Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Quiz Answers

All lines are taken, in order, from one student's reading quiz responses.

not smart because the class they were in.
like not talking on the street
Black men date with white girl
white people don't respect on black people, like
when they on the line and white people skip
on line
talk about the braid
talk about the Harlem that white people live here too
If the black people be too good,
white people will stand on top of them

I feel it is very effective because he talk
about the dailey situation in life and I
saw those kinds of happen sometime
All three narrators are come from black culture.

Spanish Film/ película española

que si el queso y el jamon se quieren entre si, a veces es posible que el jamon quiera jamon, el queso queso, jamon jamon. Todos los quesos al queso, y el jamon, al jamon.

Valga la redundancia

Todos se quieren en queso, entre quesos se quieren, los estafadores quesaron, que rico quesaron con la familia un queso rico, rico será; un queso humilde, humilde será.

Hola todos! ¿Tienen hora? Un saludo a las mujeres, mujeres saludadas, saludable como me gusta, me gusta salud, salud es gustable, una estable mujer.

¿Has querido el queso? ¿El queso te quiere o te sientes como si el queso no te cayera bien? ¿Como si no te amara?

¿Cómo tu te estás sentando al no ser amado por un ser queso? Debes bailar con él.

Me da amargura. Me da vergüenza. Me da pena. Me da acidez. Me da alergia. Me da algo. Me da no se que, queso avergonzado. Me da cosa. Me da chicha, chicha me dijiste. Me da gastritis. Me da cólera. Me dio de todo. Todo me da de todo.

Monday, December 22, 2008

The Birth of the Spoon

In Pembroke Pines, a giant spoon welcomes visitors entering the town. The spoon is welcoming, and we welcome how the town has implemented use of the not-so-apparent necessity to illustrate true hospitality. Since the spoon’s enormous metallic appearance, radio in Pembroke Pines is looking at twice as many listeners.

Friday, December 19, 2008

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Anthology of Hell

I’m sick of the ghost anthology it makes my life hell
When I google myself and find only things I don’t write

Because the ghost is taking up space, gasps Who wrote this?
Place where our dead poems see viewers puke for first time!

I will tell you when I was a child
I was the emperor of nudity

But I am without nudity because I’m in that anthology
Where all the rich poon hangs out

No one wants to be nude and vulnerable
In a room filled with the richest poon.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Guns Commit Murders

Rather easily people don’t kill suns
It's unspoken rules about people sun relations
Responsible for the majority of our stuffing
They just burn you and take no notice
We are on the cusp of a no-accountability label war
And we line up for the concert with expectorant
THERE are a million different faces THERE
We’re taking off clothing and putting ourselves in
Easy to slip on product wear
Along with my mothereffing effervescent wafers
We are half-expecting to address planetary indifference
Today, and what comes close
To tomorrow’s cooking
Sore in the mouth, people’s asses
Suns killer guns commit
These people’s names to memory rather easily
You’d learn to write better
You’d be less distracted Hobbits, armed
And not having paid full admission
And wanting THERE to be different faces THERE.
I don’t have any earthly concept of how guns function
EXCEPTION! You can gets others to do what you want
Because you’re a supervisor and I’m a motherfucker.
Isolation one of the pros of inequality in the world.

Monday, December 15, 2008

My face says power

Realigning your direction
A moment of introspection
This will lead you to act.
You will feel the center of power
This risk pulls you into temptation mode
Specialized shortcuts are meant to assist you
And looking on the bright side the long cuts
You will get a few openings, but sauce belongs on the thicker
Reasons to collaborate are to further your power drive.
I have reasons to pull over your delinquent margarine
Squeeze bottle master, you have owned power congrats!

Now feel the strength in my assuming grip
See the reflected beauty off the promontory nose
The chin Kelsey Grammar envies
Power is hidden in each spectacle my face induces
Distraction is the key to laden thinkpads
My face controls are best kept with shortcuts.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Poetic Criticism

The problem with critical
writing is the telling of it
and the gospel it induces

new meaninglessness fight

What do you think it is about you
That angers you about small things?

The small things are really meaningless
But sometimes the small adds up

Then one big meaningless thing is made
And to fight that big meaningless

You have to gather your strength
Into a big meaningless thing fighter

And this fight is won somewhat skillfully
But no one will offer you credit

Because we, as occupiers of this meaningless area
Are seen as fully equipped with dealing

Out and in all the meaningless big thing fights
That we’re dealt and we don’t die later.

When we eventually die, it’s often
A result not of the meaningless big things

But of the minute flaws we overlook
We take the true killers for granted

And they are everywhere while we are fighting meaningless
Small lumped into big events and things

Friday, December 12, 2008

Flarf (again!)

Response to this:

Flarf is a tendency, and urge. Just as the 'uncreative' turns sublime or unhinges to point to something different (or to itself), the overworking flarf seeks leans toward a particularly different entrophy -- though still point to itself -- where words flame themselves, no longer an honored "recipient" of a chatroom screed (just like "no longer an issue of the NY Sunday Times). Conceptual writing follows the trend in the opposite direction. The intent is the same: get something to say something different (whether by contextually placing the entire work within a different frame, like DAY, or by taking results from ANY search and putting them into something like THE ANGER SCALE...

So, there is no winter.

In 100 years, flarf will be recontextualizing "seminal flarf texts" to mean something insulting and "not o.k." again, it will win and lose "fans," (the sport analogies born of the above-linked post are odd and unsettling) and we'll be reading L=A=N=G=U=A=G=E at political rallies. CRINGE!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Commonly Confused Words

Taken from RULES OF THUMB (Silverman, Hughes, Wienbroer), page 3).

Most people do not accept criticism gracefully.
Everybody except the piano player stopped playing.
Even nonprescription drugs can affect us in significant ways.
Scientists have studied the effects of aspirin on heart disease.
Frank Gehry chooses pliable materials for his architecture.
Napoleon chose officers based on their ability rather than on their family connections.
His conscience was clear.

Found Poem

Note: Taken, in order, from all sample sentences used to illustrate verb agreement rules, page 53, RULES OF THUMB (Silverman, Hughes, and Wienbroer, 2008).

The bird and the bee make music together.
My great aunt and my grandfather argue incessantly.
The drummer, not the other musicians, sets the rhythm.
Two causes for the collapse of their business were
employee apathy and management dishonesty.
One of the guests was a sleepwalker.
Each of us owns a Wurlitzer jukebox.
The use of legal drugs has escalated.
There was one reason for the cover-up.
There were three reasons for the cover-up.
Everyone except the twins was laughing.
Somebody always overheats the copying machine.
My family does not eat crowder peas.
In some states the jury elects the foreman.
A thousand dollars is a lot of money to carry around.
Dating two people is tricky.

Saturday, December 06, 2008

I'm not legit in my own neighborhood

It’s difficult to describe

But I’m a quarter part of the solution.

You see, I voted for the responsible gimme

I was tired of waking up to pounding rock

Even my headache seemed to be saying,

“Go out and vote to no longer have rock”

Rock is formidable but wieldy and timeless

We put off the rock by giving it negative reviews

Like the dye job Frampton is alive in that movie

Where we’re all told to vote for rock because the rock channels sponsors the vote

I would be alive if I voted

I used to enjoy that rock channel

But now they are saying if I don’t vote, silly songs will divide and conquer

Now the channel plays silly songs with no value

And we have lost the ability to familiarize

Value to me is playdough you can give to children to eat

But at least most kids are pondering voting seriously

It makes me want to strangle myself slowly with dull objects

Does anyone in my neighborhood have dull objects or a strangulation

Tuesday, December 02, 2008

A Border Looks Like Making Love

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