Sunday, June 14, 2009

fragment...Can we get those bombs together in one shot

I’m wondering can we explode
The two in the same Canon frame
To win this important photography contest

Our countries have people really angry at each other living within the borders
And when you poke your fingers in my business and my business stares back with Discount cigarettes and dynamite….anger flares
Into a force worthy of war. War should be over your plate when you think about it
While you’re pondering
War will be worth cutting your family dinner up with knives
So there’s war, and the people aren’t giving up on war
They will find a way to split family into sharp focus
Because food is precious and family is lame excess baggage!
But then happiness also presents an alternate route
Because you can marry an unimportant stranger who was before an enemy
And then without an answer, the dictator unleashes a special round
And your housepet dies in an ethnic conflict television
Where kisses bomb to get warm in the glow of their explosion

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