Sunday, October 31, 2010

TOEFL Essay - which learning is better

Q. It has been said, "Not all learning takes place in the classroom." Compare and contrast knowledge gained from personal experience with knowledge gained from classroom instruction. In your opinion, which source is more important? Why?

My opinion dictates that sources for better learning are books, because there is less intermediary nature and less room inside classrooms means plenty distractions arise.

Learning happens when we least expect it, and learning we experience from books. Books are unexpected experiencing. You let your guard down and certain facts will overtake you. You are moved by the sheer insistence that bossy facts actually exert. Books' magical world of paper constantly reproduces and engulfs the surface of countless garage sales, leading halfway to Trieste. Go to any garage sale and how high are just one person's books? You don't know all the titles, though. Classroom learning is important, and you can get all you need inside of a classroom learning moment. Instruction within four walls encourages students whose eye on learning is fixed. Discouraging as it may sound, if you're not meant for school, you're just not. Finding a seat outside the four walls of classrooms is difficult though, because so many occupants gather already.

A book is experience. When you have a fiery work of inspiration in your lap and you are interfacing. Only a large moment outside your little sphere of reference will infect the experience that the book shades you with. We don't like to think of our inner umbrella being pierced or flapped askew by words and paper, but this is the learning that sticks to us.

Classrooms' erudite locations where some attend and others defect to rudimentary pretensions about sleep being more important are only effective one moment in time. Hung with a chalkboard, students and poor individual moderator, stiff salaries are a teacher's reward prize. In fact, it is said that a teacher invented litigation, because law was required to hold our tongues, forging from the world a learning experience. However, environments of compulsory learning are not where great strides in scholarship occur. Learners focus on new texts on their own, and all my important reading moments were with an experience in my lap.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

TOEFL Essay - What is one landmark from your area and why do you like it? Describe it.

Q: What are some natural landmarks of your present location or hometown? Why are they well-known? Describe what you like about them.

I used to live in Manhattan. Now I live in Brooklyn. Brooklyn is the first thing you see from the water. Water brought colonists. Colonists saw potential in Brooklyn and called it Brooklyn in their language. Languages that contain many consonants are from across the sea where many different cultures lived. Here, lived one culture, the Dutch. Landmarks are from the past, and they serve to remind us of who was here before. Before, when we were less, there were less landmarks too. Also, landmarks are generally well-known instruments of patriotic politicians.

The New York Dock Co. building is my favorite building because it reminds me of a time when shipping played a large role. This building is a large yellow building that enjoys the water as its neighbor. This building is rectangular with many windows. These views were to allow light to penetrate the interior so that everyone inside could enjoy the nice day without artificial lighting. I enjoy this phenomenon, this natural lighting business.

Supposedly, they are going to turn my New York Dock Co. building into condos. Investment bankers and graphic designers both enjoy living in dirty buildings to remind them that their lives aren't tidy. We assume tidiness equals tawdriness. Certainly this could be true, but a super living situation isn't a facet worth broadcasting, unless you can trade on that. An outside of dirty forgives dirty shortcuts we arrive at that point. If we refurbish the inside, the outside looks rustic while from the inside we enjoy all the amenities. You cannot tell I'm enjoying? That's because my building exterior is dirty. Nevertheless, once I invite you in, you will see what my silent bragging is about.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

TOEFL Essay - icons monumentalized in my nation

Q. What is your country's most iconic monument?

National parties and building fervor often decide that it is best to target and concentrate feverishness into statues and edifices. These signify a greatness of the past in a way that buildings without statues and people fail to do. Many of these experiments in rock take on an iconic nature. We sit in Lincoln's lap for descend the Eiffel Tower stairs until our legs turn into jelly because these feats mean something more than a photograph. However, the nature of current American thought is far from establishing icons out of concrete. We have icons, but these are more abstract than a statue whose lap you find yourself seated in.

The first abstraction that we worship is this idea of a constitution, a document that rules everyone. Because files cannot rule with an iron fist, a piece of paper establishes a government that is moderate and rational. There are clear cut rules, and these rules may be changed though through difficult maneuverings, to ensure that each household doesn't simply adopt a different constitution. Even though my father said that families aren't democratic, he was still being unconstitutional when he said that.

We are happy to decide what others can do. This is why our laws are iconic. We happy people dismantling others' concrete know and love the documents to the extent that we hide them in glass. We respect glass, since breaking it spells almost mutual harm and in an embarrassing way. He or she with cuts on their hands might escape judgment or prosecution; however, their shredded mitts cannot deny that they attempted to get a discount from a document whose value isn't material. Our icons aren't things we can buy. This is especially important in a land where I cannot be untouchable. The law is untouchable. By law I don't mean police.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

TOEFL Essay - How you resolve conflicts is your opinion

Q. Resolving problems between individuals or groups is important. What should be considered or kept in mind in resolving problems between individuals or groups? Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.

The world was created from conflict. Life is based on conflict. We see a tiger consume a giraffe and that’s conflict. There is no resolution. There is only tomorrow for giraffes. Frequently, even tomorrow is a surprise to their eyes and saved necks. We humans have greater chances of survival because we rely on resolution. Resolution takes numerous shapes, but its goal is similar. Its goal balances what a group over here needs with a group over there. Resolutions need to be considerate and avoid violent priorities, but they must clear heads and ensure satisfaction.
Resolution is the foundation of modern diplomacy, and group dynamics follow national ways of agreeing. We respect each other and certain rules exist to guide us. There are forces beyond our understanding that make another group act toward us in a way we don’t like. We itemize each torrent and in the end, we throw it in their face. We achieve resolution when there is nothing to get thrown in the face in anyone’s hand. Resolution is when I reach across the cubicle and clean the face of someone whom I want to throw out the window. These might be my violent priorities, but I must not indulge them. Prioritizing throwing a coworker from a window still typing in their chair is violence. In other words, any resolution consider not just to appease others but to appease ourselves. How much are we willing to give others that our own anger be appeased? If we can balance this, we then say with a smile that we avoided violent priorities. We must deprioritize violence.
A resolution must also clear heads and ensure satisfaction of parties involved. This is partly covered by what has been already mentioned. However, in addition to appeasement, clearing heads ensures that conflict between the individuals or groups has cooled down. This conflict should stay cold. There should be nothing in the resolution that further stokes the fires of face throwing torrents of madness. Such torrents bring up more back and forth and can bring conflict again from nothing. Resolution must be friendly in a permanent way.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

TOEFL Essay - What test path I follow to perform the utmost

Q? Discuss the methods you use to study. Do you study alone or in a group? Do you have certain preparations for studying?

When many students want to expand their knowledge, they get a test. Most people cringe during tests, but this fails to taint their performance. Some scholars prefer to be a bit tense or pressured, others require relaxation and a splendid breakfast. I have certain rituals for crunching. I would say that others students' study habits are far superior but I simply don't know if grades to prove this. Why I sleep for one hour, fifteen minute intervals, why I paint my face and why I slightly alter my diet are explained below.

True preparation means gaining consciousness for the same duration spent test taking. Since my tests are usually 1 hr., 15 minutes, for a week prior I will plan to only sleep for this amount of time. I will then alternate sleeping and waking following this schedule, allowing for a small break on weekends. Thus, my brain will weed out facts not pertinent to the test in question.

Altering my appearance figures heavily into the myth around why I perform magically on tests. About a weak prior to zero hour, I cut my hear in a way that I'm unrecognized. My friends wonder where I go, and they're duped that I've disappeared to study. However, I'm usually spying nearby. I also sometimes paint my face, which ritual signifies my seriousness and renders such seriousness's depth to the world, like a pigeon with a bizarre message.

Diet influences test results. We are fueled by food during tests and great challenges. To this end, I change my diet slightly by adding or subtracting central ingredients a month before to allow changes to afflict me. I find that a vague discomfort whose source I can't pinpoint provides the extra push I need to excel.