Thursday, April 17, 2008


Venus is a small planet, named for the goddess of love
Covered in clouds, remaining hot for most of the year
In spite of popular opinion from novels
Venus has a chance to shine every day of the year
Due to a denser layer of cloud cover
Which obscures light receptors
And allows the luminescence of Venus’ inner section
To become bright and charged
Since this charge has taken years to replicate
In photons a sound that can remain in tune seconds
After the initial brightness is charged and opinions
Are exchanges bordering on concessions
That Venus has a core temperature much hotter than average
According to most scientifically ranked
Ability to produce large quadrants of heat
Within small, confined areas for soil seasoning
A dusky landscape, not touched by sun, clouds
Denser during Venus’ long revolutions. A short name
Heats remission into formative eras Venus has seen
Her history a cooler trait throughout
Of a denser heated focus, where luminescent formed
In crowded more material domain where clouds form
A casting, only to not allow passage of sunlight, but reflect
listening device capable of exact rendering this emission
A shrill one joule per moment of gas escaping
Allowing no light, but dark and hotter
Light receptors are no longer needed, and on the surface
Venus remains a barren charged location of gas
Right for confined areas where seasoning of molecules
Ramping up where once were solids
Now hot gas covered in dense white reflection traps

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