Friday, October 31, 2008

Humiliatingly Close

Let’s begin by grasping your country. You need to hold danger to see danger in long-term pain reduction and suffering, becoming what smells like uncomfortable. An avenue to follow properly elects the strongest. My dream: Shit your tonsils. Who can hurt more?

I’m dropping the pain on you. The pain quotidien slams from far away. Where I can escape and thrill in the chase like Hugo's dead dog. The pain so big I have to leave to punch a hole in this idea for what controls behind it. And go far away out of pain’s way.

Since this painful garbagetruck has parked in our lozenge. There isn’t a way to speak without pain. Good fortune is unlikely with reliable weekly pickup taking pain-causing agents far away: Where they can escape with my diverse funds by grasping your country’s flaws and showing up real pain something bad, like my hands have known fear so, later.

Sunday, October 26, 2008


-Thanks to JP for suggesting I blog about this.

Overtranslation is an extension of the literal in a translator’s target language that influences or determines reading of and translation choices made in relation to the source language. Overtranslation isn’t a literal translation because it serves as a bridge might; readers understand that a translator is present, and that a sense of humor exists between two texts that is evidence of a process – not a mechanical transfer — and that this process is anything but automatic: There are human hands involved.

Overtranslation is so named because it seeks to fill a gap between meta-translation and trot versions of a text. The translation is sometimes literal because the literalness of the translation points to a living and breathing translator – a person who made a choice with each word rather than ignorant consultation of reference books – and this difference gives (or gives away) identity to the translator. Rather than just negating the existence of a person occupying the office of copying into another language, overtranslation reveals the translator’s native language to the reader by what type of literal choices are made. The reader is also left with a package of questions, the least of which has anything to do with the primacy, or authority, of the accuracy of the text. What’s more, in some cases overtranslation might opt for the opposite of the more accurate word in order to allude to something else (see below).

The only example that I'm going to write about now (see next paragraph) would be taking the phrase: “No te voy a dejar, nunca.” Translated this might read, “I won’t leave you, ever.” (more emphasis) Or “I won’t ever leave you.” (less emphasis). But it very well could read “I won’t ever quit you.” Or “I’m not going to quit you, ever.” The statement is the same even if the exact wording has been changed. Overtranslation denies the existence of one text/one idea/mot juste that we must adhere to when choosing which words to use. In the above case, an overtranslation might risk alluding to Brokeback Mountain. Or, if that’s the point, the translator might rather prefer to make this allusion. So, overtranslation is a choice that reveals certain personal (sometimes historical) and referential behaviors of the translator and refutes the idea that there is one text, one translation.

[A recent example of overtranslation: I'm currently reading Horacio Castellanos Moya's book, EL ARMA EN EL HOMBRE. Translated this would read something like "Arms and the man" or "Arms in/and Man." or aha! "The Weapon in Man." (This last is my preferred choice for a translation.) But since I can't help noticing el arma/alarma, I would overtranslate this title (were I given the chance) as "Man All Arms." Cheesy yes, indeed, but just another little something I love about connecting the translation with the source material. So sue me.]

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

What are the characteristics of a good neighbor? Use reasons and examples to support your response.

Most people would see no reason to argue that a good neighbor is many characteristics in harmony. Two of those which are vital to living successfully with others in a relationship include respect and understanding. There are really several reasons why respect and understanding are integral to any neighborly relationship; I plan on listing them.

Respect is a quality we all want and few receive. At times there are shortages and comedians without respect yell that they get none of it. Rockets shoot from their eyes. We are forced to respect them with quality weapons. After respect is hard-fought receipt, similar to saving a large sum of money to buy your favorite dress and finally realizing that you've owned that dress all along, tucked into dark corners of your living situation. Now new objects are appearing that you spend your money on. So respect emerges from the idea that keeping this money will bring a fortune you can manage in the future. Then your worry will be less and you will be worry-free. A respectful good neighbor will not invade your quiet unwontedly. She will knock on your door in a decent outfit, careful not to disturb the music you play. She will also not make harsh demands or ask too much when she runs out of ingredients, and will gladly sacrifice watching your pet if you decide that traveling the life you seek.

If you look seldom for comfort, I’m sure a shoulder to cry on would exist when you found this reason to be in the company of your neighbor. Your understanding is needed to ensure abuse is rarely occurring, and your neighbor needs to grasp your idea of understanding, too. I’m lonely and it’s the middle of the night I do not ask for comfort from local places, I go to a neighbor. They would have to be good, though.

These are these qualities making up what a good neighbor is. Respect and understanding of space and when to invade our privacy if we need help.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008


I was. This past weekend. Thanks so much to everyone who came. Saw. And took vitamins.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Disguise into Rushdie Pumpkin

I want a nice big juicy fatwa
A squeezed gleason to whatsa matta?
You wasn’t allowed to fatwa squat on my pompadour
Growing up my parents would master splinter my ninja me.
Now I know it’s a farsa fatwa.
It wasn’t me

Like a ceremony, but with strangers doing it for free
Buying fake armlength jewelry like Bruce Lee
Who hates on hot bods but a fatwa.
A roundhouse kick works like piazza plotz
Bodies aren’t cool. We kill to be unseen with them.
Our liking deeds too much could mean fatwa.

I want a nice sweaty caddy slumming fatwa
A twin city sprinkle candy apple matzo
Something only provided by voluptuous mountains
Lactating on your latte Volvo driving vacation, chatty Creature!
Move to the country, sissy and wrap your mouth around this fatwa,
And you’ll never bratwurst this love hearse badly the worst again.

There’s a bump on my dick wrapped in a fatwa
A fatwa results in splatter: infectious?
Once one person’s team now the whole town juicy with fatwa
Blanketing the broken hills not drugs it’s Romper Fatwa
Places aren’t that enormous, but want chief big spew fatwa dick to bathe them.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

shows noon on his watch

Beaucarmen shows noon on his watch. I’m getting groceries. Sure, I want to wait, but not until we marry. Can show the date not being interested in fakes of anything, Beaucarmen might sing Allentown in the shower solo. Doing this risks the ruin of his tan line. Difficult to catch the bus without boasting a timepiece, the bearded time traveling only disciple capable of a Class-D license sees the display, spits out. These contenders. Tricky slider windows of pull-in, push down. The last day with graded papers into it goes shrubs. But those final drafts.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Predator Thanks the Academy

How can Predator
Leave his virus stone unturned
He loves critically.

No one can break metal heat
Finding cramping cringeworthy

Desperate men soon need help
Healthy iguana
On villains in Anime

Swollen ankles support her
Long necked sea ID’s China

Oh Iguana Predator
Without syllabus
I can never miss the train

Oh Predator! Lunch Money
Trade two halfsies for Jonesy

Poisonous Lethal Frogs: A Difficulty of Acceptance

When asked next time what you’d rather befriend, Poisonous
Should be amended to your proficiency.
Poisonous? Why lethal? Because frogs wonder about periodic relationships.
They research for definition, to stand out in front of the projector and notice
Yes, I am a magnate. My shadow

Frequent membership for exercise must
You must choose to work a thing like the gluteal ligament
That poisonous lethal frogs need, after letting themselves go
They are no longer radical.

If flabby frogs have newly renewed leases
One poisonous frog is just as terrifying a personality
As famous for poisonous frogs we all know
And learn about when discussion turns to poisonous frogs.

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

10 percent of your outfit

for Stan Apps

Belts are a part of our everyday regimen. Without a fastened belt, people’d remind you to hey fasten your belt! You’re NOT dressed. And they’d be right: you aren’t fully clothed if one of your belts is left unfastened.

Today I went for a swim and dressed again as I left the pool. When I forgot to do up my belt as I left I was undressed

I was told by one of the employees I was undressed.

He said, “I wouldn’t want to go out like that if I were you.” And I replied, “No, indeed. You wouldn’t do that.”

Monday, October 06, 2008

Sometimes Predator Becomes Temper-Losing Predator

Alas, maybe there is laughter from a faraway object
These flight crews I control
You’re sitting on

I'm going to Cancun! Drugs!
My headphones cannot change my side
I cannot be seen
Gaze as this scene and attempt to describe
What earth they’re doing

What is this picture doing or going towards?
I have zillions of photos from vacation
(Predator suit, bikini, nothing on, Predator nice
Single malt Predator slut.
Predator hung over Predator
Smoking *cool* Predator mom pic
Predator sunset)

All have my face in them.
I have an accent and a military shirt! Hugs-a-zillion!
I can see you understand my travels
Now comprehend my fist. Predator fist.
I'm going to blow up
With a Nail Salon!

Friday, October 03, 2008

Patterns & Narrative

Right about now, I'm going to generalize a bit:

I'm noticing (you guessed it) a pattern --several actually-- that has developed in relation to debate/election coverage that reveals three separate, though simultaneously occurring, narratives about politics in the US. All are targeted at separate audiences but no audience seems truly unique to one alone. They are all three media-based and -centered: print, TV and Internet journalism.

Narrative one is what I'll call the "newspaper narrative." Largely bombastic and full of yellowish bells and whistles ("Pit Bull Palin Takes a Chomp Out of McCain," this being a shorter paraphrase of a headline I just now saw on the subway). Newspaper narratives (think Daily News) pander to a quick reader, a person with no time for the fine print, the flip-flopping, the heavy details. They want Page Six and they want it now! This is the fan club for readers who think the Obama/Osama rhyme is, or ever was, funny. This is somewhat class based, and certainly anyone can obtain a newspaper. As a result, the attempts at fake neo-con/republican populism abound. There is no attempt to hide the political persuasion of the writer. Some skew right, others left. Most do it poorly.

Narrative two is the TV narrative. Slightly more astute, it at least gives the uninformed viewer an idea of objective reporting without any objectivity whatsoever. "Fair and balanced" is only one example of this, the most widespread being the iconic loud-mouth screaming a monologue into the camera with very little acknowledgment of a rebuttal. Since the actual television is more expensive than the newspaper, it evens out by dumbing down the narrative. Snippets and soundbites are manufactured to easily proffer to the viewers, most in a semi-sedated state of relaxation that they're not caught in traffic. (When caught in traffic, these listeners take advantage of TV's sister narrative, radio, also monopolized.)

Narrative three is the Internet-generated narrative. Containing all the populist pomp of the newspaper and none of the editorial filters, the Internet is rife with views from people whom the reader largely has never heard of. Nevertheless, because of the velocity of communication and "fact-checking" that can occur while Internet surfing (click link, click link, click link), the narrative tends to be cleaner, more polished. Add to this the tendency of most bloggers to be upstarts with above average intelligence and know-how. Many have taught themselves programming and Internet publishing, many inter-link with sites of interest, and many dictate what becomes news (hatred aside for many, think Drudge) and what stories die.

What I find most interesting (though, admittedly, I find all of it interesting, hence this entry) is not that these narratives exist, nor that there are people who buy into each -- perhaps dismissing the others -- but that no one notices this happening. Why? And can the cause be attributed simply to market demands and manipulation?

Do we believe any of these narratives? Should we?

from work

double aught
semi powerful
hunting bears


moving along

without kills
with hugs

with hugs are necessary

with hugs saving wildlife with hugs

Wednesday, October 01, 2008

I wanted to vote for Palin
Because she owns her debates
And because she’s hot off the charts
Of the yum scale (1 to 5)
She won the gold in Turkey.

Surely you will find her
Sprinkling flowers on the graves of dead soldiers
The places where dead soldiers lie
Turns into an amusement park
Palin brings cookies from a recipe she owns

I know Palin owns her man.
I’m getting an A in this subject
Basically I wanted to vote Palin
Because she owns pregnancy.
And she can tell us what to do in emergency.