Sunday, April 25, 2010

Entertainers are Ours, a TOEFL essay

Many volunteers have seen the headlines about various entertainers and athletes who make 7 figures, and many support these ludicrous payments, fearing that they might cease to be entertained or expressing our belief that they somehow earn it. As if performers whose bellicose careers were media-made are able to now demand playoffs from the media. Needless to say, none of this is true, which is why entertainers and athletes should not receive such obscene amounts of cash: they don't own the public, the public owns the performers. The endless parade of wannabes won't soon cease, so why award the flash in the pan with millions when his or her replacement awaits.

We can only shoot at each performer with so much junk. Unfortunately, to aim and fire whatever canned surplus tuna we can't smile upon. Then, our entertainment refers to a monster. Every person feels needs to be at earth's center, and holds a gun wishing to occupy the mechanical bull. In the case of a celebrity or an entertainer, no one's yearning to return favors: we own them; they are paid to perform. And perform they must. Then they go viral and the multitude's eyes pop out viewing the fame, the melting hands are uncertainties. If such an entertainer were to lose interest or engulf their hand in the door. We are #1.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Logical Problem

politicians are jam in a dog butt
listing to one side, had been condemned
the dog creation of small cookies & treats
these are free eats
which politicians offer, but we must pay taxes to eat!
What different dog butt jam offers politicians escape
from the tax bracket drudgery with monster propelled treats?

Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Here it is, Palinspeak decoded

Like a toddler to the slaughter...

And...Language Log responds.

I agree -- what little linguistic experience/research and general lack of expertise I boast, as well as general experience with hearing this oft-employed phrase -- that using "that" as in "give me some of that old time magic," is an attempt to allude to a better and previous time. Not now, but then. That time, you know, when we were better. There was magic. Then. That point. That palpable moment. Grasp it.

We can't catch it, but NOT because it's gone. We merely lack the correct leadership, apparently.

But don't you wish someone could lead our country, our people, back to that?

And that's the appeal of that in Palinspeak: positing yourself [Frau Palin] as she who will lead us to the good ol' days.

Saturday, April 03, 2010

On Medication

There is a distaste toward medication. This stems from a belief in individual power. If individual power leads to true healing, then we must blame the need to pull through and force oneself into healthy thoughts and aftermath.

Many of the contras who sit against medication profess a firm trust in homeopathy. Science is there to cost us. Doctors -- they don't speak plainly -- many times over-medicate: instead of addressing the nearest need, we should attend to the entire body. Yet there is no whole body medication, no pill to crush up and return to your whole self again.

However, homeopathy is a decentralized medical alternative: there are no authorities. I wonder if this is why it appeals to freedom-loving foes of big government. You may shop freely and have a good conscience that the correct product is chosen by you and only you. You triumph. You, the center of individual power.