Wednesday, October 22, 2008

What are the characteristics of a good neighbor? Use reasons and examples to support your response.

Most people would see no reason to argue that a good neighbor is many characteristics in harmony. Two of those which are vital to living successfully with others in a relationship include respect and understanding. There are really several reasons why respect and understanding are integral to any neighborly relationship; I plan on listing them.

Respect is a quality we all want and few receive. At times there are shortages and comedians without respect yell that they get none of it. Rockets shoot from their eyes. We are forced to respect them with quality weapons. After respect is hard-fought receipt, similar to saving a large sum of money to buy your favorite dress and finally realizing that you've owned that dress all along, tucked into dark corners of your living situation. Now new objects are appearing that you spend your money on. So respect emerges from the idea that keeping this money will bring a fortune you can manage in the future. Then your worry will be less and you will be worry-free. A respectful good neighbor will not invade your quiet unwontedly. She will knock on your door in a decent outfit, careful not to disturb the music you play. She will also not make harsh demands or ask too much when she runs out of ingredients, and will gladly sacrifice watching your pet if you decide that traveling the life you seek.

If you look seldom for comfort, I’m sure a shoulder to cry on would exist when you found this reason to be in the company of your neighbor. Your understanding is needed to ensure abuse is rarely occurring, and your neighbor needs to grasp your idea of understanding, too. I’m lonely and it’s the middle of the night I do not ask for comfort from local places, I go to a neighbor. They would have to be good, though.

These are these qualities making up what a good neighbor is. Respect and understanding of space and when to invade our privacy if we need help.

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