Thursday, September 08, 2011

More BlazeVOX

I seriously think that everyone involved can appreciate this post.

Monday, September 05, 2011

I support BlazeVOX, Geoffrey Gatza and collaborate publishing efforts everywhere!

Without belittling anyone involved, I support Gatza and what he has done for authors and the promotion of their work. I am a BlazeVOX author, Dear Reader, and I know what GG does for those he publishes. I know I couldn't hold a job and run a press full-time. Consider this full disclosure.

Would that all presses came with endowments, would that poetry generated of and from its own goodwill, a living: I would love to monetize my poetic royalty to perform goodness.

Would that everyone interested in poetry were a 100 Geoffrey Gatzas!

[ps. This isn't the only objection I've seen, however, but a salient one: much hubbub -- because it's a lot of ugly hubbub, with some standouts -- here stems from our belief in Book as Fetish Object, or that on some scale, many of us have been taught to think of books as That-Which-Confers-Legitimacy. Having someone else love your work enough to publish it is indeed legitimacy, but there's a separation between publish and print. Gatza publishes ebooks and pdf version without a donation.]

Thursday, July 14, 2011

TOEFL Essay - Americans are too soft

Q. Agree or disagree: Americans are all too soft. Use reasons and examples to support your response.


We all are families with people, Americans aren't excluded. I don't particularly confide in phrases, which have the escape qualities of deluge. Phrases are catchy and easy We should always doubt easy. Easy has a direct route and it threshes, misses the hooks and catches in the works of small backwaters.

Americans are soft; we resort to violence as method. We get big in order to defend ourselves and threaten but pretending slows us down. Violence in only the trapeze, and if I just punch in I'm at work. We have hit upon a good idea. Besides, football is rife with war analogies. Children talk in terms of assault and defense, bombardment and obstacles. I'm expected to have certain experiences because I'm a soft American.

Recently, we all watched a movie full of bad Russians and even worse Russian caricatures. Big fat bald Russians, men who gargle and spit death and who dangle the heroine in front of impossible mission requirement Russians. The group watching assumed my taste laid a finger on this movie, especially world weary, the movie Russian who cannot be the target of our trust. Even when a certain Russian keeps a promise it's against his demons. It's a twist when a movie Russian acts beneficent to our protagonists.

But I just wanted recreation. So again I swirled into a paradox because of my softness: just like I have bad teeth because I prefer bad food, and frequent dental visits have hardened me. It's this exchange of soft to hard, so the reverse is also true. We act hard and as a result are forced to become soft. For example, American is a very violent land. Fistfights proliferate playground politics.

Aggression will breed a reaction. Deterring bullyish behavior requires a squeamish view of aggression as something which extracts us from nature. Because bullying is dominant, we're required to view it as ill. The reaction are laws designed to soften the molten gravitas.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

TOEFL Essay - Your Favorite sport

Q. What is your favorite sport? Why? Describe one memory you have of the game. Support your claims with reasons and examples.

My favorite sport was always baseball. Baseball is so soaked in America it reminds me of very positive feelings, and an ongoing baseball game looks nothing like anything else.

My memories of baseball are fond, but these memories contrast. Baseball should be on the flag. Our baseball traditions are deep in the root structure of the beef cut that America is. Baseball tells of underdogs that, once saturated with corporate influence, become a yawn. When a daily object looms very consistently in our minds, its value decreases, even if real life markets make baseball more expensive. Corporate hands attempt teaching us how to bat, placing corporate hands in an overlap. Grab the bat and the players freeze. Figurines dot the diamond. Each pitch is called money. Baseball mirrors American landscapes in every era.

Baseball's look is another reason I'm attracted to it. These small status glimpsed through the camera's vague eye. As very small, we viewers watch as large odds and gargantuan stadiums crawl into the repression of human ideas. The players are ugly eggs in the large beautiful stadium. Players transform into flat objects reminding us of people. As two-dimensional names with jerseys, we assume easily that their goal is to entertain us. Service. All other humans then become conduits for our gratification. If you aren't running after a ball or hitting one, you do not make up my entertainment. You are watching it fly over your head.

I'm reminded of a miraculous triple play in our game against the Phillies. We had an agenda to win, the ball was hit, and the triple play was turned. It was a triple play on errors. We won. We felt at the top of the little league world.

Friday, June 03, 2011

"Modified" TOEFL essay - What is the greatest event of the last 10 years?

Great inventions such as the creation of organic milk or the capture of Osama Bin Laden punctuate fortunate decades. Why is this milk question forever an inquisition? Why do I not utter a solemn statement about my possession of milk? Is there a questionable entity milk leaves in its wake? What about a form possession of Osama. If Osama arose out of a tunnel of milk the powers would wall off that tunnel and charge expensively for his gallons. Why must we question whether Osama has been received and merely skirt the issue of our own acquisition of wealth? Do we doubt there's somewhere a tunnel filled with milk in which a bearded millionaire lays recondite? Where does all our and Osama's wealth regenerate but within the same incubator.

Here's a radical idea: the resources which have over the years hunted Osama give to poverty. Unleash these resources like a unencumbered flow of milk. Do not wall off your milk. Let it be free. Over a long term the large hunt fails. During 9 years, one day's success poorly justifies. Men with a cushy, oversized demeanor like this bearded one should be easily challenged by another country's ever-expanding selection of optional military. Osama defectively eluded captors who sought to captivate, yet his education sampled itself from non-traditional sources. An education is first and foremost a means to evade capture. Who better to avoid captivity than highly-skilled labor.

Our markets need choice workers to function the way understaffed markets should. When one half goes on lunch the other half looks longingly. With petite, highly-skilled workforces, jobs and their requirements do not morph to suit dynamic workforces. Rather, small and highly-skilled workers with impeccable tastes who put a whole decision into each action while the markets have been shut down animals, these are heavily pets. Everyone with similar qualifications and no hiring points.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

TOEFL Essay - a fulfilling job as long as money is the result

Q. Agree or disagree: a job is fulfilling as long as it earns you money to live.


Job, fulfilling. I'm giving this title away. Jobs fulfill. If you see the end of work, easily parlaying end-times into an end of currency is a win-win for political enemies.
We worship the secular order, trusting that just governments act with moral authority. But this got boring. Because we outgrow our systems, we create other structures of order to maintain occupation. In some cases, the need to appeal to divine authority diminishes in a way that more chiefly assaults the definitive collective of laws our societies possess. One of the laws is jobs, which staff the economy is big terms and battle joblessness by being the exact opposite.

The economy needs money, and the economy is what money needs. We lock our value system with everything poured into this compulsive behavior of exchange. With no worthwhile trades the economy flounders. Better trades aren't created, and in terrible norms, imperatively we trade on the terror. An absurd interrogation asks where our hands find themselves in this equation. We ferry money, which cannot walk, from one machine to its final resting place like the ark of the covenant. Only money's final resting place is the economy. Money then flushes into the economy, which cleanses the economy. In this way, money clears blockages that contain the economy, which performs best at roaring best.

If we only value money we become empty earning shells. As shells lack any filler, the become washed up on the shore objections to doing nothing. But a shell contains nothing and is nothing, and nothing doing nothing means that one of those nothingnesses isn't doing nothing, it's up to something. Empty earning shells that smile here say hello there fine morning elsewhere I seek a good school district and happy honeybees with ruddy faces is really just carting around money from one automatic teller to another, accruing potentially used inside the honey of our own extinct toilet.

Friday, April 29, 2011

TOEFL Essay - travels alone or guided

Q. Many people enjoy vacations that are with a tour guide. Still others enjoy traveling alone. Which do you prefer?

I have found travel to most places in the world particularly interesting. I have performed this action by myself. There has been no interference. Because of the simple nature of solitude, I prefer no tour guides free from distraction and jabbering commentary, and also free of charge.

Distraction in a talkative way is a big deal. What is “nice to know” is not “must know.” When we navigate urban areas of interest, various flights of fancy might dictate nonstop talking, or jabber. Commentary made loud as it's microphoned up to large speakers has this jabbering and muddy affect. Much of this jabber forms commentary, but who writes this commentary and for whom? I am not a usual tourist. For example, I will not fit like an egg into the open top of a bus, roaring down the wide avenues in the rain with a barker delivering historical information at a high pitch. I don't want my head getting wet on the bus. I would rather rain deflect or detour around my studious locks. There's no city that can't handle my hair. I have even invested in multiple avenues of over-the-counter straightener to relax my hair because it signifies the real me. I detest the tours.

Tours often charge high prices to proffer the belief that your glimpse of the environs uniquely satisfies. I am not looking to be generically quenched. My adventuresome spirit thrives, but I know that language which boasts of uniqueness and one-of-a-kind thrills originates in the mouths of liars. I want to see real lions, not hear talk of the lion's roaring. With guides, there is no angle uncovered, but my quest for authentic experience eclipses my desire for surprise. No one scare or suddenly increase the volume coming from your voice box, please no.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

TOEFL Essay - a job for life

Q. A job should mean a job for life. Do you agree or disagree? Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.


If you work, it should be for life. My opinion says that jobs should affect your entire life, because loyalty ensues from putting people to work for you and because work climates with long-term employees are positive.

Most work requires solid effort. We finish one project and another one rolls our way. There is nothing like a lifetime to finish all the work rolling at us. In fact, a workplace affects us in a lifetime sense, and this represents a relationship. As our divorced hands tire, we apply the same longevity to marriages. We view terms of service to others in punctuated format. If jobs were longer and slower, other facets of commitment would elongate. If we program ourselves to follow each product we put forth into the world to our graves, our dedication to other pursuits trains itself to experience the same till death do us part. We see how our products mutate, merge, reformat and consolidate, and we take our cues from the radical changes worldly affairs conspire to exert on our own relationships.

Long term employees are positive. From the pictures their faces glare nothing but teeth and satisfaction. Can brands cause our definition to be smiles? If chocolates grant me profound sexual flavors, perhaps my hands placed on an object I've made results in a depth of this flavor? I want to market myself as mint, and employers recognize our steps to fasten a stable position where we can enjoy weekends and have a life. These machines were made for halving our duties. Where did the halving disappear to? Having a life means more concentration in the job place and less in the job market. I want a job to affect my entire life. If living means working anyway, I thought at least a job I prefer might be one that attracts me.


Been on a hiatus, sleep
I'm on a gurney, I need sleep
I'm Journey and I'm hooked on a Federer feeling
I don't play tennis, I lay logs.

Been on a hiatus, coffee
I'm in a sack in the back
of a Toyota Tercel, please comfort me.
I'm stuck in this area that lacks GPS.

Been on a hiatus, family matters
I'm in an emergency; I miss my clothes
Something in this drink tastes funny.

I'm on a hiatus, don't blow
the spot I'm on up.
Don't blow up my spot
my get up requires a turgid response
to your sturgeon first responder
but homegrown is alembic Limberger
I live in the Craftmatic Adjustable prayer circle.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

TOEFL Essay - Banks and DMVs

Q. A foreign visitor has only one day to spend in your country. Where should this visitor go on that day? Why? Use specific reasons and details to support your choice.


Finding important sites worthy of your day-long visit only spells difficulty. Were a foreign visitor passing through going to a bank and then to a Department of Motor Vehicles would be a suggestion. This trip would be fruitful and what this individual could do to come away with a solid idea of the USA.

Money really holds all true value. Value slips through the hands of your tight wallet. You need faces printed on greenish cotton. Each moment money relaxes in a place without spending, haven't you ever felt inertia? Banks money pillars. Contemplate how money in a certain country is treated. If money is treated well, you have found a good place to spend.

A US bank's sparse standing room area offers no room to rest your bones. Tip your hat to the health industry. A doctor will adjust your back and knees. Adorned with small tables for quick calculations, these aren't signs of security. The bank is arrogant that what's stowed either no one will steal or is valueless. Banks have no more secret areas where countless millions are stored. When you deposit money it's take to the back room where employees thumb through it and then it's sent into a subterranean tube. Millions are computerized. US banks do not fall into the tube, only the product does. Aside from what's in the ground, there is no product. Just gassy foam that money becomes as it flies from your wallet. Without seats there is no solace or resting while this flight occurs.

The Department of Motor Vehicles reveals how democratic processes work. Regulation will always stand there, lining up ordered and full of gumption. You pay and you get a document with your picture on it. Now you exist officially. The roles at work here are employees who dole out the authority required to make you exist. Once you benefit from this largesse, you're ready to reap the benefits of US life. We need identification and this is the place to get to it inside of a regulatory framework.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

TOEFL Essay for Wisconsin - "Welcome to the Real World"

There's a reason people turn into zombies; it's because we only live for ourselves. Eventually, after years of self-obsession, we know nothing else. We universalize our obsession. We assume everyone wants brains when we do. Ironically, we become obsessed with what others are doing. Their actions reduce what we see as the number of available brains. Naturally, we can't suffer this reduction in brains, since we need to eat brains. Others' brains, never our own. Our own brain we want, nay, we need intact. It's our slice-of-pie brain; what little we have left.

No one wants to be a zombie, because even though it's a relatively low maintenance lifestyle, it offers nothing new. It's harsh, and if we transformed into zombies tomorrow, we'd have to deal with it. I'd assume most of us would fight, however, against such a fate. Imagine though if there were a large contingent of voices saying that we should just give our brains away; let's just let the zombies have them. They want them, after all, more than we seem to. If they have the get-up-and-go, then they deserve our brains. C'est la vie.

It's possible for virtually anyone to appeal to the harshness of the real world, and that we should acquiesce can always be argued. I'm sure there's virtue in acceptance. Somewhere. Should someone come in your house with a gun and take everything you own, well, tough shit: "welcome to the real world." Welcome to the negation of any argument you can make. It's just the flow that negates all action. Police don't even need exist because, after all, "welcome to the real world." Nothing can be done.

The real world includes workers like those protesting in Wisconsin, those protesting against the idea that someone can simply come in to power and take whatever and whenever they want. Have you read this bill? It stipulates that the governor can privatize whenever he wishes or "deems necessary." Would you give this much power to a governor merely because he claimed to share your politics? If so, you really should call yourself a communist, because this is forced collectivization, only this time it's for the profit of a few, not of a party.

The irony here is this: If you defend this, then you defend tyrants yet claim to be against big govt. That's right: the men and women you defend are tyrants. You defend Bush, Palin, and now Walker. These big personalities with big plans believe in concentration of power in the executive branch, be that on the state or federal level. These big government actors use legislation to enrich a small group of people, all the while using the state security apparatus to legitimize their actions. This is as big as big government gets.

Another irony: Were these people threatening your livelihood with these bills, you'd do something. It's easy to snipe with snide comments when you're safe, when they haven't yet come for you.

You wouldn't welcome these changes were you a union worker in Wisconsin. You'd be pissed the hell off. Why? Because only people who are about to get their brains sucked out by aliens sit back and let it happen. Only under hallucinogens or under severe hypnosis would you acquiesce to the zombies so easily. So, either pick your poison, or shut the hell up.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

TOEFL Essay - most important event

Q. Discuss one significant event or movement that has occurred during your lifetime. Why is it important? Use reasons and examples to support your response.

One significant movement that has happened during my lifetime has been flarf. You may laugh, or you may cry; you may stick a turtle in the eye while filming a movie in the Amazon, but you may not escape flarf.

Flarf is an understanding machine. I am so lucky, but I am luckier with schools. If you slam your hand in the door and simultaneously ponder its description, flarf answers. There is a precipitous closing of how we interpret events. Just like she says the meeting is meaty and watery and I say its pudding pop and dirigible. That is to say, we launch missiles with gas from Location A to strike Location B without knowing who is at the latter place. Where is the greater gas congestion? How can we know if people are constantly moving thanks to globalization? If only we would stop shuffling labor and employment around, we could hit someone in Location B. The poorer any location is, the less likely you will have the correct targets there to bomb. In a sense, flarf means to intercept all meaning at Location B and turn it into a sumptuous fest of language. The bomb cannot them permeate; intelligence ideals, like spying, goes bust with a sea of incorrect images and signs. I don’t know if a missile here is worth it because unicorns feast on fluctuating rice shortages. That’s the powerful and naturalizing ability of clogged language.

Flarf is honestly like a bowel. If any knives are real enough to cauterize a one to one interpretation, where this one to one is a huge chef who is constantly running to the bathroom, the deepness cuts. However, flarf isn’t deep, so flarf cannot control pain. Target suffering and address to be selfish, but rather help to distract them and turn corners. If we watch the wrong channel, then instead of interpretation we’re incorretly supplied. We ruin our facts. I honestly think there are more interpretations than facts worth changing.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

TOEFL Essay - Would you love to see teens work?

Q. In some countries, teenagers have jobs while they are still students. Do you think this is a good idea? Support your opinion by using specific reasons and details.

Teens are hard workers. The work teens perform often facilitates a more lucrative family standing, where parents are able to rest off their feet and curtail their daily dose of performances. Often teens stretch their job prospects to build a business during their school career. This career activity while academics take up a large part of our life is detrimental to study but gathers world experience. So the question is frankly complex.

We build things with a union of smaller and larger hands. This union will grip the task and construct a reminder of the work. Our buildings demonstrate our belief that with work is better than without. Much of this demonstration is teenage, and we complete it during our student period. Constructing part of our environment we're given a sense of control. These constructs are malleable. Buildings constructed from smaller hands show a finer command of detail and precision, bolts and screws turned with tenacity and focus on the small coming together of index and thumb. These bolts could only be turned by laborers with their head in the books. We find an example in the strenuous tasks at ballparks, where teenage laborers deliver accurate beer to thirsty customers. The patrons are silly to complain: delivery has its head in the books.

Teenagers who work during schooling feel the pinch that the world delivers. This holding and gripping until an uncomfortable pressure remains stemmed from necessity. If we wanted goods in the past, we'd have to work for them. Nothing came free. Goods and services we need don't just pop out of machines when we want them to. We must use money to coax them free. Teen work ethic reduces the amount of pilfering, so employing children knocks down misdemeanor incidences. Children kept busy refuse to engage in actions which disturb surrounding architecture.

Monday, February 07, 2011

TOEFL Essay - New languages' challenges

Q. What challenges you most when learning a new language? Use reasons and examples to support your response.


New languages present new challenges. Innovative learning methods require full immersion and attention. When we learn about new cultures, their problems rush us, their histories fell us, their new languages and slang assault us.

When I first started learning several new languages, I challenged myself with the task of keeping them apart. Sadly, the words all ran together in my head, creating a long line. This rope couldn't pull me from the woods where I had wandered, and symbols and their meanings went walking unhinged from any weight. It was like the moon had usurped my ability to find words. Similar phenomena challenge me with the entire technique I've practiced outside of the classroom: Total and utter immersion. My challenge occurs when I have nothing left to say in the new language, and then I yawn.

New cultures have unique problems. They are not new, but they are new to us. With a new language, continually ignoring cultural problems is implausible. So the challenge isn't the language, but what language brings.

When I learn new languages, I get intense. My interests are so many that I feel unfocused. Because I have another language under my belt, I feel overwhelmed. What if one language escapes me, or what if I speak at the wrong moment? What if my tongue comes out and stays out, stuck without language? This is an embarrassing admission. Being overtaken is powerful, but no names exist to hurl at an entire language. Language, much like history, swallows the vile curse and drum. Any slurs you can think of, language is there before you. I am challenged learning languages because I feel like this is very trampled earth.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

TOEFL Essay - Country and city kids are brought up

Q. It is better for children to grow up in the countryside than in a big city. Do you agree or disagree? Use specific reasons and examples to develop your essay.

I disagree that any environment is central to raising children. We know that children belong in many environments. Where are they found mostly, walking. Children are found against the sidewalk. Sidewalks exist in most large cities and small towns. We keep children against the sidewalks regardless of upbringing.

Oh, what corporate gleaming strudels of a large city these skyscrapers mask actually. They rise upwards, their brochures declare their roominess, but we need much new arrival room. Put it in furnished apartments seems better than dropping them along residential corridors outside the city. In this fashion, we can all rank on an audience expectation spectrum while residing in a rigid metropolis. The city is an honest to goodness sign. Serviced apartments attract new skills and talented individuals from all over the nation. These buildings are fully laden with furniture, coverage and are usually cleaned and repaired. This means that problems are duly and quickly fixed.

In general, contact a real estate broker to find a fully furnished apartment for rent and be sure to request locations in the city that you favor. Attempting to find temporary corporate housing without a broker can be daunting. This is what the country will do. You should avoid this endeavor. Once you understand that brokers discover the best temporary corporate housing, signing the lease is simple. Your broker will facilitate the process and will help you through the hoops of processes of renting.

Yet another benefit to renting a fully furnished apartment is that you have no in-house worries. This is not true in the country, where in-house worries encroach. All dents and dings are usually covered, and all dust and dirty cleaned and swept away. In the country though, dust and dents invade. Children will have to preoccupy themselves with these tasks.

TOEFL? Clarify this please.

What is this TOEFL business? What are these TOEFL essays I bombard you with?

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

TOEFL Essay - earth is harmed

Q. Some people believe that the Earth is being harmed (damaged) by human activity. Others feel that human activity makes the Earth a better place to live. What is your opinion? Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.

I do believe in the harm done to the earth, and the people who are exacting it. I don't trust them. I feel that activity increases our anger, and some people deeply involved in action to harm the earth understand the action as necessary in a much more heartfelt way than those who venture to save the planet and still do it.

Many of our bright engineers harmfully pursue a scorched earth strategy in hunting for novelties. Many novelties are not in the We seriously harm it. When technology is created, getting inside the earth and pushing outward, it uses the earth markets to make more copies. We scour for gadgets, and we go to war and supply full minerals. We dig for minerals to put into our computers. Years later, we regret these actions. Huge vitamin companies are willing to painstakingly process ingredients so that these are efficiently carried throughout our bodies. But there is no equivalent that the earth can really speak of. I will now speak to truth to my best ability.

I wanted to be ignorant, and speak of mere shoes. But the earth yelled when I ran across its face. I was aware of the harm I had done in my logging profession. Harnessed in twilight, the forest holding, then let loose. With a chainsaw in my hand, everything quieter when it kicks off. I logged. I was aware of the league of necessity and trial. We had for long emphasized our harm of nature that damage became the only thing we knew to do.

Many hauling their quarry out of the woods had this look of sheer awareness, that what they do ravages. This look is conveyed through the lens, too. But then, subtly, an interaction with music, a sound from their headphones, inside of a technological trumpeted sound is a small being dead.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

TOEFL Essay - bicycles, automobiles then airplanes

Q. Choose one of the following transportation vehicles and explain why you think it has changed people's lives.
• automobiles
• bicycles
• airplanes


Modes of transportation have changed lives. In some cases they've made our world a better place. All masteries of bicycles, automobiles and airplane contribute to the fascination we have with endless motion. I will discuss three types of getting around and how they've changed our time here.

Bicycles moved men and women from walking on two feet to holding handlebars and seated. Pedestrian gain power over larger masses on the street. On bikes, men and women become full of aggression, and assume the rules of the road. No longer walking, humans have earned a whole set of rules foreign to their walking cousins.

Automobiles power us to move. Everyone buys one so that they can be powered. Now, we can choose from a great pool of cars. They even have the automobiles which are manufactured custom. This car fits to your body exactly. Your curves are cushioned in a way no other vehicle can. Knee room, headroom, and your arms reach the radio dial comfortably. You turn to mystery channels easily. You can hear the voice while driving. Our lives have changed because we can hear voices and drive automobiles.

Airplanes are singular motions in the sky. Nothing made of artificial sense survives there. Planes taking off at diverse hours stay free and isolated in bottomless refraction of denying the oblivious. We look out and see the dots of counties and wonder what adherence we do to rock. Grown lotteries, these avionics. It's a chance physics might kick it, and then the interesting relay happens.

Humans have seen themselves bend double for street gear, turn dials in fancy machines, and learn to tray their electronics during take off and landing. Technology asks us to follow precise rules. Or usually the comeuppance is swift and saws into us. Just think of the first time a gear tears into a body. If you don't stow your gadgets, interference results and we don't get a redo. For some technology, we've learned that redoing the landing isn't considerate.

Sunday, January 09, 2011

TOEFL Essay - The 21st Century

Q. The 21st century has begun. What changes do you think this new century will bring? Use examples and details in your answer.

The 21st century is already on top of us. This first decade has really held us down by the wrists in a way that doesn't win friends. This decade hasn't been serving up amiable relations, and I don't see change likely. What science fiction writers dreamed would be an intergalactic jubilee of togetherness has ventured off into the shoe store of cheesy and smelly unshowered consumerism where different styles vie for our spending.

Robots are useful in movies. Each arm and leg movement works as a translator to human goods. These mechanisms are sometimes cheeky, and sometimes they err in ways that advance the plot. Surprisingly, a robot saves a person within each sci-fi novel while other robots simultaneously work to thwart human life's continuity. Imagine in the winter as a salt truck pours down the street next to the silent basketball court if there were robots with medicine next to robots with human piercing weaponry. There might be prison robots, some for enforcing, some for medication and still others for love. This is not the future we've been given, however. Robots now make goods. That is all they do. These goods' lives culminate being fought over if they're popular or returned to distributors if they aren't. Robots lead lives of quiet inability to program robot arms in an intelligent way. Technology in the 21st century, instead of being raised to the sublime, has fallen to the most mundane of uses.

The great party we all expected in 1999 to happen in 2009 never came to fruition. Instead, we stood around in plumes of dust. In a rather lack of bizarre balancing acts, our tables have been moved farther apart. Elbow room is what we now require. Shoulder our arms, each table a matte fortress. The robots are in the kitchen, where we cannot interface, preparing our meals. They don't even do that. These robots grind used food into compost, and we cheer that. We accept that ta robotic swirling blade performs no more function than to grind up orange rinds. This resignation, sounds like we should be so disgusted.

Monday, January 03, 2011

TOEFL Essay - freedom, security or independence

Q. Which do you feel is more important in your life: security or freedom and independence? Use reasons and specific examples to support your opinion.

Keeping your rooftop secure, now that's a goal to set. Maintaining freeing theories and worldviews, that can help out the most downtrodden. There are probably people under them, and under them. Independent from all fetters, we find we imbue each resulting task with a quick resolve, regardless of whether this resolve is pantomime. Of these three paths, we judge it more judicious to sell ourselves on freedom, since our free minds push the other two. The security of your homeland security might reach some deafening sounds. If the noise is too atrocious, it counteracts with how many flags we wave. And so, in this way, security stomps freedom, which only adds to the rising importance of this free idea.

Crowds love to wave flag. Each person has a flag in their face that they're free to wave. If you squint your eyes and view this multitude, one big flag can be seen, sending a large message to other groups and causing disagreements. Freedom is the goal that gets large numbers to hide behind the flag because this latter is useful. Flags are utilities. If you want greater freedom, simply rile airwaves with ideas that the flag is there for win freedom, and that wrapping ourselves in the flag makes us breathable. If listeners understand that the flag is hurt, it means the colors are running to where there is security. But in the end, we are free to run. This freedom motivates our legs to get far away.

Especially if you splash a flag across a magazine, a newspaper, or even a small bathing suit, there are ways to use freedom. The flag spells freedom. You are free to wave it, and others are free to object. But these others cannot threaten with harassing gestures. If you want the most work done, instilling freedom into us is a way to exploit in a way that benefits and trims us. There can be no security if there is no community.