Sunday, December 02, 2007

Jimmy Carter


Tetris now joins my favorites
Aside from the cirque de soleil, where the real vote matters
Duisburg can have us by force
To parry the fire we druids acting bandwagon

Of mature on young parties, swelling with pride and rocket launches
Oh grammy, strange unfurling candy wrap on the TV produces
An urge to stand by and let it happen Crystal Waters flow
Be da da de, be da da dada ding doe


Jamaica-mon come ya wanna grab I fe what?
Jamaica-mon come, gwan grab I fe quick date?
Jamaica-mon come and gwan exit polling?
Jamaica-mon come n’ row one way he-missile


Little kids silver lining
There’s Vanna acting replacement
A Vanna L bendy mimic assistantship
I can list homeschoolers goes on and on

Bask in crisis, my foxy animal humper! Free your mind
The balmy missionaries diffuse
Their cage free egg agendas! Maleficent harem!
Jetsons Inability to make large things fit gas economy!
Jamaica I’m crazy!


Bogart handsome devil!
The devil lives within the Airedale Terrier
The ocean is dying of plunge virgins
This goat cannot fly, and no tricked dogs.

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