Sunday, October 10, 2010

TOEFL Essay - What test path I follow to perform the utmost

Q? Discuss the methods you use to study. Do you study alone or in a group? Do you have certain preparations for studying?

When many students want to expand their knowledge, they get a test. Most people cringe during tests, but this fails to taint their performance. Some scholars prefer to be a bit tense or pressured, others require relaxation and a splendid breakfast. I have certain rituals for crunching. I would say that others students' study habits are far superior but I simply don't know if grades to prove this. Why I sleep for one hour, fifteen minute intervals, why I paint my face and why I slightly alter my diet are explained below.

True preparation means gaining consciousness for the same duration spent test taking. Since my tests are usually 1 hr., 15 minutes, for a week prior I will plan to only sleep for this amount of time. I will then alternate sleeping and waking following this schedule, allowing for a small break on weekends. Thus, my brain will weed out facts not pertinent to the test in question.

Altering my appearance figures heavily into the myth around why I perform magically on tests. About a weak prior to zero hour, I cut my hear in a way that I'm unrecognized. My friends wonder where I go, and they're duped that I've disappeared to study. However, I'm usually spying nearby. I also sometimes paint my face, which ritual signifies my seriousness and renders such seriousness's depth to the world, like a pigeon with a bizarre message.

Diet influences test results. We are fueled by food during tests and great challenges. To this end, I change my diet slightly by adding or subtracting central ingredients a month before to allow changes to afflict me. I find that a vague discomfort whose source I can't pinpoint provides the extra push I need to excel.

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