Friday, February 20, 2009

I've always enjoyed this immensely

no really
immense enjoy
I mean immensity enjoys
reality employs
real life enjoyment
conjoined reality
reality makes sense
most sense you can grasp
in a pavilion sense: players
aligned, feet together
they can't stand one another
But they’re selling and happy
I've always employed this immensely
I want to employ you immensely.

no really
immense enjoy
theory: employment offers
found again, born again
done again enjoy your employment
after twice rushed to the emergency
I've always enjoyed this immensely
real life employment
practice standing together employing
spread out over the fairground
dropped endorsements for enjoyment
I've really employed this immensely, too.
I've really employed you immensely.

I found you to be quite employable
because of some practices you’ve enjoyed
the best my spruced up office offers
to new graduates in our melatonin depravation studies
you were employed in quite nicely. Then.

But now you seem to enjoy immensely
When you were found stapling ideas into your Self
I thought you were done with the itchy
Why would you want to be made of metal and unemployable?
I guess immensely took care of that curry.


Michael H Stewart said...

Aw, this may become required reading for all of my hopeful English students.

Ryan said...

Uh oh. Don't let them see this blog.