Wednesday, August 04, 2010

TOEFL Essay - One dream to realize

Q. If you could realize a dream of yours, which would it be? Why?

English is most necessary. If I could simply realize a dream, I would choose to learn this most necessary language to cater to my formation and realize my full capability as a human.

English can enable us. It gives us the speech to proceed with deals and trades. We steer through the water of murky human talk with an new language, and threefold in this case. English barters, it grows and it becomes our tongue. This is rapid development most seen in small children obligated to learn English one by one. Better developed in their linguistic don, children have excess innocence they express through conjuring and juxtaposing. When we conjure and juxtapose, we text limits of what others might understand. Children are given this freedom because we don't expect sensible information from them, and when we hear it, we know these children have reached the outer limits. Even the illustration of rhyming and this childish language is just another experiment kids do; it's how they couple words.

Aside from development, learning English fully would realize my true and full capability as a human. People are considered hi or low based on the group they adhere to. We choose our good friends, or our inexplicable friends. These choices reside with us and are often sources of ire. We might make mistakes, but fully understanding any language enables less error with more trial. Since connecting and using a network of friends is part of humanity, if I could better network and placate a large friend group more fluently it would be a sign of fully capable nature. Learning English to be more proud of it is my goal and if I could choose one, English would be my realism.

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