Sunday, December 14, 2008

new meaninglessness fight

What do you think it is about you
That angers you about small things?

The small things are really meaningless
But sometimes the small adds up

Then one big meaningless thing is made
And to fight that big meaningless

You have to gather your strength
Into a big meaningless thing fighter

And this fight is won somewhat skillfully
But no one will offer you credit

Because we, as occupiers of this meaningless area
Are seen as fully equipped with dealing

Out and in all the meaningless big thing fights
That we’re dealt and we don’t die later.

When we eventually die, it’s often
A result not of the meaningless big things

But of the minute flaws we overlook
We take the true killers for granted

And they are everywhere while we are fighting meaningless
Small lumped into big events and things

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