Friday, July 03, 2009

Africa....more complicated than we thought.

Up total number nabs recalls most hemmed-in proctorship
Ghosting a number coming to my mind
I can call this number you're telling me
It's you against me in Africa
What we're wearing is objectionable
The radio announcer is guano's guarantee
A preakness bat and our sexualizing imp will denature

Taking the nature face out of World Wildlife Feds
Fencing is freaky because it frightens fiends
And Friends both nasty and humpty are lolling
I guess nature is too much
Too much announcing occupies Africa and my cabin
Full of nuclear genital WHY questions
Like why the loose gin genitals
Like why the turbanization inside the epistolary cream sauce?
I baste the moisture voice
You get that from my cell
My cell with no African reach

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