Wednesday, June 22, 2011

TOEFL Essay - Your Favorite sport

Q. What is your favorite sport? Why? Describe one memory you have of the game. Support your claims with reasons and examples.

My favorite sport was always baseball. Baseball is so soaked in America it reminds me of very positive feelings, and an ongoing baseball game looks nothing like anything else.

My memories of baseball are fond, but these memories contrast. Baseball should be on the flag. Our baseball traditions are deep in the root structure of the beef cut that America is. Baseball tells of underdogs that, once saturated with corporate influence, become a yawn. When a daily object looms very consistently in our minds, its value decreases, even if real life markets make baseball more expensive. Corporate hands attempt teaching us how to bat, placing corporate hands in an overlap. Grab the bat and the players freeze. Figurines dot the diamond. Each pitch is called money. Baseball mirrors American landscapes in every era.

Baseball's look is another reason I'm attracted to it. These small status glimpsed through the camera's vague eye. As very small, we viewers watch as large odds and gargantuan stadiums crawl into the repression of human ideas. The players are ugly eggs in the large beautiful stadium. Players transform into flat objects reminding us of people. As two-dimensional names with jerseys, we assume easily that their goal is to entertain us. Service. All other humans then become conduits for our gratification. If you aren't running after a ball or hitting one, you do not make up my entertainment. You are watching it fly over your head.

I'm reminded of a miraculous triple play in our game against the Phillies. We had an agenda to win, the ball was hit, and the triple play was turned. It was a triple play on errors. We won. We felt at the top of the little league world.

Friday, June 03, 2011

"Modified" TOEFL essay - What is the greatest event of the last 10 years?

Great inventions such as the creation of organic milk or the capture of Osama Bin Laden punctuate fortunate decades. Why is this milk question forever an inquisition? Why do I not utter a solemn statement about my possession of milk? Is there a questionable entity milk leaves in its wake? What about a form possession of Osama. If Osama arose out of a tunnel of milk the powers would wall off that tunnel and charge expensively for his gallons. Why must we question whether Osama has been received and merely skirt the issue of our own acquisition of wealth? Do we doubt there's somewhere a tunnel filled with milk in which a bearded millionaire lays recondite? Where does all our and Osama's wealth regenerate but within the same incubator.

Here's a radical idea: the resources which have over the years hunted Osama give to poverty. Unleash these resources like a unencumbered flow of milk. Do not wall off your milk. Let it be free. Over a long term the large hunt fails. During 9 years, one day's success poorly justifies. Men with a cushy, oversized demeanor like this bearded one should be easily challenged by another country's ever-expanding selection of optional military. Osama defectively eluded captors who sought to captivate, yet his education sampled itself from non-traditional sources. An education is first and foremost a means to evade capture. Who better to avoid captivity than highly-skilled labor.

Our markets need choice workers to function the way understaffed markets should. When one half goes on lunch the other half looks longingly. With petite, highly-skilled workforces, jobs and their requirements do not morph to suit dynamic workforces. Rather, small and highly-skilled workers with impeccable tastes who put a whole decision into each action while the markets have been shut down animals, these are heavily pets. Everyone with similar qualifications and no hiring points.