Saturday, July 18, 2009

I am an artisan of the zone

I am an artisan of the zone
help my instance of occasion
help me with in space television
(the shot where the guy gets fired)
description of outsourced prison
attempting to describe crime is passion
as challenging occurrence of scales so impressive
and daunting this previous debuting

If by zoning recreation we are a mass producing deer in headlights
then I want to be on board
Please to accept such inevitable outlandish sweepstakes
will you contribute to my artisanry
via longing both on a tapestry
such a near bonding body
we are rumoring a tensile meeting
between touching and earthmoving
and the orange bubble of housing. Help us

I am yet another artisan second bad excuse of the zone
belching in the tool crepery
space is another outsider story request for help. HLEP!
Please deduce help from squeeze
my products possess think ripe power to indeed squeeze.
And that's why you final reason to pay
as we've discussing before
in final detail before for me to acquire
such a detailed and explanatory sign
foray no markings.

You just research
that ability to prosper in the zone
and get back to me. With iniquity,
as with most discussions
based around raunchy bloated loads
of examples and antecedents,
a powerful skiff must leave
its repressive owner, and says goodbye
to the shore. I'm just the artisan.

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