Sunday, August 15, 2010

TOEFL - live events are where the excitement is

Q. Do you agree or disagree? "It is more enjoyable to see a performance live (in person) than it is to watch it on television."

Many concerts are free during the summer where I live. Bands are always present in the open parks, on matter how big and small these bands. There are always followings. Usually, I am among the following crowds, since I prefer live concerts and performances to television. There's just more energy and sound in real live work.

When a performance warms up, the gradual increase in energy also transfers to bystanders. In general, parties and live events are more exciting once more arrivals move into the area where we expect a show. It is fascinating to watch styles, looks, fashions and behaviors all mixed into the excitement of sounds and smells. The excitement you can taste, and naturally, it draws more onlookers to the location. For example, when a band practices outside and many are fooled into thinking a real performance is taking place, at times the band gets carried away and decides a concert on the spot is called for. Police sometimes arrest performers who are known to break out and sing outside, backed up by loud noises amplified to levels often too damaging to our hearing. At least some sound is healthy, but most concert sounds are energetic and harm us. Be careful at concerts.

A performance also permeates the audience with so much sound. Most sounds are like walls through which a bird can pass but voice cannot. There is silence, too; this is an opening. But the sound is contrary to popular belief a barrier. Try discussing or relating with a friend your latest conquests during a concert and both will be disappointed. He or she will not live vicariously through your retelling, and you will not be pleased through boasting. Instead, concerts require us to keep our mouths shut and let our bodies talk. This is wonderful, and for those with talkative friends perhaps a great idea for alone time while fulfilling friend requirements; however, concerts aren't for everyone. They are for my bird to fly through a wall.

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