Tuesday, June 23, 2009


our world would break down
Basically like we controlled it.

Question if technology in some ways
Firstly, technology mad our lives we don’t have to stay at home
an important phone call
backdays, when people wanted to know some from history
weren’t always on the market.
Today, an internet. porn until einstein’s theory
We don’t have to waste our time by commuting.
print it straight.
TV is the biggest triumph
Pass certain opinions
the most of money.
They have the great reason
Computers are the most made by computers.

business on all continent
trains would’t ride
planes would’t fly
boats wouldn’t just sail,
electricity wouldn’t work,
water would stop running
stocks would break down.

We can honestly say that we are addicted depends on them.
We basically use computers for each thing
going on our screens live
But it has also taken a lot but definitely not more.

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