Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Port Authority Suspicious Activity Hotline No.

Go ahead, the nipple takes focus
He rattles his nipple on a fence
Don’t make me out of Zinedine Zidane
Examples to keep lazy people Swedish
Don’t like the call?

Butt face
Butter face

He didn’t argue the call but he didn’t butter face
Correctly developed young men of Africa ground rules
Slice tuna in uterine form (Fox of Uterus
Cylindrical outlay of star
Gross alien discovery
Avoiding a cheap knock off too

[aside, “Butter face”]
Police recover nothing but hairbrush
How nice are the ergonomics?
Borrowing an aboveground pool from the Finicky Bladders
Mr., now Retired, Sensitive Trigger Finger
At the end of the cul de sac
How can a circle end?
Gang of Reaganite black lab
Whispers of “biscuits and gravy, buy/sell/trade”
In the payphone
Linked to inflated belt buckles (cowboy type)
Sweepstakes odor emit (lottery line holding up my Gatorade purchase type)
Like PU who’s that winner
Reshelfing complex
Balding complex.
Horse and buggy complex. Mom hated nerf.
Nerf would get stuck.
(enjoying the up down motion type)

Complex. Message, “If you notice
Anything suspicious call anytime, day or night
For free injections
The Suspiciously Seen Activity Number Provided

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