Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Personification: it’s broad and throws a bank of data, rich with feelings

Developing emotionally, our cut is smaller
We learn to live with less
Researchy, qualitative blogs
In hopes of bigger squandering
English, lead in the belly
A common infection of personification
Interesting that students learn
To identify through explanation
Him saying over and over
Her saying okay and okay
We shaking our head and our head
Squawks back:
That’s PERSONism not Peronismo!
Correction: elephantismo
Fear of ghosts in trains
That can sit up and ask for bottle
These trains literally beg their mothers
Breast to come down from heaven and mop up

“If Absolut were a person, would it tend to come clean?”
Here’s to planning in advance, masochists!
Asked whether key, respondents might question
Claims that further beverages actually speed reduction
And allow inhibitions couples various exit techniques
Like, how would that meteor feel if we screamed when
It gets rid of us with a flip of the wrist

Captain Chuck uses similar crowd disputation technique termed
“Sad Facts” when he tells the rioters:
That’s just the way things are. Now go home
And supply your vacuums.
And we do supply them because they’re coddled
Charged with corpulent tanks of our deepest meaning
Like gas but never dry
Always buying
Into the infamous excesses of Peron and his Happy Houseplants
In his photo of Garrulous gel insertion technique
Miles of Absolut an entire country on Truth!

Monday, April 28, 2008


The 2008 Flarf Fest is finished.

*sniff sniff*

I got to see Mike (Magee) and briefly met Rod Smith and Mel Nichols.

I hope to see them again. Next year, next Flarf.

Nice to meet you Rod and Mel. See yas next year.

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Researchers, work/family policy.

For each population, answer questions about policies.
Answers to all those questions should be on the web site.
Where there are no questions, we need that info on the web site.

Where gaps are, and why
On the policy end, a good way to work with reviewers

Go to web site, and check policy language, pulling out
answers to the survey questions
From our site, including the links
(and to have the easily accessible policy language)

“faculty policies” link to faculty handbook
Take clues from the handbook, do your best guess

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Making love modern

If you are new here you should ask.
New arrivals should form questions
Such an obvious overture won’t be disregarded
To better understand what’s being given
And what’s being taken down

If you are new here you should ask
About signage premium arrangements
And question this. Because arrangements
Are made to fool viewers
Because we love to eat them.

If you are new here you should ask
Of established medicine many concerns
Clarifying stance and subjective hair growth
Ask about established medicine
What it means to you to carry

A new card later replaces an old card
You did the mustache for both
If you are new here you should ask
Why expiration makes you do the same
You hate to do, just hate.

People I care about don’t care about many interesting

People call me
Crying and I want to help
I ask them
If I help
Can you stop crying

Looks like a freaking windows program
Incompatible with tears

Help me
So I help
And they stop
Crying. This is why
I cry to stop

You cannot help tears.
Cannot be forced.
Dear Jupiter,

You are honestly my fave
Of all [other planets keep quiet]

You perform so well, each
Year for thousands of constituents

Stuck in your faces
And no complaints

I've had worse allergies, itching
To get inside your head

I would love it there. But
You should come here

To earth’s hot spot
Rockefeller Center

So obvious this time of year
You are in addition my favorite god

Each myth you star in
Did I mention ice skating

We can do together
Yes, Jupiter

I’ll dream of your children
I’m going to give you

Miss Stacey cousin made this video!

Vote for it here

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Fleeting thought: The Fraud of the Consumer-Driven Show-mance

[I've modified this a bit from the last draft. -rd]

Today, news outlets
make into the poem we like
When, and since, news has turned commodity,
you choose what you think works best.

You choose the "brand"...CNN, Fox, MSNBC, etc,
according to what you believe
Therefore, no real decision is made. At least
in regards to news, free will or choice.
Your keeping free and choosing
really doesn't have much to do with it.
This is why plenty of intelligent people buy into the Fox news
"fair and balanced" paradigm: "fair and balanced" to their likes
and dislikes. Right. What politics comes down to is really just
a question of likes and dislikes. Viewpoint and belief are similar
--how well they can be assimilated into the stew of other "convictions" you
have; and in the mix gets caught up a demand for hard news facts really doesn't dictate
what news is on or not. If all of America were to suddenly change craving
intelligent news, there would be a lag, since the market would need time to adapt.
And because of this lag, there would be no change necessary. Taste in news
outlets is a fleeting thing, which would allow such media outlets to continue the
bombardment of the base, a continual lowering of the bar under which our taste fits
That the taste of the public wouldn't matter.

In other words, business has figured out a way to account for changes in public
opinion/demand/taste without having to change products. Some of this concerns
presenting viewers with novelties, and novelty items --tickers, split screen viewing, round headlights for square, automatic shutoff
etc-- but mostly it is achieved by ignoring what is important
A focus is kept on whatever agenda your station might have.

We aren't dumb. But we're forced to look.

Friday, April 18, 2008

Misreadable Headline

Group of Barbary apes to be killed after annoying residents

Thursday, April 17, 2008


Venus is a small planet, named for the goddess of love
Covered in clouds, remaining hot for most of the year
In spite of popular opinion from novels
Venus has a chance to shine every day of the year
Due to a denser layer of cloud cover
Which obscures light receptors
And allows the luminescence of Venus’ inner section
To become bright and charged
Since this charge has taken years to replicate
In photons a sound that can remain in tune seconds
After the initial brightness is charged and opinions
Are exchanges bordering on concessions
That Venus has a core temperature much hotter than average
According to most scientifically ranked
Ability to produce large quadrants of heat
Within small, confined areas for soil seasoning
A dusky landscape, not touched by sun, clouds
Denser during Venus’ long revolutions. A short name
Heats remission into formative eras Venus has seen
Her history a cooler trait throughout
Of a denser heated focus, where luminescent formed
In crowded more material domain where clouds form
A casting, only to not allow passage of sunlight, but reflect
listening device capable of exact rendering this emission
A shrill one joule per moment of gas escaping
Allowing no light, but dark and hotter
Light receptors are no longer needed, and on the surface
Venus remains a barren charged location of gas
Right for confined areas where seasoning of molecules
Ramping up where once were solids
Now hot gas covered in dense white reflection traps

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Well, it's certainly both

What they get they
think is news but isn't.
It's easier to blame the media
a concrete enemy to me.
People just want news
and they don't get it
so they believe what
they don't get is a lie.

New Physicals

-after Mathew Timmons

LA Poets, may you be read loud and wide, or I'm no cheerleader.

Email is more binding when the cough increases its effects. But don’t breathe your ass on me. Press that button, and shoot your answer within minutes. A simplicity that has never existed, because agreements made face to face are unsure. I might ask for pizza and you respond with guns, or even a steak brunch for two with death afterwards. What if I miss your face?

Much can go wrong in face to face conversation. I can only doom myself, but I can criticize your clothing from a distance. The cat leaves the bathroom cleaner than when it first started. Then I can see why you’d be mad.

Our contract cannot sit with us. You might scribble ‘feminist’ on a small piece of paper.
And I might reject that piece and its smallness. I don’t have to have it handed to me for this to not get read. We have spared nothing except a night of long names and I will die not knowing your aspirations:

Dying not knowing how to handle not knowing

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Like Carried Away After Hot Threshold

Dude, what is this cloud
Little budding service of grad info
We get in various pieces
Attempting to preside over glorious picnic
And find no time, only hastening to become
Targets of pride our growing family needs to research
Swollen and large, darkening with heaviness
Grating each small lunch to a different power
Slowing chomping, savoring compilations
Your size, cloud, comes from a spoken history

Saturday, April 12, 2008

I don't usually do this, but it's time to review a movie: Children of Men

Too little, too late. But here goes:

There are several quips I have about this movie, even after seeing it again. There are several moments in the beginning where the idea of infertility is stressed, and the idea of immigrants being deported is shown over and over in dialog. We're told a few times by different characters how the British government handles immigrants. Boring! I find this to be somewhat quieter American Cinematic Spell-It-Out-For-Youism, and somewhat condescending. We “get” the idea from the first two moments of film that this isn’t our world of uncertainty about immigration; this is a world more firmly set in its ideas about who should be where and when and who has the rights of mobility in which country, blah blah. So, telling us over (twice after the first scene, where some news anchor fills us in just fine) and over again is a bit annoying. I feel the ox bone on my head already. Now lay off.

Julianne Moore is a skeleton. She sucks. Her sense of importance, in real life and in the life of her character, bleeds through a stunningly transparent – not to mention unbelievable— portrayal of a rebel leader whose importance I'm not sure is unique to the character. Moore, rebel leader? Not in this world, nor in the world of 2027.

A few other things:

There’s no reason for the cop (Syd) to refer to himself in the third person. I don''t know what the cops of 2027 will be like, but this habit just seems cartoonish at best…

The allegory of humans fighting over territory no matter the outlook (as evidenced in the Bexhill scene after the baby is taken down the stairs and out of the building, through the gauntlet of soldiers --somewhat humanly depicted, mind you…while the rebels are clearly not—is a bit overdone and really not edited that well at all: just a bunch of people standing around like they are being paid not too well for a role they’d rather not play.

And the last "floating" scene, wouldn’t this be better if the movie ended with just the boat flapping on the ocean, no fishing trawler to save them?

How this movie has a 92% on rotten tomatoes is beyond me…

Oh wait…it’s because of people like this:

“Cuaron fulfills the promise of futuristic fiction; characters do not wear strange costumes or visit the moon, and the cities are not plastic hallucinations, but look just like today, except tired and shabby (Roger Ebert).”

No moon suits, DAMN! What a moron.

Friday, April 11, 2008

Single Parent Families

Altered (without changing into something else)
Adaptation, adjustment
Environmental conditions
Capable of being moved
Multiple kinds
Many groups are autonomous
Participating within society
Signal words

As usual in Korea, a few months later and the DVD is already in the stores.

Oh my god sneakers I’m gonna die
Oh my god car speakers I’m gonna charge and die
Oh my god shoes I think I’m gonna roll over and puke
Oh my god vitamins I think I’m gonna hurry up and puke
Oh my god Olympic protests I’m gonna be Chinese and die
Oh my god gas prices I’m gonna just die
Oh my god supersize I think I’m gonna puke
Oh my god clandestine wealth accumulation I’m gonna die
Oh my god saving I’m gonna drive somewhere and die
Oh my god pension fund I think I’m gonna puke
Oh my god student loans I think I’m gonna die
Oh my god election woes I think I’m gonna worry about future puking
Oh my god special Olympics I think I think I’m gonna puke
Oh my god postal code I think I’m gonna puke
Oh my god I’m over my minutes I think I’m gonna puke
Oh my god Lamborghini I think I’m gonna puke
Oh my god blue ray I think I’m gonna be obsolete puke
Oh my god Croc Hunter I think I’m gonna be on TV show my puke
Oh my god lipo I think I’m gonna puke
Oh my god brow reduction I think I’m gonna die
Oh my god celeb sighting I think I’m gonna die
Oh my god the DVD I think I’m gonna die
Oh my god a spinoff my puke has a spinoff puke
Oh my god reality bites I think I’m gonna be single puking
Oh my god panama city I think I’m gonna die from puke
Oh my god murder before you even get to class i think i'm gonna puke
Oh my god Harry Connick up to his eyeballs I think I’m gonna puke
Oh my god oh my god oh my god Cinderella season!
Oh my god I’m going to be puking single

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Patrick Daley

My brother has a new blog, Im Caught in the Grip of a City.

Smarter than Botox

Botox and you’ve come a long way

So many academics I doubt are smarter than Botox.
They apparently don’t work as hard
In the crisp fall morning, I just release
My jog in Botox smarts, I wonder
Why I haven’t injected this before

I mean, I’m every woman
And every specified woman
Has a control panel
Entitled “Botox and unlimited author copies.” (By Seamus Heaney)
Grandpa sat me on his lap getting stronger and smarter with Botox
He was a timebomb. With passing days like lipstick ships
And an odor of a thousand detergent ads. But moving on
What hit smarter than Grandma was I don’t know

Botox makes its way more and more in Hollywood, Mecca
Of the acting world. Pay to look
Young cubic centimeters, or young in small dose

Smarter than Botox, you fox
Perturbing the roosters and then the hens
Before the construction of the powerful smart Botox shelving unit
Parallel universe, free cream there. Not so here

Blood or jelly donut? Can change your color and temperature, smart?
My trip affected how. Botox is how.
Smart Botox has come to startle revealing
About aging and now like the new you, smart Botox example
Modern yo. The you of tomorrow is smarter

Because enormous dishes
charge less per dish
priced for hints. And you learn this
From a seemingly weak uncle with a powerful determination
For seedlings hold Botox powerful

Nicely decorated, priority for Botox user?
No onions must be allowed near or the crying begins
The whole dynamic tree is unstable.

Kid looks at wedding
Once crawled into the cave,
Do not disturb Botox

For another season: reactor
red lights, the kliegs, then Kohl + Botox = Magnet school
I don’t pick up these magnetized studs
If it stings, it’s about uranium

Even Maxwell Smart, hombre de Botox
And enemy of wrinkles. Pow! Can
Doctors feel your face without touch
Using this state of the art smartest trumpet batch
To herald in a new year of long suffering Botox recipients
Lack of education in Botox will definitely close doors
You risk death by punishment or ringo
In fact within years expect everything to be made of punishment
And no smarter locked out

Mail whore! The harvest is finalized
We rest here, on a new surface where
Where smartest thrives
They detected your Botox
Each night on the commute I think
How nuclear weapons are forced to live with this
And I’d get stuck with choosing one carload of Botox
Out of all the happy contestant people, starving
and in this underground tomb
I just don’t know…injecting

Not smarter Botox people, efficiency less
In the valleys, a serration wrinkle
A donkey flying over the moon, involved dullness
Madeline L’Engle, her ageless glimmering disc face
Disappointed? 4real? In Brooklyn?
She will rise again:
Honest open and no games, just a lot of ‘toxin.

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

for cheese tomorrow i sell house today [personalized version]

Jen, go get your fucking shit
This fucking painting shitbox
Renovation in wrapping
Toolbox zagzig mummy play
Open your eyes Jen, sex is saying something!

“Gasping porno pirates no longer anemic!”
“Grabs nine inch diesel prices
And you thought earths mattered

My family perished in a U-boat
I wrote a memoir about figs, and their slavery
The other fruits recall childhoods with you, Jen

So get your fucking shit, childhood slave Jen!
Master slave stool time. Repossess within grasp
Urges shove

Into your peachy imaginative goose
Translation: a duck holding a rose

for cheese tomorrow i sell house today

Jen, go get your fucking shit
This fucking painting shitbox
Toolbox zagzig mummy play
Open your eyes Jen, sex is saying something!

“Gasping porno pirates no longer anemic!”
“Grabs nine inch diesel prices
And you thought earths mattered
My family perished in a U-boat
I wrote a memoir about figs, and their slavery
The other fruits recall childhoods with you, Jen
So get your fucking shit, childhood slave Jen!
Master slave stool time. Grasp

Into your peachy imaginative goose
Laying those plastic dong rifle experts
Shooting a gun makes me cry
I’m crying when this shit is left behind, cheese
This whole room stinks of figs and amistad
Your watercolors dry the fuck, mummy skin? Toilet
Papering little bastard sex says something!

Sunday, April 06, 2008

An email from Exquisite Replica

The reason why replica watches are so popular is because you can look classy and professional, yet not have to spend tens of thousands of dollars doing it. These watches look identical to the ones you will find at the jewellery store selling for prices most people would not be able to afford. There is no reason why these beautiful watches should only be limited to the rich,but to everyone who wants to add a touch of class to their life style.

Which do you find more pleasing?

Full Day I Get Freedom, but Half Day I Get $$$

The flamingos are good with liberators
Yesterday, they conquered slim
one flamingo with cheap plastic trunk
with ease a team of liberty
there’s no “I” in liberty
for me, is the biggest deception
this easy, this trunk, though cheap and plastic
made from oil, sometimes being deception
How slimy they look walking away
quietly and without shirts
to be destroyed completely by my tears’
meanings, and their fathers meanings and theirs
fever and hemorrhage are present
Are you present to destroy utterly?
Fever and hemorrhage will be present?
Parentage and linear thought destroy
because they must destroy completely
Present yourself, to flamingos
We need to rent liberators
We need specifically the rent liberator
conquerors of yesterday’s
deception, ease of team
fever and hemorrhage present?
The deception is big
that cheap plastic bills, to flamingos
at least and December turn in for jackets and lighters.
And slim carry-ons fought over
cheap and snuck on
Slimy flamingo principle of lift
Fever and hemorrhage
Uncle cheap plastic bills on mom’s
didn't graduate side.

Full Day I Get Freedom, but Half Day I Get $$$

The flamingos are good with liberators
Yesterday, they conquered slim
one flamingo with cheap plastic trunk
with ease a team of liberty
for me, is the biggest deception
trunk, though cheap and plastic
made from oil, is sometimes deception
How slimy they look walking away
quietly and without shirts
to be destroyed completely
fever and hemorrhage are present
Are you present to destroy utterly?
Fever and hemorrhage will be present?
because they must destroy completely
Present yourself, to destroy flamingos
We need to rent liberators
We need specifically the rent liberator
conquerors of yesterday’s
deception, ease of team
fever and hemorrhage present?
The deception is big
Cheap plastic bills, flamingos
and December. And slim carry-ons
fought over cheap and snuck on
Slimy flamingo, fever and hemorrhage.

Saturday, April 05, 2008

Possible titles found in Neruda translation

Crying without learning is prohibited.

Get up each day without knowing

Not smiling at problems is prohibited

Abandoning everything because of fear

No demonstrations of love are prohibited

Abandoning everything because fear is prohibited

Make someone pay your debts and bad mood

Leaving your friends is prohibited

Not being yourself in front of others is prohibited

Not doing thinkings on your won is prohibited

Missing people without getting happy is prohibited

Not understanding people is prohibited

Nothing understanding people is prohibited

Not creating your own road is prohibited

Not following your own happy trial is prohibited

Thursday, April 03, 2008

David Cameron, Flowers of Bad, and my review of his book all walked into a Babelfish Translator...

David Cameron flew low front. In the twilight when you confuse the field this beater operational with him.

His sailplane of the breath is functional.

Some divide large, potato and the songbirds of Viking are caused with concert by these Flowers of Bad: Mistranslations, or perhaps Babel, of Baudelaire.

While singing in the duty of construction.

Some beams at the top of the sparks steal the men who make examination of the part in the methods of the men.

Women who make examination scaffolding.

It is Whistler, 2008. And what you hear is not him supervising, nor their orders, but deformed song of tended Cameron so that its metal is reflected now.

It makes examination of first quatrain of "man and sea (XIV),"

In books you’re always looking at the sea!
The sea is your mirror, you look like an ass
In the infinite derailments on your street
And your spirit is less patriotic than a golf ball

when, in dialect of Argentina, you wish to call somebody an idiot or imbecile, it is not any coincidence whereas in a Basque sphere, or in the puffiness, it is with the root of a head of the sphere.

For Maradona, the sphere is something to give a rejection. And the head of the person stupid must be used to play golf.

In the books, like the character and a more obvious function of literature likes the mirror, this one "that one you" looks at outside, attractive in the sea during a visit with the beach in a ratty outfit. Perhaps this "that one you" smoke, perhaps not. Perhaps this "which you" think that must resemble an ass of which majority of the dream of the pelotudos: asses.

Infinite doors, or of the derailments, the derailleur (options in the clutch) or other streets which are carried out distant of anything, as a rabble proves certainly to sell the patriotism. Hidden Pelotudos are found in the sphere.

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Something seen as glaucoma is glaucoma.

Pressure on the eyes isn’t glaucoma.

If patients haven’t felt high blood pressure, not around glaucoma.

What is damaged?

In advanced states, can cause blindness.

Central vision, what helps me see straight ahead, I’m going to keep focused on

Other forms of vision work like normal.

Schlemm’s Canal releasing liquid is the area around the canal, international belligerence.

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

State of Sale

A response to this

A state of property is in flux. A suit you give guests so
they don’t feel ashamed with all the lovely ham you’ve prepared
when bathed surrounding inflated decisions. For one, my aerobed is unprepped property, in states of inflation or deflation, the utter
meatness comes into question.

There might be holes in your property that you cannot see.
Have you bunched up losses in those segments?
Have you paid it’s worth guessing, can you find out for me?

Mismanagement doesn’t respond; there are no managers.
The Valley is a turn off. When no use is allowed, hiring
for management is held off.

And there is no need for being sleazy just enough. Useless objects are sold
until we cajole use from them again, by paying large sums of money we fool others
into thinking that they should believe too.

We caterers, giving nutrition to this money table, unplug spaces like bested muscle, don’t call this relationship anything, fearful of calling, afraid it might follow.