Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Smarter than Botox

Botox and you’ve come a long way

So many academics I doubt are smarter than Botox.
They apparently don’t work as hard
In the crisp fall morning, I just release
My jog in Botox smarts, I wonder
Why I haven’t injected this before

I mean, I’m every woman
And every specified woman
Has a control panel
Entitled “Botox and unlimited author copies.” (By Seamus Heaney)
Grandpa sat me on his lap getting stronger and smarter with Botox
He was a timebomb. With passing days like lipstick ships
And an odor of a thousand detergent ads. But moving on
What hit smarter than Grandma was I don’t know

Botox makes its way more and more in Hollywood, Mecca
Of the acting world. Pay to look
Young cubic centimeters, or young in small dose

Smarter than Botox, you fox
Perturbing the roosters and then the hens
Before the construction of the powerful smart Botox shelving unit
Parallel universe, free cream there. Not so here

Blood or jelly donut? Can change your color and temperature, smart?
My trip affected how. Botox is how.
Smart Botox has come to startle revealing
About aging and now like the new you, smart Botox example
Modern yo. The you of tomorrow is smarter

Because enormous dishes
charge less per dish
priced for hints. And you learn this
From a seemingly weak uncle with a powerful determination
For seedlings hold Botox powerful

Nicely decorated, priority for Botox user?
No onions must be allowed near or the crying begins
The whole dynamic tree is unstable.

Kid looks at wedding
Once crawled into the cave,
Do not disturb Botox

For another season: reactor
red lights, the kliegs, then Kohl + Botox = Magnet school
I don’t pick up these magnetized studs
If it stings, it’s about uranium

Even Maxwell Smart, hombre de Botox
And enemy of wrinkles. Pow! Can
Doctors feel your face without touch
Using this state of the art smartest trumpet batch
To herald in a new year of long suffering Botox recipients
Lack of education in Botox will definitely close doors
You risk death by punishment or ringo
In fact within years expect everything to be made of punishment
And no smarter locked out

Mail whore! The harvest is finalized
We rest here, on a new surface where
Where smartest thrives
They detected your Botox
Each night on the commute I think
How nuclear weapons are forced to live with this
And I’d get stuck with choosing one carload of Botox
Out of all the happy contestant people, starving
and in this underground tomb
I just don’t know…injecting

Not smarter Botox people, efficiency less
In the valleys, a serration wrinkle
A donkey flying over the moon, involved dullness
Madeline L’Engle, her ageless glimmering disc face
Disappointed? 4real? In Brooklyn?
She will rise again:
Honest open and no games, just a lot of ‘toxin.

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