Friday, August 06, 2010

TOEFL Essay - Education is to increase finances

Q. Agree or disagree: The primary reason to get an education is to succeed financially.

We've reduced life to colleges and the paper, usually written in Latin, which bears our degree. This very cold phenomenon taking over our lives is merely the drawn out pursuit of hard cash. Our comfort now depends entirely on how much money we're sitting on. I can do nothing but agree, then, with our paths now inextricably linked to education as a class signifier that outsiders – those lacking desire or cash – are damned.

When we first become aware of education it's too late. We're in the system before we can react to the news of its existence. The giant invading lizard has already squished us. This trap engenders various behavior whose design is indebtedness. The exploitation narrative now earns a PhD. Education is necessary for financial gain in most cases, and converts into the end. On the end of our destination keyboard a lonely hand with long fingernails types; this is our debt, sending us nagging letters. Education has worked to financially capture us so that now, years later, we are still pregnant with nail marks.

For this reason, education unexpectedly motivates us to keep up with an earning majority. This body has moved prices up and up. The equivalent of this is to place our possession outdoors like on a deck or porch on a moving pallet yet not out of the rain. Our possessions retroactively swell, thus being too heavy for us to carry and too costly to sell. Education this swelling's culprit. Since we can't carry this burden and refuse to, who will yoke with us our heavy educational burden?


Stan Apps said...

This one's very good.

anyway, I relate to it, as I'm about to put my STUDENT hat back on it.

See you soon, hopefully. . .

Ryan said...

Thanks, Stan.

I'm changing the last lines to "We can't carry this burden and refuse to. Who will want to carry our heavy educational burden?"

We should meet up soon now that you're in NYC...