Saturday, February 26, 2011

TOEFL Essay for Wisconsin - "Welcome to the Real World"

There's a reason people turn into zombies; it's because we only live for ourselves. Eventually, after years of self-obsession, we know nothing else. We universalize our obsession. We assume everyone wants brains when we do. Ironically, we become obsessed with what others are doing. Their actions reduce what we see as the number of available brains. Naturally, we can't suffer this reduction in brains, since we need to eat brains. Others' brains, never our own. Our own brain we want, nay, we need intact. It's our slice-of-pie brain; what little we have left.

No one wants to be a zombie, because even though it's a relatively low maintenance lifestyle, it offers nothing new. It's harsh, and if we transformed into zombies tomorrow, we'd have to deal with it. I'd assume most of us would fight, however, against such a fate. Imagine though if there were a large contingent of voices saying that we should just give our brains away; let's just let the zombies have them. They want them, after all, more than we seem to. If they have the get-up-and-go, then they deserve our brains. C'est la vie.

It's possible for virtually anyone to appeal to the harshness of the real world, and that we should acquiesce can always be argued. I'm sure there's virtue in acceptance. Somewhere. Should someone come in your house with a gun and take everything you own, well, tough shit: "welcome to the real world." Welcome to the negation of any argument you can make. It's just the flow that negates all action. Police don't even need exist because, after all, "welcome to the real world." Nothing can be done.

The real world includes workers like those protesting in Wisconsin, those protesting against the idea that someone can simply come in to power and take whatever and whenever they want. Have you read this bill? It stipulates that the governor can privatize whenever he wishes or "deems necessary." Would you give this much power to a governor merely because he claimed to share your politics? If so, you really should call yourself a communist, because this is forced collectivization, only this time it's for the profit of a few, not of a party.

The irony here is this: If you defend this, then you defend tyrants yet claim to be against big govt. That's right: the men and women you defend are tyrants. You defend Bush, Palin, and now Walker. These big personalities with big plans believe in concentration of power in the executive branch, be that on the state or federal level. These big government actors use legislation to enrich a small group of people, all the while using the state security apparatus to legitimize their actions. This is as big as big government gets.

Another irony: Were these people threatening your livelihood with these bills, you'd do something. It's easy to snipe with snide comments when you're safe, when they haven't yet come for you.

You wouldn't welcome these changes were you a union worker in Wisconsin. You'd be pissed the hell off. Why? Because only people who are about to get their brains sucked out by aliens sit back and let it happen. Only under hallucinogens or under severe hypnosis would you acquiesce to the zombies so easily. So, either pick your poison, or shut the hell up.

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Bobbi's BS said...

You piss me off. This post is better than mine on this subject. it's got a great metaphor (Brains, Yum Yum!) and is well written, focused in point and very erudite.