Thursday, September 24, 2009

I’m giving this toy’s educational value five star rating. This review is pounding the pavement for five star rating, clearer than would be any object in the world. I learned more in Georgia, this toxic coating adds to entice. This puppy run zero to seventy, minor irritating cause the five star values. I let the photogenic quality get away. Redaction to preen. Flubbed, no bun. No run knob that manually sets the length to Destiny of Carpet.

We were captives in a forward-thinking cell, yet too glitzy in skull. Gliding to service entrances loose dogs called safe are picked up and destroyed with remaindered shelving. A uselessly rendered dog may accrue excess fines and government involvement.

The dog’s looseness — lack of smell – arranges a meeting of cold war powers long since out of large font. Nutrition loitered, the service entrance a small gamey type. This was second place? No one boxed so Drago as you. You put your arms making like an Octopus. I’d imagine the effort strung out.

The dog went backchannel through our cousin, changing names. A truck then materialized and someone to drive it. You have capsized, but there’s no telling what parents will actually call on gods for. She prefers little yelpers. I was given a few moving seconds with the pile, quivering mass of oat. Our interaction lacked fluid. I pupped and found pain included the molten crust of my first exhibit. Faulted at the end and leashed – air being left in a flat to sour – lay down to perform the angel I cannot be hungry enough to eat.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Ernesto Sábato's el túnel

To the degree that Juan Pablo Castel recreates the events leading up to María Iribarne’s murder, no fully objective rendition of these events actually occurs— Castel’s account largely riddled with digressions and rants of one kind or another. The construction of a sprawling logical framework to corroborate and justify his actions fails to gain our sympathy or understanding, and it is Sábato’s intent – the responsibility for which he conveniently absents himself – this failure transpires. For so long as reason is used by Castel to justify misdeeds, readers view these methods of justification as specious. This rational justification is the author’s illustration that any action, no matter how heinous, can be justified by our sense of reason. Hence, Castel is a cautionary tale, a soul deluded by a reliance on artificial objectivity to excuse nature’s actions.

Monday, September 21, 2009

If I have to produce more, my work hours build up
And if I work more, I require more money to keep
Me going
And if I’m paid a fair wage, then the cost of goods increases
To offset my hefty raise and profit is guaranteed.
Therefore: having more to choose from, more goods, more toothpaste
Raises the cost of living, the cost of goods
And limits our ability to purchase other, more needed services.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

"The Ironic Cloud"

What would happen if we documented all irony in every world language and culture? According to researchers D. Graham Burnett and Jeff Dolven, the war on terror, and all wars against any (un)known enemy could easily be waged, and won. Words can kill, I know it. You know it. Our government knows it. But soon, everyone will know it, and see it, and quake under the power of our irony.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Raiding a Public Program Already

Bankrupt is bad policy.
When no one has money
No one is really lonely.
I’m going to have to file for bankruptcy
Because my loneliness needs recruits.

Bankruptcy filers grasp neoprene monotone dummy socks
Are you prurient? Likening
A strange neoprene outfit to go hunting.

Made up what I like
A base enjoyment
Surrounding money and food
Both brood, both booed
Encased in a loneliness
That is mine, all mine.

A policy designed to improve narcotics processing
When in fact no police horse regulation at all
Can be called from the Mormon Tabernacle Choir
Stamped out mistreatment of the polar wild

The quote made me put more emphasis on the present
And how extremely retarded valuable can be
You stay behind at the same address
And your beard gets retarded looking when you forget to cut it
Growing into the driveway cracks
Then you cut it
With a lot of help
Values in the neighborhood are down, largely
Because of that stupendous beard right there
For believe the present is of intense value
Only if there’s an insane amount of reading
Will I usually get typically flaming head rash
And this is what is happening in Soviet Russian basements
Where Florida doesn’t have basements because of water tables

Where I live, In Florida
Low tides and lucid places
Small areas uncharted by human hands
Are all Florida’s to exploit.

I have largely cut ties
With my birth handlers
Just don’t compare
The flary airy dimple
Created in the hush left behind
By this orange land
Center of Freedom
Dell has purchased para

Friday, September 11, 2009

I like how you listed your political view as fascist.

Including this fascist information and about what you do with various genres of fascist literature answers a few questions.

Oh that’s really very fascist.

The most evil man of all time is now changing his facebook plans.

He turns his face toward the grieving women but ignore them fascist cry babies.

Just marking fascist playthings for liquidation.

Thanks for group hugging your friends. Even the pimply nose picker.

Who can group together in a club going commando and have a fascist picnic time.

Even maybe now get some visits from Denmark, where castles have networks and plugins for facebook updates.

I’m afraid storing gasoline might make me look crazy.

Did you make a castle to lie down in?

How about how cold those rocks you build castles with are.

All the gasoline in Hitler’s eyebrow doesn’t retain an odor like castle rock entertainment.

Finally, someone compared Hitler.

Nice joy ride you fascist prince, are you going to throw your friends frozen mothers out of the moving carriage?

Kind and empathetic and a strong musculature to visit there getting food to urgent areas mocks a plan created by national socialism to starve medially underserved regions.

Sunday, September 06, 2009

Verses for Kids

What hitmen do is impersonal, and are pretty strictly corralled by duty. If your sister did something that angered hitmen bosses, then a fatality should be blamed on the lack of choice hitmen truly have when it comes to killing and satisfying bosses' revenge fantasies.

If hitmen don’t kill, they will either lose their job, or a new job opens that consists of their picture in a file with a big crosshairs. And someone else is found to do that job. Hitmen don’t care about you or your sister (except the bad things she did) and neither do hitman replacements.

Presidents, however, are completely different from hitmen because they aren't targeting individual voters. They must instead decide to do what's best for the nation (besides, they don't actively kill people). Sometimes presidents' jobs are unpopular because one group doesn't want them to kill their interests.

But no killing goes on. Presidents don't sign a contract that says they must go to your hometown and wipe out your family because they've been paid by Shell Oil or Nabisco to waste your siblings.

Since they can’t do what your one vote wants them to do, if you hate presidents because they don't do what your vote wants but decide on what's good for the majority of votes, then it’s your stupidity and selfishness that causes you to bother hating these elected presidents, and not any factual information you possess (that no one else seemingly possesses) that indicates their level of badness.

Saturday, September 05, 2009

Jenna has this baby.
What Jenna has is a very large baby.
An incredibly intelligent baby can be left alone.
Jenna’s baby cannot be left alone
It cannot be left alone because
Sometimes sitting on her chest
Jenna’s little turd will spend too much time texting.
Babies shouldn’t text, they should cry.
If your baby texts, make sure it cries.
Create a darling environment
I can hear a cry from here.
Can you squint your ear
And open your mind to a small cry
Like a siren’s baby off in the distance?

They should cry into the listening device
But should not
Absolute imperative.
Use their nubby fingers on the keypad
Babies don’t text messages so under no circumstances
Should you let them remove their nubs they’re so easy.
When little fingers move so quickly upon a keypad,
I feel a slight chest tremor and wish I wanted children.
Knocked from my seat by this chest tremor
My wife says absolutely no texting crying.