Saturday, August 28, 2010

TOEFL Essay - machines bring only goodness

Agree or disagree: Machines have made life easier, bringing positive results.

Machines permeate our lives. They are not only exist for us to touch and ponder, but also exist for us to step over, move, interact with and befriend. We can now perform tasks in much more developed manners. Technology helps with everything from crowd suppression to artificial respiration. We are indeed so lucky! However, there is much more than just execution and completion; there is much more to other countries and the poor states of each process than just execution and getting the job done. I will therefore explain why technology has reduced difficult tasks to simple button-pressing and why I disagree that this has not been very positive.

A crowd might lose control. Some people think that this crowd should be reminded who is boss. The boss is very clearly the one who pushes the button. But the boss would exert more control if only he or she knew what happened in every step between the button-pressing and the harm that comes to the crowd. In other words, to reduce a process from difficult to simple, we often confuse simple for easy. The button is easy, but the machinations are hardly simple. A simple task engages us but is one through which we observe the workings. We soon forget the time-consuming process and at this point the action becomes cliché. In brief, “start to finish” is itself a pretty lame substitute for “thorough” or “justifiably merited.” End results and consequences, let alone absence, fail to fulfill us if we don't comprise part of the long chain of agents.

Easy, yet not productive. Easy, yet not fulfilled. Unfulfilled and easy and unproductive, not birthing or creating, but a stand in as machinery. Most certainly all of these small pushes result in our hands emptied of parts we play. It is difficult to have work removed from our hands. As hands, these devices adjust to constant fullness. Do we have to ask what happens when what was once full empties? It's pretty obvious the center cannot hold ;)

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

TOEFL Essay - address grievances in person

Q. When people complain about a product or poor service, some prefer to complain in writing and others prefer to complain in person. Which method do you prefer? Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.


We buy goods and services from merchants. Often, these merchants deliver less-than-satisfying results. Dissatisfying goods and services are expected, since we buy so often. However, there are avenues we might use to deal with disappointment. Some complaints are received via mail, others via a long phone conversation and yet others via face-to-face discussion. I prefer to complain in person if possible, because a corporate face can't ignore human presence and records are kept safe. I'll explain.

When we stand in front of another human being, it becomes very difficult to openly offend their person. Part of this is because we believe in dignity, and understand that were our slight reciprocated, issues would escalate until the gravity became unbearable and one or the other would pull out their fists. Furthermore, people are humorous. Their appearance, their facial outcroppings and grooming discrepancies soften customer service representative's behavior we might need to rely on. We accept this token of unconditional love in the form of conversation as a facial phenomenon and not merely as a result of someone's pen or key strokes. The collapse of diplomacy occurs thanks to similar oversights. If you send an ambassador it's preferable to writing with fancy letterheads that “you're upset.” It's easy to throw away and disregard “you're upset.”

Another reason why I'd prefer to address consumer grievances in person is for prima facie evidence's sake; you keep records of insufficient products in person. If I receive a broken hat which really insults my appearance, fitting this hat in the presence of a rep shows that my grieving is justified. This is just not a kind of grief that writing or telephoning excels at. Writing and telephoning cannot mimic fitted hats in person. Our viewing materials, namely, the retinal area of the eye, need to behold how deficient certain goods and services are. You can see the repulsion in the representative's eye. It will then be impossible for them to deny that “this, dear sir or madam, is a truly terrible hat for you.”

Sunday, August 15, 2010

TOEFL - live events are where the excitement is

Q. Do you agree or disagree? "It is more enjoyable to see a performance live (in person) than it is to watch it on television."

Many concerts are free during the summer where I live. Bands are always present in the open parks, on matter how big and small these bands. There are always followings. Usually, I am among the following crowds, since I prefer live concerts and performances to television. There's just more energy and sound in real live work.

When a performance warms up, the gradual increase in energy also transfers to bystanders. In general, parties and live events are more exciting once more arrivals move into the area where we expect a show. It is fascinating to watch styles, looks, fashions and behaviors all mixed into the excitement of sounds and smells. The excitement you can taste, and naturally, it draws more onlookers to the location. For example, when a band practices outside and many are fooled into thinking a real performance is taking place, at times the band gets carried away and decides a concert on the spot is called for. Police sometimes arrest performers who are known to break out and sing outside, backed up by loud noises amplified to levels often too damaging to our hearing. At least some sound is healthy, but most concert sounds are energetic and harm us. Be careful at concerts.

A performance also permeates the audience with so much sound. Most sounds are like walls through which a bird can pass but voice cannot. There is silence, too; this is an opening. But the sound is contrary to popular belief a barrier. Try discussing or relating with a friend your latest conquests during a concert and both will be disappointed. He or she will not live vicariously through your retelling, and you will not be pleased through boasting. Instead, concerts require us to keep our mouths shut and let our bodies talk. This is wonderful, and for those with talkative friends perhaps a great idea for alone time while fulfilling friend requirements; however, concerts aren't for everyone. They are for my bird to fly through a wall.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

TOEFL Essay - Christmas as a holiday

Q. What is your favorite holiday? Describe this holiday and tell why it is your favorite.

There are many holidays. These are usually fun, which is unavoidable. They are also periods of time when our escape from school is realized. Of all these outbreaks, my favorite is Christmas and how it stacks up to others for many reasons; however, two of these reasons are food and family.

Food is integral to our organism. It is our fuel which propels us. I like food with nominal cheeses. During Christmas, I get to have these urges met. All foods with multiple cheeses are served, and devoured, by our waiting hand-to-mouth. On this holiday I get to search the table covered with all my favorite foods, and for these I'm thankful. I have to save this issue for another holiday, when I can fully find the thanks in my heart. Nevertheless, Christmas is better than Thanksgiving because the food isn't themed: we sample foods from every season and of multiple baking styles.

Another reason for my fanatical insistence that Christmas is the best of holidays is because of family pressures. When we celebrate, families come around. There is nothing abnormal about this happening. We feel warm and full in their presence. Naturally, bystanders grow curious when yelling and hugging plus great eats are available. This family is the inviolable structure that no one can trespass. Vulnerability is inconceivable when my family visits my house, where we find our usual Christmas celebration impossible to interrupt. For example, when my family all grooms together, the bathrooms are full. However, the atmosphere in this small enclosure is tactful and lacks humility. Our prowess as a group is palpable and jovial. Jokes are flying all around. There is really no stopping us. Christmas is just an intersection of our unstoppable togetherness. If anyone were to witness this behavior, they first would find themselves attracted to this celebratory charisma. Secondly, they would learn the meaning of family that exists outside most others.

For vacations or holidays that accomplishes so much in just one day, Christmas tops the list.

Friday, August 06, 2010

TOEFL Essay - Education is to increase finances

Q. Agree or disagree: The primary reason to get an education is to succeed financially.

We've reduced life to colleges and the paper, usually written in Latin, which bears our degree. This very cold phenomenon taking over our lives is merely the drawn out pursuit of hard cash. Our comfort now depends entirely on how much money we're sitting on. I can do nothing but agree, then, with our paths now inextricably linked to education as a class signifier that outsiders – those lacking desire or cash – are damned.

When we first become aware of education it's too late. We're in the system before we can react to the news of its existence. The giant invading lizard has already squished us. This trap engenders various behavior whose design is indebtedness. The exploitation narrative now earns a PhD. Education is necessary for financial gain in most cases, and converts into the end. On the end of our destination keyboard a lonely hand with long fingernails types; this is our debt, sending us nagging letters. Education has worked to financially capture us so that now, years later, we are still pregnant with nail marks.

For this reason, education unexpectedly motivates us to keep up with an earning majority. This body has moved prices up and up. The equivalent of this is to place our possession outdoors like on a deck or porch on a moving pallet yet not out of the rain. Our possessions retroactively swell, thus being too heavy for us to carry and too costly to sell. Education this swelling's culprit. Since we can't carry this burden and refuse to, who will yoke with us our heavy educational burden?

Wednesday, August 04, 2010

TOEFL Essay - One dream to realize

Q. If you could realize a dream of yours, which would it be? Why?

English is most necessary. If I could simply realize a dream, I would choose to learn this most necessary language to cater to my formation and realize my full capability as a human.

English can enable us. It gives us the speech to proceed with deals and trades. We steer through the water of murky human talk with an new language, and threefold in this case. English barters, it grows and it becomes our tongue. This is rapid development most seen in small children obligated to learn English one by one. Better developed in their linguistic don, children have excess innocence they express through conjuring and juxtaposing. When we conjure and juxtapose, we text limits of what others might understand. Children are given this freedom because we don't expect sensible information from them, and when we hear it, we know these children have reached the outer limits. Even the illustration of rhyming and this childish language is just another experiment kids do; it's how they couple words.

Aside from development, learning English fully would realize my true and full capability as a human. People are considered hi or low based on the group they adhere to. We choose our good friends, or our inexplicable friends. These choices reside with us and are often sources of ire. We might make mistakes, but fully understanding any language enables less error with more trial. Since connecting and using a network of friends is part of humanity, if I could better network and placate a large friend group more fluently it would be a sign of fully capable nature. Learning English to be more proud of it is my goal and if I could choose one, English would be my realism.