Monday, July 27, 2009

Guilt and Interest

Guilt is so powerful to poverty since running out of money
relies on a lack of security in your actions
and in your spending choices. Bad people don’t supply their own choices
security, but the good people are where guilt is well
established and security is quaky, like in New York.

I come to doubt my choices
when it’s security I am missing, believing
my limitless cash would be better
outsourced in foie gras farming or minidisc production.

Credit works on guilt. In trusting you
companies realize guilt and toxic
relationships move large income generation.

Most large amounts of income are founded
not on hard work or even investment,
but on the ability to make a larger amount of people pay
for a product than what that product is actually worth.

Consumers feel guilty therapy when they research how to buy
And need one product,
so they punish themselves by paying too much for it.

Once the transaction is completed, customers feel
better having been punished.
Moreover, a bonus is that consumers
allow themselves to act as the direct
agent of their own punishment.
A conscience and its money are soon parted.

It’s easier to see how guilt works when
how guilt processes are concrete. With money,
this is almost never the case.
When cash becomes an abstract
as it does over the computer –
abstraction made easy with billions
upon billions of interest rates –
then guilt turns into something fuzzy.

Suddenly whoever holds the bag
no longer guilty, but is rich!
We don’t call our earning achievers to task,
only our spenders, so that only when cash
becomes an instrument do we
call it good (philanthropy or self-made)
or bad (embezzlement or laundering).

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Kevin Davies en español



¿Alguna vez te ha pasado?
Es porque el libro tuvo
que ser escrito
su autoridad creció de ausencia
Esta disciplina
se invulcra con unos cuantos mordiscos asi que
Una cresta
con una vista y una papa
un granjero mantiene un rencor lógico
Mandado hasta Europa
con lo que queda de la pierna izquierda de Jung
Que ahora mismo lo descubren en un sótano
de lo que era bibioteca
Generaciones del por que me mira este uniforme
O la capacidad

Thursday, July 23, 2009

you are stupid if you are a real man

you are stupid if you are a real man and depressed
you are stupid if your area is a real man depressed
you are stupid if urea is a real man depressed
you are stupid if your lemon is a real man
you are depressed stupid, a depressing stupid
You are a stupid depressed Colombian University student from Columbia, SC
you are a depressed dentist, stupidly Colombian.
You are a stunning depressed stupid stumbler, Columbus!
You are stupid if you are a real man and present
when depressed, I like to be absent
from the faculty I use as a real man located in Colombian politics
and University stupidity, dePRESSED.
Your dentist area is depressed and real, man am I politics!
Man am I Colombian. Politician stupid! A student
from a real man goes depressed on a University sampler
in SC on a bus traveling at a stupid speed,
too stupid for depression
in Colombia especially are real men and being
if you are stupid and in your area your are not a real man
certainly not a depressed on, Colombian.
you are stupid and so is your urea man.
Columbus stumped with stupid stunted Universities, depressed
Depressed is the real man answer to Colombian lemon.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

real men not allowed to be depressed

i am a real depressing man
scented with lemon
made in Colombia of depressed
extraction, a dentist is a real man
though a depressed year

results in more depressed olympics
in Colombia
where a dentist
is a lemon of a dressed man
in depressing SC
Columbus, where real men cry you
tell they are so depressed

Is the man chromosome a valid lemon
within the context of Colombia
ballet has found a new depressed
reaction to real men.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

I am an artisan of the zone

I am an artisan of the zone
help my instance of occasion
help me with in space television
(the shot where the guy gets fired)
description of outsourced prison
attempting to describe crime is passion
as challenging occurrence of scales so impressive
and daunting this previous debuting

If by zoning recreation we are a mass producing deer in headlights
then I want to be on board
Please to accept such inevitable outlandish sweepstakes
will you contribute to my artisanry
via longing both on a tapestry
such a near bonding body
we are rumoring a tensile meeting
between touching and earthmoving
and the orange bubble of housing. Help us

I am yet another artisan second bad excuse of the zone
belching in the tool crepery
space is another outsider story request for help. HLEP!
Please deduce help from squeeze
my products possess think ripe power to indeed squeeze.
And that's why you final reason to pay
as we've discussing before
in final detail before for me to acquire
such a detailed and explanatory sign
foray no markings.

You just research
that ability to prosper in the zone
and get back to me. With iniquity,
as with most discussions
based around raunchy bloated loads
of examples and antecedents,
a powerful skiff must leave
its repressive owner, and says goodbye
to the shore. I'm just the artisan.

Friday, July 03, 2009

Africa....more complicated than we thought.

Up total number nabs recalls most hemmed-in proctorship
Ghosting a number coming to my mind
I can call this number you're telling me
It's you against me in Africa
What we're wearing is objectionable
The radio announcer is guano's guarantee
A preakness bat and our sexualizing imp will denature

Taking the nature face out of World Wildlife Feds
Fencing is freaky because it frightens fiends
And Friends both nasty and humpty are lolling
I guess nature is too much
Too much announcing occupies Africa and my cabin
Full of nuclear genital WHY questions
Like why the loose gin genitals
Like why the turbanization inside the epistolary cream sauce?
I baste the moisture voice
You get that from my cell
My cell with no African reach