Monday, December 31, 2007

The Plan

Nota Bene: The Plan is composed by uniting both flarfist (or more specifically, Google-sculpted poetry) and uncreative writing ideas. Namely, by searching (through Google) for, "when god gives you a gift he also hands you a whip," and writing through the search results, descriptions and all resulting text on the page. Ellipses are, in most cases, omitted. Other punctuation (usually periods and capitalization) has been preserved. What follows are the first three pages of search results.

He also gave them one rule. If you are interested in the rest of this story, The gift that God gives you in exchange is the blood of Jesus Christ, Loading please wait connection rate: time left: time elapsed “I can’t give you a ride” said the turtle, “You’ll sting me and kill me! to demonstrate how much He loves us He gives us the most precious gift he can.

Thoughts on a Master and His submissive/slave She should truly want to give him pleasure. And so, for most slaves, And if while you are standing there, he chooses to whip you, you still will not THE GODS II – Power List – Demons You must give the target god sufficient mana (after toll) to cast the power He must also swear the following divine oath: “I will protect you from dying Gives a Hoot’s Blog – Vox Why is Free Will a gift from God? Seems to me it’s often more of a curse. He I mean, you could give someone a beautiful home baked cake and a bouquet of Recovering from a Natural Disaster While it came and went, God is and will always be there.

What does God offer? Strength. Hope. Perspective. Comfort. He can give you the ability to face the God Gives His Spirit To Those Who Obey Embrace My breath as I speak to you, and spread your wings by acting on My word. God isn’t a hard taskmaster. He isn’t a slave-driver, cracking a whip. Christian Dating – Online Dating Service from Christian “May the lord answer you when you are in distress; may the name of the God of Jacob protect you”. “May he send you help from the sanctuary. May he give you Jeremiah Goes To The Dump – Christian Reformed Church And that was after he gave Jeremiah the whip, lashing pain into his body in significant and sickening and he will give you the desires of your heart.

Hoodoo lady, how do you do? He also tried to syringe some of the gunk out (from the gum side, When Marisa gives you the finger, she’s telling you how many seconds you have left to Winning the war form the inside out – John MacArthur And he also mentioned to Timothy a seared conscience. Now remember I told you from Romans 2 that the conscience gives testimony, it either indicts you, the chic blog God wants to give you beauty for ashes (Isaiah 61:3). Never forget with a whip, it’s ends filled with pieces of bone and glass, he declared his Roman Whoosh!

XWP Episode Guide: THE GOD YOU KNOW He starts in on the crowd, remind them he is their emperor and their god. “How dare you not give me the respect that I deserve! You are nothing The Gift of Healing He told Moses that “If you diligently heed the voice of the LORD your God and do what is right in His sight, give ear to His commandments and keep all His 6ixtynin9 It ends with a quote from Truman Capote “When God gives you a gift, he also gives you a whip,” which makes about as much sense as the movie Why is worshipping God Necessary? If I were able to, I would give you the double as my gift! Also, he says, O God! Bestow blessings on Muhammad to the number of the particles of the The Soft Hands of Our Great God (Transcendence and Immanence) He gives strength to the weary and increases the power of the weak. But if you have received His offer of salvation, he is also YOUR God.

“He Chose the Nails” by Max Lucado And God just almost gives you the gift of a poet; the words that you write are Pilate told the soldiers to say whip Jesus. He never told the soldiers to Decompose » 2006 » November The greater the skill, the greater the gift that you give the artist and that the When God hands you a gift, he also hands you a whip; and the whip is Worship article Righteousness and Holiness Righteousness is simply doing what is right in God’s sight, and if you miss it once in a while, He gives you a swift clip round the ear, and shows you where 10/7/58 – “God’s Delinquent” Give your life to Christ. That will be the greatest gift you can give your He can also cut the ropes of sin in your life, and give you a freedom such Berkshire Bright Focus Now the Chester Theatre Company gives us “Grace” by Craig Wright in which God betrays statement: When God hand you a gift, he also hands you a whip;

Salvation in Jesus Christ To satisfy the demands of justice, it must also be something that God does to us and He didn’t give you a free gift; he gave you a 1000-year mortgage. I’m getting a makeover. YOU NEED TO RECOGNIZE THAT HE ALSO BLESSES US FOR THE SAME. REASON. NO YOU GIVE HIM. SOME POSITIVE REINFORCEMENT. YOU TELL HIM YOU’VE DONE WELL The Guru’s Guide to SQL Server Architecture and When God hands you a gift, he hands you a whip; and the whip is intended solely for The reason we use a debugger is that it gives us the ability to look Office of Stewardship and Development When God introduced the concept of the tithe in the Old Testament He told the You would give $40 a week. You can also check on your tithing level every How to be a Disciple of Jesus Christ “But ye shall receive power, after that the Holy Ghost is come upon you:”

This gift gives us an anointing. Acts 10:38 “How God anointed Jesus of Nazareth Week 201 Study Notes – word-on-the-web – Church Army Pray also for the gift to trust in God to help you when your faith is challenged. –back to Matthew – Matthew 10 v 21-23 “Brothers will give their own Yahoo! Answers – Is it REALLY free will? For the Lord is your life and he will give you many years in the land he swore to give to your fathers Abraham Isaac and Jacob. God wants us to hold to Him Quotes by authors that you love | Art is Life | LibraryThing “When God hands you a gift, he also hands you a whip.” –Truman Capote No one can give you a reason to live if you won’t have the will.

Saturday, December 22, 2007

The creator as consumer

N.B., It is my intention to edit/elaborate on this entry as I have more time to consider it. Whenever available, I will repost edits as new posts.

Let me start by saying that the creator is the ultimate consumer, as the consumer/ed unites in this creator, forging a greater depth of consumption (or consumerifficness) than what we traditionally think of as "consumer" i.e., the mere consumer of the work (in this case, poetry, or broader, art), the viewer/listener/reader.

When creators busy themselves in the creation method -- the word 'creation' isn't enough, as more of a function procedure is in action....we know what we do and how we get to do it through method, a rhythm method -- the consumption-work takes form as (1) idea, then (2) writing, (3) composing, then (4) editing, and finally, as (5) offering, or an end result. We consume the idea when/as we commodify it, writing it down, making it 'useful', inasmuch as in written form it can then be implemented. It becomes instrument. We consume it on each of these levels. [Therefore] by the time our book comes out, we've consumed in four or five different fields before freeing the result. Calling the simple act of standing in front of an art piece "consumption" then seems somewhat ridiculous or, at best, tritely inaccurate.

Let me finish by saying that the creator is the greatest of all consumers. Let me finish by saying that space exploration is possible.

Thursday, December 20, 2007


It seems music history is filled with examples of bands whose sophomore efforts pale in comparison with the reach of their first albums, e.g., Where is Clap Your Hands Say Yeah! anyway? This isn't the case with M.I.A., whose second album offers more dancehall/grime mashup. However, this time around, the lyrics are less effective, less threatening, and certainly more novel than what Arular sought to define.

The threat of M.I.A. being turned into just another "female" musician, in contrast with the forceful author of politically-charged work -- regardless of gender -- is more evident with the release of Kala. Remember, however trendy politically-charged lyrics might be, and however nichy, M.I.A. has refined this trend. Whereas Arular was noteworthy for exalting a unique and raw female perspective, Kala comes off as Fiona Apple-gone-grime. Even violent lyrics on Kala seem caricatured now. The insidiousness of stressing the feminine in M.I.A. is the same tactic that "deflects" and renders her individuality moot and her politics into parody. This is clearly the market's/record industry's attempt at turning M.I.A. into one more vulnerable, twee and harmless female performer.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

the 3rd world music scene, it's so dirty n' gritty

I'm wondering how anyone can declare M.I.A.'s Kala el número 1 of the year. I saw "Paper Planes" the other day, and was reminded that I had previously forgotten to scrub the shit dribbles off my cornea left from the first time I saw that video...

I guess only democratically-minded folks dig songs like that...

Monday, December 17, 2007

El voseo

I recently read an article about the use of "el voseo" in Argentine Spanish.
El voseo "occurs" when, instead of using the Tú form to "tutear" someone, you refer to them as "vos" and conjugate verbs accordingly (see below). While Tú is accepted and understood as the familiar "you," saying "vos" is a more familiar tone than Tú, as the former pronoun and resulting conjugation indicates a shared historical, national and cultural background, i.e., The Rioplatense addresses another Rioplatense using "vos" because they've both grown up using "vos."
This 'you' form bears little relation to the devilish vosotros of continental Spanish, and seems to be a closer relative to the você of Brazilian Portuguese (although in this case, the Brazilians have all but eliminated use of the Tú conjugation, having only four conjugations in use: 1st person singular, eu; 2nd person singular,você; 1st person plural, nós; and 2nd person plural, vocês.)
As a different conjugation in the second person, el voseo doesn't vary that much from the Tú form of regular verbs, and is formed by accenting the final vowel in the present indicative 2nd person conjugation. So, in the case of the verb TOMAR, instead of saying, "Tú tomas," we say, "Vos tomás." [Irregulars being somewhat trickier: "decir" varies from "Tú dice" to "Vos decís." Querer, "Tú quieres" = "Vos querés."]
From what I can tell --I haven't seen an example that contradicts this-- the "as/es/is" ending is always accented formally with accent/tilde. El voseo is also used in the imperative/subjunctive, the Tú form of "lo que quieras" (as you wish) becomes "lo que querás."
What thrills me about this dialectical difference is that it represents what I consider to be migration of language trends with no equal migration of populations to account for the trend. I'm wondering if migrating Sephardic Jews brought el voseo from Spain to Argentina, only to then have it spread to the countries on the linked map (below). But how? According to Wikipedia, el voseo enjoys a creeping effect, like linguistic capillary action: it takes hold in the country little by litte, only later being employed by the media and advertisers. "Vos difrutás Coca Cola." If migration is related to the spread of el voseo, then it seems somewhat geographically arbitrary. These "paises voseantes," or --I'm making this up-- vos-using countries," can be found here on the map, the blue countries are those with voseo predominance. In green, countries where it is featured as a regionalism or non-mainstream custom ( In theory, in light of the vos phenomenon currently spreading in appeal in Nicaragua (Wikipedia) and being employed by the media there, el voseo offers evidence of a Spanish language trend passed from country to country by globalized media outlets and marketing.

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Assaulting the Lamaze of the Series

Subtitle: Circular Wound of those Ignorant of Lamaze and Benefits,

In which we first see the benefits that might happen in faithful pursuit of Lamaze Tenets

As member of the bandwagon must check her oil every 3000 miles
smoke there’s fire
smoke there’s fire
smoke there’s fire
Extiiiiiiiiiiiiiinguish. Squish. Squish.
Extiiiiiiiiiiiiiinguisher. Usher. Usher.
Extiiiiiiiiiiiiiinguisher. Ting, ting.
Or the member the bandwagon breaks up every 3000
balls over the fence. Long reach hurried divorce.

Friday, December 14, 2007

Querida Fábrica de Abuelos, S.A.,

La más nueva y tose —improvisar. La vista del solista revela el señor Bradbury de Granada y su gran solipsísimo. Es él que nunca se muestra durante los partidos. Tira dulces para agarrar osos, y demostrar que la mujer es centro de las azucareras. Para lo que esta en venta, Shakira-la, suave, suave. A mover el culo para lo mejor en autenticidad. Sexo de ranchera, de compras.

Sorprendido en no obtener ni pelos,


[This marked an aborted attempt at translating my thesis into Spanish.]

Sunday, December 09, 2007


What do we do with our older edits? Stop Discarded poems? Stop
How much should we edit? Stop When to say when? Stop
If a poem has all the "right" words, is the edit done? Stop

Saturday, December 08, 2007


The idea of shock intrigues me. How does shock work? Why and when do we shock (or when should we shock) an audience? Are there different tones of shock? Does shock work in different tones and timbres for similar audiences and contexts? Why is "dogskin flute" shocking? Is it?

Not unlike the bodily process equivalent to a physiological or biological “what the fuck?” in order to save itself, shocking an audience creates a space for salvation, a rhetorical cul-de-sac anything can be drawn from. The piñata still intact, a quiet frame the moment after being shocked: Huzzah! We can still react and language works, stilmuli work. Turn and listen or turn and fight.

Statements that elicit shock, if unexpected (through timing or an ethical breach or variance), do so partly because the language is working to that end. The delivery of the message – how it gets to us, why it was made, etc— becomes obscured by the shock we feel in the face of such a statement. The moment when our language either asserts or submits itself over or to the message becomes an interesting space for the poetic to occupy.

Sunday, December 02, 2007

Jimmy Carter


Tetris now joins my favorites
Aside from the cirque de soleil, where the real vote matters
Duisburg can have us by force
To parry the fire we druids acting bandwagon

Of mature on young parties, swelling with pride and rocket launches
Oh grammy, strange unfurling candy wrap on the TV produces
An urge to stand by and let it happen Crystal Waters flow
Be da da de, be da da dada ding doe


Jamaica-mon come ya wanna grab I fe what?
Jamaica-mon come, gwan grab I fe quick date?
Jamaica-mon come and gwan exit polling?
Jamaica-mon come n’ row one way he-missile


Little kids silver lining
There’s Vanna acting replacement
A Vanna L bendy mimic assistantship
I can list homeschoolers goes on and on

Bask in crisis, my foxy animal humper! Free your mind
The balmy missionaries diffuse
Their cage free egg agendas! Maleficent harem!
Jetsons Inability to make large things fit gas economy!
Jamaica I’m crazy!


Bogart handsome devil!
The devil lives within the Airedale Terrier
The ocean is dying of plunge virgins
This goat cannot fly, and no tricked dogs.