Thursday, November 01, 2007

Abraham Lincoln

(from the manuscript, POTUS POEMS)

Say ciao to whitepeopleville!
This hummer, filled with veggie juices will extinguish
Your subdivision into garden grade totes
But our best chance at re-armoring

I will squash my muddled fingers to unearth
It will be justified. We will extract information Martha,

You and I are both ridiculous captions for loud bar ambiences.
Both are noted for goblin inconveniences
In these bars, our failure to save, our loggerhead tortuga
Brimming with sweat things, noting
the inescapable in the corner is noteworthy inescapable
catalog that seems to find you no matter how your name changes

You come alive in parts.
Martha, your sister has gotten my squirrel to be pretender.
Martha, without Electric Company cycling sponsoring our collection
On Utilities, two Railroads, best played drunken
How to live off of “too squirrelly,” answer’s easy:
Live off the train!

Kamchatka the center of chat room blues. Whistler,
Money grubbing porcelain bathtub hack:
For “Growth is honest” type “Club Grocer Wildman!”

Genesis cannot pretend that man didn’t come before.
There were great cities where lions now roam.
I have paved the avenues of great cities with men of the South.
This speech is the best I’ll ever write, because I spot clean.

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