Saturday, January 31, 2009

You are my Snuggie

I’m going to drown you in Snuggie
Wrap you in counterfeit Kung Fu posters
Brown bag, shit inside: Snuggie
With arms, octopus insertion
The operation cannot exist without you
Graveyard Snuggie, popcorn watching
The unearthing we were spellbound
Out of Snuggie material
Snuggie shooting some specie of goo
Snuggie sexbirds fly Snuggie to Brazil
The new airline that takes your spermcount lower
Snuggie ways snug from insects
These cream colored bugs wearing flannel
Don’t know shit about Snuggie
The queen bee insecticide Snuggie brews
Stinky air underneath armpit licking preferred
Snuggie gets the idea to farm
And back to the agrarian Snuggie contruction we go.

I'm going to drown on you in Snuggie
You will invent the loom in Snuggie
I swear, horses about words remade Snuggie
Weaving and trotting in Countryside English
Like a huge spraycan read to move in next to you
With spaces for arms
That's right, Snuggie can care for you
Gets the vote for you
Makes dinner for you
Drowns for you, and you return the favor
Killing dozens in a draped outline new enough Snuggie
Soon you'll be replaced by Snuggie outsiders
With representative cult carvings in nine lives
These characters will rack together cats
And make Snuggie out of these cats
And meowing will keep you safe in the biting cold
Where you can move your hands to the remote
And not worry about the blanket being removed


Monkey said...

the Snuggie, a substitute for when that special someone isn't around to snuggle you back

Ryan said...

Yes, that's the idea they're shooting for.