Saturday, October 13, 2007

Showtime at the Zoo, a list

The giraffe are patented.
Lyon is the hardest of all working cities.
To make sound, rub the shortest length of grass between
Most boat approaches travel
You can learn names.
Logging has vested stake in voting trends
Steams in a place to combine hearts
Sounding takes place when straws are inserted into the penis near climax
Held for seconds, then we turn to breathe.
Laundry complete.
Winners please all over the world, because donut chains feed us
How is the broadcast hoping for a better audience?
Monkeys known spending. In fact, their relations are recorded and taken interest of

Intrigue mellows in standard
Aeration is standard when shown buttocks. Can I show my buttocks dinner habit?
If I find that shake, I’ll shoot plenty documentaries.
Still becomes memoir.

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