in and out against the primer, filling with gas. “Let’s focus on this flange and efficiency.”

Kittens' brains don't grasp physics

The Kitty brain fails to compensate for motion. Oh yeah...THAT, and some guys built a shelter and lived inside the Providence Place Mall, going undetected for some time.

Wednesday, October 03, 2007


Preciousness seems to migrate (by that I mean moving like birds) from a "twee" (using lathes with light touches) foundation to one of aggression (barreling into the form, usually wood, marble, etc). To say that you don't understand --marginalized by the no comprendo-- and adding the plaintive blah blah blah speak normal! This fucking nonsensical terminology as action is designed to put encoder (the one buying drinks) on the offensive: the other in the (dia)log is then put to explaining (line in the sand) what is meant in a supposed argument by certain terms (headgear, really) where all engaged in the argument are aware --or at least previously were aware, before the ignorance as evasive tactic evolved-- of what these terms mean....ideally.

I guess preciousness irks --casts as a duck-- me as a deflective tactic, but as a parry it sends back a blow (furthering references to Tyson, ear biter). After that, there's really nothing precious about it.