Thursday, July 10, 2008

Heel Hitler

I’ve got some crap on
My shoe not worth listening to, it’s Hitler

Rub the grass with your Hitler, and brown will turn
Green again.
A broken and stained Hitler is genuine and more legit however

A slight itch follows,
Can be felt upon removal of Hitler.
This is fleeting and is soon gone.

Don’t buy cheap imitations of
The History Channel’s least
Kept secret dictator…
They are quick to fall apart
And nothing says “dumb local”
Like the original worn
At a time deemed wrong and useless.

Be prepared for dealings with
Back ordering;
Demand is high
Supplies are at their lowest yet unbelievable

But please don’t use duct tape and plywood with Hitler
Or have a drill to send him under the desk

Please be patient for Hitler.
Chief understanding is a step
An integral belief system in stress reduction
Is killing off already crazy hegemons
Too early.

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