Thursday, July 14, 2011

TOEFL Essay - Americans are too soft

Q. Agree or disagree: Americans are all too soft. Use reasons and examples to support your response.


We all are families with people, Americans aren't excluded. I don't particularly confide in phrases, which have the escape qualities of deluge. Phrases are catchy and easy We should always doubt easy. Easy has a direct route and it threshes, misses the hooks and catches in the works of small backwaters.

Americans are soft; we resort to violence as method. We get big in order to defend ourselves and threaten but pretending slows us down. Violence in only the trapeze, and if I just punch in I'm at work. We have hit upon a good idea. Besides, football is rife with war analogies. Children talk in terms of assault and defense, bombardment and obstacles. I'm expected to have certain experiences because I'm a soft American.

Recently, we all watched a movie full of bad Russians and even worse Russian caricatures. Big fat bald Russians, men who gargle and spit death and who dangle the heroine in front of impossible mission requirement Russians. The group watching assumed my taste laid a finger on this movie, especially world weary, the movie Russian who cannot be the target of our trust. Even when a certain Russian keeps a promise it's against his demons. It's a twist when a movie Russian acts beneficent to our protagonists.

But I just wanted recreation. So again I swirled into a paradox because of my softness: just like I have bad teeth because I prefer bad food, and frequent dental visits have hardened me. It's this exchange of soft to hard, so the reverse is also true. We act hard and as a result are forced to become soft. For example, American is a very violent land. Fistfights proliferate playground politics.

Aggression will breed a reaction. Deterring bullyish behavior requires a squeamish view of aggression as something which extracts us from nature. Because bullying is dominant, we're required to view it as ill. The reaction are laws designed to soften the molten gravitas.