Sunday, October 28, 2007

Lactation Pridefest

I f-und o-t la-tation cons-ltation mid-gin
Thank G-D I do-’t comm-te an!more
Im-gine me, Re-ated to Zi-n
Helloo-ooo Satin. Santa-a. Satana C-uz.
Bandid-s. Me-ican-s, bo-n and r-ised, Than-s G-D
Be-ore we -at, lab-l. Tel Aviv not frie-dly to com-uters
Teshuvah proc-ss
I a-one sur- mo-my blogs
Foost Anal-zer.
Do they have chin salsa in China phonebooks?

My n-ght gua-d ca-sed me to pi-s mys-lf.
And exp-rience what I l-ng ag- experi-nced.

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