Thursday, September 08, 2011

More BlazeVOX

I seriously think that everyone involved can appreciate this post.

Monday, September 05, 2011

I support BlazeVOX, Geoffrey Gatza and collaborate publishing efforts everywhere!

Without belittling anyone involved, I support Gatza and what he has done for authors and the promotion of their work. I am a BlazeVOX author, Dear Reader, and I know what GG does for those he publishes. I know I couldn't hold a job and run a press full-time. Consider this full disclosure.

Would that all presses came with endowments, would that poetry generated of and from its own goodwill, a living: I would love to monetize my poetic royalty to perform goodness.

Would that everyone interested in poetry were a 100 Geoffrey Gatzas!

[ps. This isn't the only objection I've seen, however, but a salient one: much hubbub -- because it's a lot of ugly hubbub, with some standouts -- here stems from our belief in Book as Fetish Object, or that on some scale, many of us have been taught to think of books as That-Which-Confers-Legitimacy. Having someone else love your work enough to publish it is indeed legitimacy, but there's a separation between publish and print. Gatza publishes ebooks and pdf version without a donation.]