Friday, February 27, 2009

Thursday, February 26, 2009

No no no

Below is a poem compiled from the oblique and directly prohibitive language (88 words/43 instances in three pages) from a memo summarizing our latest employee meeting.

Please be
Should be
Should be
Must be
Please ask
Did not retain
The only means
Please remember
Is expected
We ask
Not compensate
Can not substitute
Must start
Must be
Do not wait
Please arrange
No longer
Please refer
Strictly prohibited
Please reserve
A teacher’s duty
Please make
Is to be
Is to be
Must be reserved
No exceptions
Is to be
Is to be
Must be reviewed
Must be submitted
Permissible ONLY
Strictly prohibited
No exceptions

I've Removed Followers For Several Reasons

Is just jockeying for, it was big
and stupid looking. I'm not signing in to nothin', blogger.
I mean I'm glad you're reading but do I need to know
And now is when you know that I realize you enjoy me
Blog creators,return your text box highlighted cut n' paste field
Back into your inside competition among social networking obsessed self.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Apps/Estefan Reading Recollection (not a review)

I thought since I wasn’t able to stay until the end of last night’s reading at the Poetry Project that I’d write a small recollection (not a review).

Kareem Estefan went first. Let’s begin with comparisons (not always a good idea, but here one that will fit to bring readers up to speed): If Kareem is the newscast read through a lens of FCKChicken10101 obeying the healthy elevator muzak chomped into the textbox of “ViciousPrincess,” then Apps was channeling Jimmy Swaggart in bathos undergarments. Stan’s aim toward a Flarf bathed in bathos (sorry, pun; but not a review) is interesting and makes me want to kiss swams with hairbands.

Kareem’s poem(s) had a ABA trajectory of newscaster (reality)-->chatroom names conversing in a gelatin of hilarious name-dropping, juxtaposition and all-around sugar coated, “oh those flarfists are co-opting the voices of the underclass” goodness-->newscaster voice.

This is over-simplification. But it was amusing and greatly enjoyed. I was enjoyed, particularly (though not solely) because it didn’t grow old. Estefan possessed a seemingly preternatural ability to keep the audience snug, then snap it off. Lick-a-stick gets old faster than this stuff.

Stan’s reading was mainly from PRINCESS OF THE WORLD IN LOVE and GOD’S LIVESTOCK POLICY, both which I highly recommend. He has developed a good handle on the plainspoken-Bible-salesman-attempting-to-explain-KISS-at-an-Elderly-Care-Facility. But those, as he says, are his “religious pieces.”
Linux is like a wigwam, no windows, no hippies
Birdy birdy in the sky dropped a poopy in my eye, I'm just happy that cows can't fly because I'd ride u sitting, I'd ride u lying. If u were a bird I'd ride you freecycling. And when ur dead and long forgotten I'll punch the ground and cry like a big bird. DO NOT PRESS ANY KEY This is: -Virus- Phone Locked Phone Locked Phone Locked Phone Locked Phone Locked Hehe! NERVioS? 5 differences between Turkish and ET: ET Hello I am a virus and I am your brain right now..... sorry I will leave, I can't find a brain. Elvis is dead and I don't feel so little birdy in the sky,Mommy, Mommy! Can I wear a bra now? I'm 16.. Shut up, Albert, How to keep an idiot entertained *press down* ................... .................... How to keep an idiot entertained *press up* Go Back To List

Saturday, February 21, 2009

The Employment of Fungicide

Employment, saturating
Nature with intense emotions
Immensity took care of cooking
Emotive in reactionaries vacation
Emotions with intense employment

Fantasy word
Standing outside the trees
Spray proficiently
Never moves from her spot
Invisible force
Consumed for employment
Until the dance lets out
Into gristle wrestling
Bug murders
Doc eat doc.

Friday, February 20, 2009

I've always enjoyed this immensely

no really
immense enjoy
I mean immensity enjoys
reality employs
real life enjoyment
conjoined reality
reality makes sense
most sense you can grasp
in a pavilion sense: players
aligned, feet together
they can't stand one another
But they’re selling and happy
I've always employed this immensely
I want to employ you immensely.

no really
immense enjoy
theory: employment offers
found again, born again
done again enjoy your employment
after twice rushed to the emergency
I've always enjoyed this immensely
real life employment
practice standing together employing
spread out over the fairground
dropped endorsements for enjoyment
I've really employed this immensely, too.
I've really employed you immensely.

I found you to be quite employable
because of some practices you’ve enjoyed
the best my spruced up office offers
to new graduates in our melatonin depravation studies
you were employed in quite nicely. Then.

But now you seem to enjoy immensely
When you were found stapling ideas into your Self
I thought you were done with the itchy
Why would you want to be made of metal and unemployable?
I guess immensely took care of that curry.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

The Sum of All Predators

the whole predator thing is really cheesy

it's about time it OWNED its cheese.

8:56 PM Bryan: it kinda started to with the vs alien thing, right?

me: right.

8:57 PM i mean, the first one was from the 80s

Bryan: did u see those? i kinda was entertained by the first one in the snow. but i was sad the hot guy died.

me: i've seen them all.

i have this recurring dream with the predator

i've had a predator dream at least a dozen times.

the first movie had arnold in it.

classic. super cheesy..macho bullshit with guns entertaining.

the second one had danny glover..but it sucked.

was Alien vs. Predator ohhhhh

followed by A v. P Requiem.

which was kind of dumb.

so they stopped the alien vs predator match up?

not sure.

i guess.

the last one ended with a "teaser" that there would be another..

and it hinted at the past being the location for the next predator movie.

Monday, February 16, 2009

The Grouping Polity

[I'm still mulling these ideas over... -rd]

The Internet’s charms are no short list; the Internet provides advantages to most people, and steals the identities of those who disagree. The majority of Internet users are in love because easy access means fast results. Sad to say though, what the Internet doesn’t do is mediate difference all that well because the Internet renders individualizing effort impossible.
Say, for example, that you’re a Wiki Editor with a penchant for editing: editing is YOUR business and you shake your editing like a Polaroid. You do it damn well. You edit, and you do it without getting credit. In fact, it’s not the non-credit getting environment that is the problem; getting credit or not doesn’t matter to you. What is problematic, from everything to the (in)accuracy of Google to the intimacy of Wiki Editors everywhere is the invisible borderline drawn – and visible only to you – between your work and the work of other (perhaps inferior, perhaps not) editors.
Since there are no borders between individual effort, the Internet is forced to group all Wiki editors as equals and all Keyword copywriters as equals; but they are not equals. And as consumers of this information we might never know why they aren’t equal and where that equality ends and another begins. Sure, some have degrees, some love their jobs. Some do it because they need work. Perhaps they all do it well, and we can tell. But how and why that labor is lumped together and the very division of these labors is invisible.
I want to restate that I’m not arguing about the division of labor nor recognition for your what you do and whom you do it with, but rather I find it disconcerting that there are borders where we perceive none, and the problems of invisible borders that we perceive as being non-existent borders can affect us in real life. An area where this frequently happens is – to use an already overused example – in comment boxes.
The comment box is democratic: all comment, all espouse, all may respond. But what if we perceive no border – and thus no variation – between what is written and what said comment’s author actually believes. Most reply that sincerity drives whether we associate these two: we assume that we always write what we say. But what about when we don’t? What about when we want to discuss, or have explained, or clarify our stance, or have another stance clarified, etc? Borders aren’t so clear, and they’re less clear when we don’t see them.
So what, Ryan. Big effing deal. Well, big effing deal maybe, but the differences we can’t see aren’t addressed: the rankings of Google only tell what’s most popular, not what’s best; but more importantly they don’t tell who created what’s best, or if indeed what’s best was the work of one person or many. I find this particularly relevant to student research, where students might waste hours reading a page editing by one raving loon, or vice versa. Obviously, different editors exist. It’s problematic when we don’t know where and why, or how those decisions are made.

Friday, February 13, 2009


Paula offers her ring to her adoring fan. After a few gasps of air being released quickly, this fan – whose name is Tatiana – moves forward to take the promised item. Paula puts the ring slowly on Tatiana’s finger. More air is being let out. Cold air decreases seepage but increases deflation. Tatiana now cries and runs from the room, holding her face, letting out more air.

Re: Tatiana del Toro

There will be people like this who care for your hypothetical children some day and whose secret wish is to wear Paula's ring. More than anything, they hunger for the ring, quest for it. Such people might take your blood pressure, drive you to the airport, hold the ladder while you're high up reaching for something, or tell you what may be the worst news of your life. They will do so with a deep sense of empathy, their eyes taking the shape of the appropriate emotion so as to signal that they too, experience deeply. But beware, for when they get home, girls like this with banshee whines will deeply move them. They will call them "inspiring" and "charming," they will seek these paragons of achievement as friends, wandering into the farthest reaches of print and digital media. This should deeply concern us all.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

If I said one correct
use of electrochemistry
would you assume I
meant nicely
homogenized before
your electrochemicals

the journal special

I enjoyed Montevideo, but probably would've really tackled
some psycho killer beavers have no class
The Cold Splash of Reality a side of sizzle
upon the starling jetty
liked it more had I had time to explore

outside of the old city, mired in bad feeds with misspelling.
Moreover, it's better to know folks
comfy charm that "tornados" like myself miss
naming the greatest meanderer after myself the history of
I found some poetry there

Buenos Aires was extensive, and we walked extensively.
We also stopped in for amazing meat reunion

I kept a travel journal, you canread it
but unfriendly mostly
I'll let you know when feasibility happens.
Whereas the greater specifics rule cajun


I’m so glad I read people smarter than me
Explodes! Blow up doll! Hair circles!
We have ached in hair circles
Now we live
Bolivia deserves meat,
Then we die
I’m pretty sure requiring chafed skin is not a test
Of manhood any roadside form
Can tell what roofies have been for some reason
I’m sometimes homosexual dream
Barf. Denver?
I can feel myself changing….
Be able to zoom in on the other side of a valley and frame
Dancing. Gay framing?
Some dancers don’t like too much dancing.
How about term limit
Truckers. Perfect. Let’s take speech together.
I’ll be C and you burn easily.
I’m recurring homosexual basement
Odor, colorless?

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

How Trent retains Buddha’s lunch funds while preserving Brand Allegiance

I chide you from the squishy lap of Trent Reznor.
Squishy remains clammy, but sanctuary
My assistant, Video, does the cleaning
Cleanliness is next to the security guards legs
Limping, but about spring

Isn’t time when Amy Tan was a gargoyle?
I don’t care who rattles my johns, as long
as I am fucking john in my garage
Working two jobs and kidness
I found myself in a leased yugo
Grab the hatchback knew that Izzy (Stradlin)

Fingered me under the gargoyle bottomless pit
Of celebrity hate
Talc, test sheets and swirlies
Sex with an honest tan does a nation blossom
Porching it rocking on my cymbals to Bill Me.

Saturday, February 07, 2009

Sermons and Poetry

Stop sermonizing about what "poetry's" goal must be. Please stop.
But list “felatio betterment goals”
Having to do with earth’s misconstrued poetry
Poetry in a giant sermon lacy spaghetti
Pink on the inside and gulp giant
My ears hurt with fluid. I am now only sermonizing
This is the fluid you get in church:
Guest Sermon by Father Bioflavonoid
The fluid of not listening
The fluid of Sonny Liston
Corners the belch of no understanding
God throws drugs at stars at night followed by what else? More sermons
The fluid that understanding simply does not agree
And you have a final choice procedure
Which sermon has fluids you side with?
The fluid of rejection, as in "her rejection of me was fluid"
The fluid of rejection, as in I am feeling like rejecting those salmons
On the wall with sermons and songs
And Ode to crack Maradona, crack skills, crack MS WORD registration patch
And my rejection runs loamy into a waiting tandem bike
There are fluids you can play with: bitch magnet
Underarmpit attraction sealant found in fluid
Fluids shouldn't hide: Beatle Mania
Betelgeuse, there are fluids that are hyped
Fluids that are left out
The fluid of left out loser dust particles grows in its Lukeness
It's very obvious what fluid means.
We are filled in by sermons.
You must stop preaching because of policies
Don't post twice in the box about (boring)
Don't post twice in the box about (insidious)
But no one fluid wants to hear them.
Please stop sermons about mung innocence.

Wednesday, February 04, 2009


Ever tried. Ever failed. No matter. Try Again. Fail again. Fail better.

Cast Difficult

We require your attentiveness
Thanks due our choosy attending
Due to busily accepting
We require your presence duty
It is requiring how we
Attend being mandatory

That we chose to busy a path around
Required attend mandatory like you
Obligatory in maximizing
Effect require a presence you

Busy year head no choice
But we prefer mandatory
Our obligation is choosy
Reunion maximized
Effort a cooling busy
We find obligatory is choosy
Mandatory reunion we maximize
Requiring all in attendance

Attendance prefer choosy
Choosy maximized
Maximized we choice obligate
Crucial requires improved
Busy attendance requires prefer
Fruitful attendance improves pressure
Obligatory in path presence max
Mandatory reunion busy no choice

Monday, February 02, 2009

Annandale Dream Gazette where I have a new piece (and yes, it was a dream I had...the night before last). It's very strange that The Predator remains a recurring dream of mine. I don't want to know what this means.

ADG is a very interesting site; great work there to read. It's odd knowing that people dream in creativity!