Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Beginner Level 2: 365th Angela Lansbury Squadron

tough stuff air pump should bring up the slack
when slacks are wroth –highly incensed— and brung
we eat gratuitous. Pump up the boardroom,
Training eagle eye CEO
In giving a more-than-generous evil eye, the room freezes
Teleprompter language of the red light green
the reptile eyes bore and serve one master. She knows food and tough stuff
over 4 Simon Says Masters
column the Branch (Public Library) brunch
formed of manmeat, and thunder designer wear
it is a dark eye stuck
on shuffle in a translator
whose one hand holds
We’re on land near accident bingo
before we are champions we
bah over the speaker
flung someone’s thigh in a flash (received bits of partial update)
of tubing, a structure’s age reveals
tonguing can alter behavior into “touch”

correct correct [Poets, very innovative, are peace-
loving, without
even a British accent, schizophrenics!]

whereabouts more succinctly
Anglican and inhabiting a land of better spelling
Sanchez objects to unfettered use of his name
his soul’s shoulder turned into broth with camera
and repentant salamander.
“No touch stuff here,” agents wonder aloud
they mean tough business. “It’s better with numerous shades,”
lamest premise for diversity
after the former shits beads.

There was one man behind the (Wheel of) that salamander

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