Wednesday, February 18, 2009

The Sum of All Predators

the whole predator thing is really cheesy

it's about time it OWNED its cheese.

8:56 PM Bryan: it kinda started to with the vs alien thing, right?

me: right.

8:57 PM i mean, the first one was from the 80s

Bryan: did u see those? i kinda was entertained by the first one in the snow. but i was sad the hot guy died.

me: i've seen them all.

i have this recurring dream with the predator

i've had a predator dream at least a dozen times.

the first movie had arnold in it.

classic. super cheesy..macho bullshit with guns entertaining.

the second one had danny glover..but it sucked.

was Alien vs. Predator ohhhhh

followed by A v. P Requiem.

which was kind of dumb.

so they stopped the alien vs predator match up?

not sure.

i guess.

the last one ended with a "teaser" that there would be another..

and it hinted at the past being the location for the next predator movie.

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