Sunday, October 24, 2010

TOEFL Essay - What is one landmark from your area and why do you like it? Describe it.

Q: What are some natural landmarks of your present location or hometown? Why are they well-known? Describe what you like about them.

I used to live in Manhattan. Now I live in Brooklyn. Brooklyn is the first thing you see from the water. Water brought colonists. Colonists saw potential in Brooklyn and called it Brooklyn in their language. Languages that contain many consonants are from across the sea where many different cultures lived. Here, lived one culture, the Dutch. Landmarks are from the past, and they serve to remind us of who was here before. Before, when we were less, there were less landmarks too. Also, landmarks are generally well-known instruments of patriotic politicians.

The New York Dock Co. building is my favorite building because it reminds me of a time when shipping played a large role. This building is a large yellow building that enjoys the water as its neighbor. This building is rectangular with many windows. These views were to allow light to penetrate the interior so that everyone inside could enjoy the nice day without artificial lighting. I enjoy this phenomenon, this natural lighting business.

Supposedly, they are going to turn my New York Dock Co. building into condos. Investment bankers and graphic designers both enjoy living in dirty buildings to remind them that their lives aren't tidy. We assume tidiness equals tawdriness. Certainly this could be true, but a super living situation isn't a facet worth broadcasting, unless you can trade on that. An outside of dirty forgives dirty shortcuts we arrive at that point. If we refurbish the inside, the outside looks rustic while from the inside we enjoy all the amenities. You cannot tell I'm enjoying? That's because my building exterior is dirty. Nevertheless, once I invite you in, you will see what my silent bragging is about.

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