Tuesday, November 27, 2007

White people, sucking at Math, are responsible

We've chosen to have moved nipples around
From being moved around with frequency, I push through the move to surround with foam packaging
“Por que me dejas…Jesus, to be free (and alone) with packaging
Without the guards, with laxer code handling.
I’m a published poet. You’ve signed my baseball wrong.

Wrong! The pros aren’t signing
They’re loading up on goodies to take big steroidal dumps!
Did “bar dance” make you happy?
I hope so, because there’ll be no more bar dance where that came from, sucka!

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Abraham Lincoln

I so into
when they look away
it's "Candy Shop,"
I can make you hit your top
stealing my dad's car
and making my way
Finding the closest Park n'Shop

Halloween does have an effect on certain people

Some people created puzzling
They sat inside the temple on the brightest days
No one listening, said, “This must be universal”
“Jesus thought in these terms,
“Hives dot the invincible sertão.” Classification
Cannot be rendered by sight drawings.
Before the mole disappears, I will forage
I will get nothing but tickets for this money exchange

Pagans do not fit into nearly neat category
Some commercial centers emphasize
Like this: Amicable Bombardment
Accommodations cannot solve displacement.

I’m getting dressed as Tomby vacancy.
What I refuse to do is go door to door
Praying to false gods

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Port Authority Suspicious Activity Hotline No.

Go ahead, the nipple takes focus
He rattles his nipple on a fence
Don’t make me out of Zinedine Zidane
Examples to keep lazy people Swedish
Don’t like the call?

Butt face
Butter face

He didn’t argue the call but he didn’t butter face
Correctly developed young men of Africa ground rules
Slice tuna in uterine form (Fox of Uterus
Cylindrical outlay of star
Gross alien discovery
Avoiding a cheap knock off too

[aside, “Butter face”]
Police recover nothing but hairbrush
How nice are the ergonomics?
Borrowing an aboveground pool from the Finicky Bladders
Mr., now Retired, Sensitive Trigger Finger
At the end of the cul de sac
How can a circle end?
Gang of Reaganite black lab
Whispers of “biscuits and gravy, buy/sell/trade”
In the payphone
Linked to inflated belt buckles (cowboy type)
Sweepstakes odor emit (lottery line holding up my Gatorade purchase type)
Like PU who’s that winner
Reshelfing complex
Balding complex.
Horse and buggy complex. Mom hated nerf.
Nerf would get stuck.
(enjoying the up down motion type)

Complex. Message, “If you notice
Anything suspicious call anytime, day or night
For free injections
The Suspiciously Seen Activity Number Provided

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

A Hole in My Heart

or, so country they say hero as a word for submarine

now he is stuffing the food in
now she uses showering
to re-fluff
now the one-armed boy listens to Morton Feldman
gobbling chicken on a stairmaster soaked in Gatorade

now filming porno (Feldman now vacationing)
action please in chicken
action please in stairmaster
action please on Morton Feldman crotch region
action now on Morton Feldman one arm

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Translation Questions

Ever an imperfection, somehow we have yet to enjoy Rubem Fonseca's O Cobrador in English.

Fonseca, who's considered Brazil's Thomas Pynchon -- indeed, the two are close friends -- looks like Foucault's dad.

So, how much does market dictate translation? The "duller" the translation (by this "duller" I include any work that fails to provoke or "push" the reader ahead, or any of the other reasons --legion-- why each work can be called successful), the broader the audience, the less audience members are offended...?

[Doesn't wider appeal seem to indicate a space occupied by family films or classics? Are classics that subversive, or is there subversive potential merely forgotten?]

Above, translation is imperfection not only as a middle voice blemishes from sender to receiver, creating a new work (nod to Nicanor Parra), but as representative decay between various countries'/groups'/societies' social or artistic "taste" or aesthetic (e.g., Anti-Pinochet poetry has very little relevance here...). The "historical" and locative not only serve as marker, but as market: Che is recognized as a modern call to action in Latin America now only due to the relevance of Left-wing democracies in the region today, and remains a marketing tool in North America in both the regional (locative) and historical sense. No "Che" here.
So, these translations mark a nostalgia for the time when we ourselves wrote innocently about flowers and plums (Neruda). Translation gives these readers permission to reread their own turf, in usually a voice that no longer represents a threat.
Thus, more insidiously, translation often stands as the gateway of official corruption (Neruda coffee mugs, CDs, T-shirts, etc): officially, it's easier to make the exotic appeal to a larger audience because it doesn't concern us. I've never eaten a plum on Isla Negra.
Perhaps, as foreign art, the exotic work cannot be taken as obscene? Nudity during Carnival is, in context, tradition and much less offensive or threatening the college girl, breast baring nudity during Mardi Gras. This tendency applies to art, as well. Work that isn't socially/societally relevant commits a lesser degree of obscenity.

Do we enjoy poetry in translation to bolster our love poems' relevance or because these poems we now have in translation are indeed irrelevant?


I've moved all my "artwork" here.

Tuesday, November 06, 2007


You let me download you
You let me listen to you, in nice frequent fashion
You let me control your playlist
You let me move you fast forward
Where are you pretty little song
You let me spin you round round
Baby right round.

Sunday, November 04, 2007

Proteger a tus seres queridos (formerly: Contaminación de tu sónica)

Aqui…la policia de comida.
Ayudando a su amigo y amante – Alex— comer bien.
La llegada...

La policia de comida! Su cinturones de seguridad
Presentando, David y Ryan. Dos amigos inseparables
En cesar la contaminación de la flaqueza
El gato vuelo en comida humana...
Pero la policia comida...
Para comedia policiales
En los extremos más remotos encuentran
Dos amigos responsables de darle comida a Alex
Son engañosos, y son realmente mujeres!
Los policias de comida
La cosecha trae saludable Alex que coma
Me dio ataque en el articulo. Sale comida saludable, como Ketchup
Bailamos, policias, y vamos a policiar lo policial

Sad Flat Puppy

I’m giving this toy’s educational value five stars. I learned more in Georgia, this toxic coating adds exciting. This puppy can run zero to seventy with swatziki sauce, and cause minor irritating bubbling: the values reflected in subsidies. How we copy. The dog died because her I let run photogenics. Redaction to preen. Flubless, and no bun. No run knob that manually, sets the length of the destination carpet. We were captives crying in a vacant, yet glitzy skull. Gliding to service entrances loose dog are picked up and destroyed with leftover ammo. The dog is rendered useless by lack of funds, hostile Virginia middle schooling, and government interference. The dog’s looseness — lack of smell – arranges a meeting of cold war powers long since out of papers. Nutrition loitered, the service entrance a small gamey type. This was second place? The dog went through our cousin, the backchannel, changing names. A truck then materialized and someone to drive it. At very fast rumbles, I wanted to run and tell my momma on ya’ll. You have capsized when you spit out baby. But there’s no telling what parents will actually call on gods for. Time till entry shower? She was a yelper. I was given a few moving seconds with the pile. Our interaction lacked fluid. I pupped and found pain was included. The molten crust of my first exhibit, faulted at the end and leashed – air being left in a flat to sour – lay down to perform the angel in creamed corn I would not be hungry enough to eat.

Thursday, November 01, 2007

Abraham Lincoln

(from the manuscript, POTUS POEMS)

Say ciao to whitepeopleville!
This hummer, filled with veggie juices will extinguish
Your subdivision into garden grade totes
But our best chance at re-armoring

I will squash my muddled fingers to unearth
It will be justified. We will extract information Martha,

You and I are both ridiculous captions for loud bar ambiences.
Both are noted for goblin inconveniences
In these bars, our failure to save, our loggerhead tortuga
Brimming with sweat things, noting
the inescapable in the corner is noteworthy inescapable
catalog that seems to find you no matter how your name changes

You come alive in parts.
Martha, your sister has gotten my squirrel to be pretender.
Martha, without Electric Company cycling sponsoring our collection
On Utilities, two Railroads, best played drunken
How to live off of “too squirrelly,” answer’s easy:
Live off the train!

Kamchatka the center of chat room blues. Whistler,
Money grubbing porcelain bathtub hack:
For “Growth is honest” type “Club Grocer Wildman!”

Genesis cannot pretend that man didn’t come before.
There were great cities where lions now roam.
I have paved the avenues of great cities with men of the South.
This speech is the best I’ll ever write, because I spot clean.