Tuesday, June 23, 2009


our world would break down
Basically like we controlled it.

Question if technology in some ways
Firstly, technology mad our lives we don’t have to stay at home
an important phone call
backdays, when people wanted to know some from history
weren’t always on the market.
Today, an internet. porn until einstein’s theory
We don’t have to waste our time by commuting.
print it straight.
TV is the biggest triumph
Pass certain opinions
the most of money.
They have the great reason
Computers are the most made by computers.

business on all continent
trains would’t ride
planes would’t fly
boats wouldn’t just sail,
electricity wouldn’t work,
water would stop running
stocks would break down.

We can honestly say that we are addicted depends on them.
We basically use computers for each thing
going on our screens live
But it has also taken a lot but definitely not more.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

The water cooler is full of mystery toxins

When I feel a real ocean
Of tension, in the dying postscripts
The post tits, the water cooler
Messages I’ve been on the harsher end of

Giant expense account boss sticks
When I feel the sobriety pain
The last name first name
Falling into a cool Heaney, Seamus
Pool of inalienable cool water
Who’d blame us under

Arguing on the internet
Competing in the paraOlympics
In the preachy pre-teen Platonic love insects
Plummeting from the ties of execs
Braking inches over the ground
Before the bladder heaves
To carom its silly legislature
Onto the nearest vindictive 24/7 suture.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

good leader is sensitive enough to know his or her competitor will act

A man this interesting
for the first three to five years of their lives.
two huge young and adults
uncode their minds
organize the part of the aspect and is responsible
it's comfortable and cheap.
a performance rains on the day
dress up to attend wet
trouble by watching plays which need their audience
quiet and sit on the chair, sofa, inviting friends
screaming about the play, lying on the floor
Current of lives
I don't have to keep quiet
This situation is much easier
to pay than an expensive fee
$200 even $500 famous
play in a good seat.
I can watch without paying
clearer and finer

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

this guys more complicated that it seems
uproarious laughter
seeing through Mel Gibson's eyes
Family Guy
more complicated
frontal labotomy
shades of Iranian Palin

Sunday, June 14, 2009

can we get them all in one shot (2)

I’m wondering can we explode
The two in the same Canon frame
To win this important photography contest

can we scrape those people together
putting this fragment of a head here
and this arm can match up creating
a picture where two sliced hands are doing actions
they would never do.

Two perfect hands together make a national
Interest coming together. Two torsos
From different owners could be cousins
All the people scraping this program
Is capable of and I got it free. It’s a lie
To consider paying for something that pops up
When you hit start but you can’t hold
In your hand like two similar dynamic bodies
Whose owners are alive and still fighting
Who gets them to pose

fragment...Can we get those bombs together in one shot

I’m wondering can we explode
The two in the same Canon frame
To win this important photography contest

Our countries have people really angry at each other living within the borders
And when you poke your fingers in my business and my business stares back with Discount cigarettes and dynamite….anger flares
Into a force worthy of war. War should be over your plate when you think about it
While you’re pondering
War will be worth cutting your family dinner up with knives
So there’s war, and the people aren’t giving up on war
They will find a way to split family into sharp focus
Because food is precious and family is lame excess baggage!
But then happiness also presents an alternate route
Because you can marry an unimportant stranger who was before an enemy
And then without an answer, the dictator unleashes a special round
And your housepet dies in an ethnic conflict television
Where kisses bomb to get warm in the glow of their explosion

Friday, June 12, 2009

I will S$#% you a cake

If you cannot spell your own name getting a cake is going to be a difficult project.
Because entering a grocery store without knowing the spelling is terrible and most grocers refer to it, a shit cake when produced in a hurry is the result.

Anyway, you won’t have to worry about embarrassment because I’m going to shit you a cake in celebration of the fact that helping to spell your name when there’s better shit out
Is what I’m going to hand you: the shit cake but in several pieces like movements, each with its own soloist and appreciated for the ability to lick its own foot. You’re going to love requesting the same shit cake every year but with different candles for your age. This is actually the easiest part- burning.

Each age has its own shits and a giant recycler to assure the size and shape of all cakes equal rights don't deny when you shovel it down. This explains why shit cake rules the most powerful regents exams scores without studying with perfect due to the cake celebrity.

Monday, June 08, 2009

MLB Mascots Need to Have TALENT!?

Many people wear uniforms to work, but as a MLB team mascot, you wear fur. I’m sure the temperatures inside your assumed personality are higher than outside where you’d actually face the world, so specific personality traits are needed to support this biosphere. Of the many, one or two: be decisive and be tolerant.

If you work and wear a uniform, it is easy to describe and you are kept apart by your distinctive dress.

The ability to make decisions without needless explaining has been the trademark of presidents and team captains the world over, and yet this fairly in-demand skill also applies to MLB team mascots. In baseball, unlike in other sports, each batter's object is to kill the mascot. [Generally speaking, this is accomplished by striking a wound yarn-like sphere with a Louisville-manufactured and lacquered piece of stretched pinewood by forcing said pinewood to ply a trajectory starting at the shoulder facing upward at a near 25-degree angle away from the face and moving through the chest, straight out from the body and pointing the thickest section away from the body by fully extending the arms and breaking the wrists to allow the pinewood to end up near the other shoulder or on the ground, this latter position again forming an angle of 35 degrees from the waistline. The entire movement describes a large lemon-sliced semi-circle.] In order to avoid death by a bean, a mascot must be possessed with decisiveness to avoid the ball, distances him or her with speed. Stepping to the right or left, forward or backward; to end up where the ball isn’t. And while this might seem easy, the actual task of avoiding a projectile moving at 100+ MPH is rather difficult and requires not the least bit of dexterity and decision-making. This steadfastness of spirit also comes into play with mascot behavioral limbs: a good mascot will incite and induce the crowd, actually anticipating actions and predicting what the crowd needs, not what it wants with a dancing pirate or bear wearing a jersey or swinging a tomohawk. A good mascot’s split second decision brings a crowd to ovation-like reverence for nothing more than a typical base hit. But it’s the essence of the mascot that occupies the field and that gets the crowd cheerful and carefree in an otherwise hostile atmosphere of play.

Tolerance is the social grace of cockroaches, they say. But the ideal mascot must perform like cockroach during a grace period. There will be many instances of fanatics shouting lewd and unsportsmanlike commentary for which they’ve paid fair market ticket prices about your family, hoping to get under your furry little rung, but ideally, mascot tolerance should hold. The fledgling exuberance of small fans could have carried you through an entire doubleheader, but it’s the stainless demeanor of a weathered caddy that works a miracle with angry facial demonstrations and converts them to overt resignations in a pall of your team’s vast superiority. Able mascots deflect personal assault with ease and are highly-prized assets in a world of both virtual, masked and aerial attacks – comprised of elements taken from both physical and psy-ops camps — levied against the several personalities behind our petty symbologies, and thus demand is reflected in salary negotiations, recent advances in our friends' free agency, and research forays into mascot PTSD vis-à-vis recent Gulf War subway series.

Therefore, the ideal mascot is far from milquetoast or accommodating without cause: The ideal mascot allows enough fan freedom to convince teams’ constituencies of sovereignty granted by a sincere and impartial governing body whose true identity remains only speculated.

Sunday, June 07, 2009

the in-laws

My in-laws are in town this week, which means I'm doing more talking and touring than writing. I think it's good to leave writing to others for awhile, then get back to it later. Recently, Michael Stewart visited and we discussed, among many other things, the superabundance of writers and writing in the world today. And how it needs to calm down a bit.

If not ever before, writing is now accepted by the establishment as being present in the world. In general, this is true in NYC- art is everywhere; you can stop giving to the NEA.

So I'm taking a writing rest. I think I might read INFINITE JEST.