Saturday, January 31, 2009

Info Ration Mini Review

info ration info ration by Stan Apps

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rating: 5 of 5 stars
INFO RATION mimics the clauses it uses as fodder: it equally distributes on all caps and thrusts, rationing byte by byte to pique; and yet it differs from our centrifugal news culture by doing what that culture can't: fill us in.

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You are my Snuggie

I’m going to drown you in Snuggie
Wrap you in counterfeit Kung Fu posters
Brown bag, shit inside: Snuggie
With arms, octopus insertion
The operation cannot exist without you
Graveyard Snuggie, popcorn watching
The unearthing we were spellbound
Out of Snuggie material
Snuggie shooting some specie of goo
Snuggie sexbirds fly Snuggie to Brazil
The new airline that takes your spermcount lower
Snuggie ways snug from insects
These cream colored bugs wearing flannel
Don’t know shit about Snuggie
The queen bee insecticide Snuggie brews
Stinky air underneath armpit licking preferred
Snuggie gets the idea to farm
And back to the agrarian Snuggie contruction we go.

I'm going to drown on you in Snuggie
You will invent the loom in Snuggie
I swear, horses about words remade Snuggie
Weaving and trotting in Countryside English
Like a huge spraycan read to move in next to you
With spaces for arms
That's right, Snuggie can care for you
Gets the vote for you
Makes dinner for you
Drowns for you, and you return the favor
Killing dozens in a draped outline new enough Snuggie
Soon you'll be replaced by Snuggie outsiders
With representative cult carvings in nine lives
These characters will rack together cats
And make Snuggie out of these cats
And meowing will keep you safe in the biting cold
Where you can move your hands to the remote
And not worry about the blanket being removed

Friday, January 30, 2009

Etiological Substances in the Serial

I've often thought that the problems of narrative are that each image is so predictably leading to the next that it leaves me bored. With A BORDER LOOKS LIKE MAKING LOVE...I wanted to inflect this role differently. My idea was to "bend" narrative and description both -- wormhole? -- making each conform to certain images and act in discord with other images. It's now your role to scream, "That's not what that means..." That's why a donkey ass town is still funnier, or more relevant to say, than to use any type of simile and the crowd "gets" that, but doesn't remark because of the structure of a poetry reading. To boo or show dislike is dismissive, but contributes in its own way. So now we hear more "this is what I'm supposed to hear when I get ready to hear a poem." Therefore, poem.
Simply put, I tend to shy away from the idea that a poem should sound and read like a poem, but nor should it be so unlike a poem that existence becomes a question of stubble. And remove it easily. What is unlike what you expect can be dissolved into background. Personally, it's much more challenging -- and therefore alienating artistically from an audience -- to attempt to co-opt images and tones of address that aren't poetic, yet to occupy the middle space of nullity and pneu-nomenclature, taking this nullity and using it again, to name. To invent without screaming or camouflage. My idea of language in my poems runs on this idea, mainly. I find that overstatement, irony, crassness, tactlessness, scientific tone (much like reader #2 did when he "imitated" wikipedia but WITHOUT the overacting doing a silly voice on stage, as in the voice shouldn't be TOO silly but not droll enough to be assumed that we are again outside of the poem of the poem) as well as a dalliance in the inept, unplanned, low-fi underproduced manner of other art forms all help to understate the very "poemness" of a poem.
Re: longevity, I've come to enjoy series of poems on a fixed theme or using similar titles because of the binding without imitation of format or any type of linear narrative, and the avoidance of the too-forceful, "this poem begins the series, this poem ends it."

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Like at New York PA Border

This is a revised version of a poem that appeared in my latest chapbook, A BORDER LOOKS LIKE MAKING LOVE, OR, WHEN THAT LITTLE MOMENT HAPPENS AND YOU ARE SURE, A BORDER

Everyone crossing the New York-PA border fucks a donkey.
I sucked farts out of my girlfriend’s donkey with an ass at New York-PA border town
The donkey mounts the women
The animal is clearly drugged.
There are drugs in this donkey.
There are drugs on this border.
Apologize: What does the donkey show? Any revelation about human nature?
The air is cleaner on the New York-PA border, but only in far off ass parts
Where they hold meetings to keep it that way.

It is important please to not interrupt border clean air act meeting inappropriate.
I came I saw I chugged alcohol (totally rip off) stolen from the breasts of borders
Only in New York!
Also in New York-PA border.

Saturday, January 24, 2009


I punch with my love into your face
Heart shaped fists
Shorn by a community of sheep
I roll into your village one day

With a steamroller of pure hugs
And if the maker of these hugs
Has rotten meanings
Correct recounts of rotten dirty love
My steamroller with plush love corrects
My pinch (are you awake?)

Can make a tantric workload pour better
And proud of mechanical love
I have unearthed
The newly designed
Love rocket

Collect your muscular playthings
War shaping affection
Are they in regular ordered love punches
So what everybody get love juice in
That punch

Japan’s allure is much milder
A stranglehold of heart feathers –
Heart feathers just are feathers
Belonging to the heart –
This occurs in most modest wrestling.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

do you mean business? Or, can you help it getting busy?

Do you mean smart and twangy business
bustling with people
somewhere a monkey trained
to do a human´s joy
any business with this schwag?
you might choose a better version
a smarting and unasked for business
is my business smarts of unasking for
your undoing?
your business undoing
boiling down to the bare basic
fundamentals all businesses
are aware of before becoming business

what about the business of others
other´s business smarts
is their intelligence found
is it the business of intelligence

what about tangy business that lingers
is your business clean
up in business, literally in his business
I mean actually instrumentally changed the business
do you keep your business clean
and do you keep whatever your business straight
what about orderly?
does it keep?

What business do you mean exactly?
Do you keep the business of others
orders in your twangy bangy bus of business
or mere straight business of sex
busts, is all business a
bust if possible

what´s your business, Seafarer
but the business of the sea
and mine the business of me?
sea´s business
business, especially other´s, can be a possible bust

others might not clean their business
it therefore busts
maintain their clean business so active
or implement their business properly

Thursday, January 01, 2009

Bs. As.

Alex and I are in Buenos Aires for the next couple of weeks. I´ll be keeping a journal, of sorts, and plan on logging some of the more interesting...

to come.