Saturday, August 28, 2010

TOEFL Essay - machines bring only goodness

Agree or disagree: Machines have made life easier, bringing positive results.

Machines permeate our lives. They are not only exist for us to touch and ponder, but also exist for us to step over, move, interact with and befriend. We can now perform tasks in much more developed manners. Technology helps with everything from crowd suppression to artificial respiration. We are indeed so lucky! However, there is much more than just execution and completion; there is much more to other countries and the poor states of each process than just execution and getting the job done. I will therefore explain why technology has reduced difficult tasks to simple button-pressing and why I disagree that this has not been very positive.

A crowd might lose control. Some people think that this crowd should be reminded who is boss. The boss is very clearly the one who pushes the button. But the boss would exert more control if only he or she knew what happened in every step between the button-pressing and the harm that comes to the crowd. In other words, to reduce a process from difficult to simple, we often confuse simple for easy. The button is easy, but the machinations are hardly simple. A simple task engages us but is one through which we observe the workings. We soon forget the time-consuming process and at this point the action becomes cliché. In brief, “start to finish” is itself a pretty lame substitute for “thorough” or “justifiably merited.” End results and consequences, let alone absence, fail to fulfill us if we don't comprise part of the long chain of agents.

Easy, yet not productive. Easy, yet not fulfilled. Unfulfilled and easy and unproductive, not birthing or creating, but a stand in as machinery. Most certainly all of these small pushes result in our hands emptied of parts we play. It is difficult to have work removed from our hands. As hands, these devices adjust to constant fullness. Do we have to ask what happens when what was once full empties? It's pretty obvious the center cannot hold ;)


Nicholas Manning said...

Hi Ryan, I found your blog through Stan Apps, these are really wonderful and rich, looking forward to seeing more.

Ryan said...


Thanks for your post. I've been working on these for a few months, and will be posting more very soon.