Sunday, July 19, 2009

real men not allowed to be depressed

i am a real depressing man
scented with lemon
made in Colombia of depressed
extraction, a dentist is a real man
though a depressed year

results in more depressed olympics
in Colombia
where a dentist
is a lemon of a dressed man
in depressing SC
Columbus, where real men cry you
tell they are so depressed

Is the man chromosome a valid lemon
within the context of Colombia
ballet has found a new depressed
reaction to real men.


phaneronoemikon said...

I can't tell if I am critiqued / implicated or complimented!!

I think alot of these real miens
are real mean! I mean they sort of suck.. like

sucking lemons.

ya know sometimes
a man thinks he is tough
ie 'real'
but he ain't shit
to the sun
or death

but don't let 'em know
or he'll throw you
in a labor camp
torture you whatever

he just face the fact
that MAN
is GOD's bitch!

and by God I mean

generative oddity..
stop me if you've this

joke (read yoke)



I love lemons.

phaneronoemikon said...
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Stan Apps said...

Cool poem. I thought you'd said it al after the first stanza, but then the second stanza really revs up.