Monday, July 14, 2008

This isn’t Indiana Jones, but what is anymore?

-Dedicated to the memory of May 22

There is no hope in finding new remakes
That talent is just lost
Their shoes are the knock offs
Rashida in Public Relations understands innate

Reflexes Indiana Jones has are different
Made with yarn, quick to move into
Than actually possessing deep comprehension
Of the zeitgeist mean embrace Jones’ intentions
A big mess fighting against a group of Soviets

And whether this has led to ballads, or Internet usage increases
In queries of “Is this really a sequel” or “Can strategy determine
Hollywood” making reactions to newer broad displays
Reactions to “excuse me huge phallus reader” vary if only we act as ruling librarian
Who isn’t Indiana Jones but shares and cares together
The Russians are destroyed easier than you or I are destroyed

And the feeling gets under my coat
I want to make it last
With soda, the easy of heartfeltness couldn’t relt going
When this cinch can lie how marking now sauce
Jones Dr. Jones calling Dr. Jones Jones keep up
You picture will scream and run into the away bin

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