Monday, July 28, 2008

Poema migratorio

El más difícil y reprochable hecho del debate de la migración se desarrolla en la esperanza misma esperada de los ricos y su deseo de ser tratado igual a los pobres siendo éste último (grupo, masa, muchedumbre, población, vehículo, publico sin publico) quien está condenado a un sistema desigual en la cual se les esperan actuar como si ocupase la misma avenida de acción que el anterior.

Pues, de querer ser tratado como seres iguales aunque no lo sean tal vez al decir que sí lo son lo son, pero aun así, no lo son, aunque sí disfrutan de los derechos como si fueran.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

ya era hora de blogear en español

Ya nos mudamos (pasamos, pues) al barrio del Harlem Español donde hay más espacio esencial y un paraninfo inacabable (inacabábel). Solo treinta y cinco minutos después y llego al trabajo, y eso es todo lo que necesito llegar. La comida de la avenida es la comida mexicana que prefiero. Llegar en tren dura. Poquitísima. Llueve y no se ve por el alquitrán. Prefiero la comilona. Los sonidos semejantes, no usamos tantos altoparlantes.


El arzobispo de Constantinopla se quiere desarzobisconstantinopolitanizar. El desarzobisconstantinopolitanizador que lo desarzobisconstantinopolitanice, buen desarzobisconstantinopolitanizador será.

Saturday, July 26, 2008


Regrettably, I've never been a big reader of Richard Rorty. So I've only recently found his "autobiographical" essay, TROTSKY AND THE WILD ORCHIDS. A marvelously fun time! An intriguing read for the conflicted, the curious, and those who need to read more Rorty, like me. And while I object to his categorization of Latin American Marxism as a failure largely owing to a lack of pragmatism (embodied in the USA-made, John Dewey), the autobio is worth its errors. Especially if you like to study orchids and feel that in doing so, your deep betrayal can be sensed by the International Workers of the World.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

The Country of Scales of Josey

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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Language as Migrating Beef Options

Death my pimp ride my small tie droops into the soup I’m barely recognizing myself in.
Shoeless and all big toes standing taller than the other boys my age isn’t consequences.
Pantless automatic air conditioning Howie can get a cooler motion happens in threes.
My power to steer impedes launch stares. I’m a fun guy repeats a tryout.
Even the horse has a line. A point you can’t push her past.
Toys and gorillas plus resentment isn’t real but defendable and can to inflate.
Lengths noise goes through to announce reduce changes to marks only certain few understand.

Monday, July 14, 2008

This isn’t Indiana Jones, but what is anymore?

-Dedicated to the memory of May 22

There is no hope in finding new remakes
That talent is just lost
Their shoes are the knock offs
Rashida in Public Relations understands innate

Reflexes Indiana Jones has are different
Made with yarn, quick to move into
Than actually possessing deep comprehension
Of the zeitgeist mean embrace Jones’ intentions
A big mess fighting against a group of Soviets

And whether this has led to ballads, or Internet usage increases
In queries of “Is this really a sequel” or “Can strategy determine
Hollywood” making reactions to newer broad displays
Reactions to “excuse me huge phallus reader” vary if only we act as ruling librarian
Who isn’t Indiana Jones but shares and cares together
The Russians are destroyed easier than you or I are destroyed

And the feeling gets under my coat
I want to make it last
With soda, the easy of heartfeltness couldn’t relt going
When this cinch can lie how marking now sauce
Jones Dr. Jones calling Dr. Jones Jones keep up
You picture will scream and run into the away bin

Sunday, July 13, 2008

I had promised to change

Two eggs, milkshakes, the rigors of training
Climbing this wall I’ve been my happiest
When I found my tuck to be satisfactory
And seem to find harmony
Prepared with most experts
And am livening their steak terms with my bloodparts

My many tears and flavor meal skimping
To win big in storage economies
Cannot produce results of pure crept
Where the water in my hydration series sept

Try playing basketball in one depth
Your result ends the bloat

And today’s bargains are flying off their loq’d
Contagious bloat
Before my regular shift

Crockett cap you can change me
But first sway into a crowd

That a billboard should be there
Two laps round, one holding you within turbines
Made to confuse your choices with words
Some simple word that you cannot decide
Like where to eat when strangers are in town

Until dizziness gives the grass burn
You can see the dripping fat
Really popular around Olympic weeks

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Heel Hitler

I’ve got some crap on
My shoe not worth listening to, it’s Hitler

Rub the grass with your Hitler, and brown will turn
Green again.
A broken and stained Hitler is genuine and more legit however

A slight itch follows,
Can be felt upon removal of Hitler.
This is fleeting and is soon gone.

Don’t buy cheap imitations of
The History Channel’s least
Kept secret dictator…
They are quick to fall apart
And nothing says “dumb local”
Like the original worn
At a time deemed wrong and useless.

Be prepared for dealings with
Back ordering;
Demand is high
Supplies are at their lowest yet unbelievable

But please don’t use duct tape and plywood with Hitler
Or have a drill to send him under the desk

Please be patient for Hitler.
Chief understanding is a step
An integral belief system in stress reduction
Is killing off already crazy hegemons
Too early.

What do you think about Pashmina?

Product of being hit by idiot driver
the supernatural: this sentence no verb
Convert into
Other stories about stacey’s mom
Flopped and chopped original
Awful to restore
Brazing was necessary
Rides lovely
Shave a bit more
Bottoms French
Blue suede saddle
Blue suede crap
Tall side
Presumably, yields a translation sentence
A very high discriminate power
Mutates a DNA sentence
You may have to try several times as the Blob squirms
wow--first time I've ever used that word in a sentence!
A Wearable Computer Based American Sign Language Recognizer
Defines "blob-counting" to consist of a filled square
Original self insertion parody

Sunday, July 06, 2008


Banba (バンバ) - barbie-gal, with differences such as their wearing of slippers and stilettos. They also use more glitter, and have a neon touch to their hair. They use more extreme-looking types of false eyelashes and coloured contact lenses. The most respected Gal-cir is Angeleek; there are 22 members in their Tokyo group, and they have many other groups throughout the country. YEAH!

Saturday, July 05, 2008


You Ritz, nite black. Blue eyed on the train special one, I’m July and its fourth white shirt blk noon I had to leave the Ruff Club early because it got out of my pants. Uptown,
Pants are more exciting and blonde in Williamsburg. I have exercised your facebook. Noon. Nice hands sonic trade grapple; poster what happened? Asian? Running?
Kisser you are, red strings string thorough. Both arm tats, baby poster! Chocolate men!
EVERYWHERE! On a downtown train Me-blonde, me in a to-go bag! Botanists, hair Satanists 66th qua Amsterdam, sw garden and freckles. I am looking for oswaldo santos stunning asian woman.

Friday, July 04, 2008

Chef from Sweden learning Spanish at Casino for Children Learning to Speak


Thursday, July 03, 2008

Hard Core MindF*$k

Director’s cut. Hot prison sex amidst late-capitalist
“pastiche-y” architecture be debriefed
(Chiang Kai-shek). Note the trellises
in the botany, warden.
Writers kept so busily in prison.
Dewworth shown as the envy of Boy’s Town
for his Fire Drills and sense of steeple. Drivers might
find the nature hard to watch. Commentary by
Hardy Below and Maurice pile up

Wednesday, July 02, 2008


Who here thinks THE GOAD STANDARD (or just, GOAD STANDARD...) might be a good title for my book?

I, for one, do.

Any seconds?

Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Unwanted Crease

-from Body Rock

Smart lifting
Conservative dieting

Break period
Break period

Zeroing class
Breaking period abolishing
Decimating uptake
Well-rested targeting
Pad smart lifting
Kit smart lifting
Class smart lifting
Dieting breather conservative
Zeroing kit

Period abolishing
Decimating breather
Well-rested abolishing
Zeroing pad smart
Kit conservative
Uptake dieting
Break smart

Targeting class
Power lifting