Thursday, December 11, 2008

Found Poem

Note: Taken, in order, from all sample sentences used to illustrate verb agreement rules, page 53, RULES OF THUMB (Silverman, Hughes, and Wienbroer, 2008).

The bird and the bee make music together.
My great aunt and my grandfather argue incessantly.
The drummer, not the other musicians, sets the rhythm.
Two causes for the collapse of their business were
employee apathy and management dishonesty.
One of the guests was a sleepwalker.
Each of us owns a Wurlitzer jukebox.
The use of legal drugs has escalated.
There was one reason for the cover-up.
There were three reasons for the cover-up.
Everyone except the twins was laughing.
Somebody always overheats the copying machine.
My family does not eat crowder peas.
In some states the jury elects the foreman.
A thousand dollars is a lot of money to carry around.
Dating two people is tricky.


Stan Apps said...

That is such a good poem. I love sentences.

Ryan said...

I love the last two lines...

It's great that those sentences were in the book.

Ryan said...

I never feel "proud" or "accomplishment" with found poems...

What gives?

Matt said...

My family does not eat crowder peas either. That's why I can relate to this poem.

Ryan said...

I had no idea what crowder peas were before this interaction. (Neither, apparently, did Firefox or Microsoft Word's spellcheckers.)