Wednesday, October 03, 2007


Preciousness seems to migrate (by that I mean moving like birds) from a "twee" (using lathes with light touches) foundation to one of aggression (barreling into the form, usually wood, marble, etc). To say that you don't understand --marginalized by the no comprendo-- and adding the plaintive blah blah blah speak normal! This fucking nonsensical terminology as action is designed to put encoder (the one buying drinks) on the offensive: the other in the (dia)log is then put to explaining (line in the sand) what is meant in a supposed argument by certain terms (headgear, really) where all engaged in the argument are aware --or at least previously were aware, before the ignorance as evasive tactic evolved-- of what these terms mean....ideally.

I guess preciousness irks --casts as a duck-- me as a deflective tactic, but as a parry it sends back a blow (furthering references to Tyson, ear biter). After that, there's really nothing precious about it.

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